How to properly use LEliwood

So from what i read, LEliwood is fantastic support unit. Mine is -spd +hp with base setskill. From my experience he is good support unit but i think mine is underperformed. Any suggestion to improve his support? Or do i miss something about his skill?

You need to have a beast/dragon unit to make use out of his C skill. He is a buff god and I’d keep that rally skill on him.
You think that because of his Spd flaw.

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Like Lute said, you need a dragon/beast to use his C skill, which gives +6 to the Atk & Def of the highest attack unit on the team. :birbpeek:
The best way to use him is generally to get your team up so the entire team (besides Eliwood himself) have the same amount of attack. This allows his weapon & C skill to target the entire team, which means every other unit on the team is getting +12 to Atk & Def all the time. (+6 from C skill, x2 from Bonus Doubler granted by his weapon)
Combo this with his Rally, maybe a few Tactics, and you’ve got yourself a team that has a ridiculous amount of buffs, no matter where the units are, which is really good for maps like GHBs, which restrict your movement. :birbpeek:


Never really look at the other team attack stat, but its something really useful fact to know. So usually only 1 of my ally get the boost for the battle, and thats why i call it underperformed. Thanks for the advice really

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It takes some messing around, but Atk is pretty easy to manipulate. There’s the normal Atk increasing seals, and the Fortress skills, which decrease Atk.
Try it out. :birbpeek:

How about going with L. Azura ?

Legendary Azura works really well with Legendary Eliwood, if you have her. :birbpeek:
Pair that with somebody like Kaden (for color coverage & he’s a beast), and you can easily superbuff any unit :birbpeek: