How to prepare for High Brunhilda

I currently am deciding on which adventurer and dragon to use. I have Gala Elly and Lily, with enough tails to craft high dragon weapons for them.

I have two dragons that are both not max unbound, H!Maritimus (+1) and leviathan (0). With my 4 sunlight stones, I could Max our either of them.

Which adventurer and dragon should I use and what prints are commonly used for those adventures in high Brunhilda?

Gala Elly using H.Maritimus (plus Beach Battle) is the meta buffer right now.
A lot of people are going to be jumping in to HBH with Hunter Sarisse, so going buffer will probably work out pretty well.
Lily would be harder, as HSarisse is the current hotness.

If you’re just doing standard the first time, you should be fine with with void weapons and 1UB HMariti, but a 0UB t1 HMC weapon might be needed to get into rooms because of might inflation.