How to rekindle passion for the game?

Hello everyone, long-time lurker here. I’m a bit nervous to post here, but I’m facing a dilemma and I would appreciate some input, if you don’t mind.

I’ve been playing this game since its launch in 2017 and have never missed a log-in bonus. I have all the free 4* Servants at NP5. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I used to be addicted to this game, to the gacha system. I’ve spent too much money too many times for too little results. Despite this, I would always come back, hungry for more, more, more. I would say I was a small whale with not-very-good luck.

The Fate series (and other TYPE-MOON works) has a very special place in my heart. I love the vast and rich lore, the way magic works, and the originality in general. I play FGO mostly for the story. It’s not perfect and I would even say that some aspects are annoying, but I still always enjoy reading a new chapter. I don’t think I would enjoy the game as much as I do if I played on the Japanese server because I wouldn’t fully understand the story.

Lately, however, I get the feeling that I don’t enjoy the game as much as I used to—it started at the beginning of the year, when the Kingprotea banner dropped. I had been saving for many months in the hopes of summoning her, and even though I did get her, it took me about 1200 SQ for one copy. I was happy to finally have her home, but I was also kind of bitter even though I very well know that nothing is guaranteed when rolling the gacha. I grew even more bitter when the same thing happened with Kama and I started asking myself if the disappointment were worth it. I stopped whaling after that and became F2P. (It took me almost 400 SQ to get one copy of Ashwatthama this week, I swear this game truly hates me…)

And yet, despite the fact that I’m no longer a slave to the gacha, I still have a hard time enjoying the game as I used to. Don’t get wrong, I enjoyed LB4, but that’s pretty much about it. It’s like I suddenly lost all the interest I had in the game and I wonder if there is a way I can rekindle my passion? I considered taking a break, but there is a new event coming soon and I would hate myself for skipping it…

So, what should I do? Should I take a break and come back when I feel better? It’s not the first time I think about quitting, but it’s the first time I’m not feeling distressed at the thought of doing it. Maybe it is better to let go instead of feeling pressured to play and find no enjoyment in it? What are your thoughts? Has something similar ever happened to you? Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I apologize for the bad English.


As a former leviathan, I really felt the rates and I accepted it.

Superscope farming in free nodes has reduced my motivation to 0. No, it was 0 from the start but I forced myself for 2 years.

Maybe try to farm in a less efficient way? Soloing nodes prevented me to see NP and I invit you all to facecard outside of lottos, it feels refreshing.

Gambling may be an addiction. It’s best to step back a little.


taking a break is always a great idea. Don’t let the idea of losing AP and dumb stuff like that keep you from leaving for a while.

If you’re playing on NA, it’s even better since we always have a good idea of what’s coming up next. You can just ignore rerun events and random banners, but still easily find out when new story chapters and new events are coming up, if you’re interested in playing them.


Something similar happened to me with League of Legends. I was addicted, but at some point I felt no enjoyment anymore, and the game just made me sad and upset.
It honestly depends on if you feel like this game does any good for your mental health, or not.
If you get upset, or it ruins your mood on a regular basis, I can only advice leaving it for good.


It’s natural that after 4 years it doesn’t do the same for you that it used to. Don’t feel beholden to the game; play when you feel like it. Login bonuses exist to form habits so you play more and in turn become more susceptible to whaling.

So yes, if it isn’t exciting you feel free to take a break. Find other things you enjoy. There’s plenty other Nasuverse stuff and you don’t have to play FGO to consume its lore or appreciate the art.

The update schedule for the main story is going to be awful here on out, there’s no reason to commit yourself to playing everything that comes and every future dead week out of a sense of ‘well I used to enjoy this more so if I keep at it maybe I’ll rekindle that.’

If you don’t want to sit around plugging away until new story content comes then don’t. A break might not make you enjoy the game more - it might make coming back for story updates enjoyable but also allow you to put the game in perspective versus the fun (and money opportunity costs) you’ve had whilst away.

Gacha tends to ellicit a sunk cost fallacy - you spent X so you don’t want to drop your account/stop now. Forget the money expenditure and ask yourself whether it’s actually making you happy.


I don’t understand how a game can make you addicted but I understand It if it’s the correct term there have been too many heart stopers and many sweaty situations if I will miss the log in.

But after we missed the log in bonus for Janta event I finnaly snapped and said ■■■■ you never again I remember waking up in 3am waiting for the maintenence to end.

So In my case I love the game and do events regularly but I will never again do stupid shit I did for things that don’t matter.

As for gacha I ■■■■■■■ work with Junkies,Alchoholics and Gamblers of all shapes and sizes so It doesn’t do anything for me,I would never in my life give money for a situation where I would think “maybe the next roll will be it”.

So my advice just when you think you think about pulling a servant know that there is always a friend with that servant so you can play as much as you want with him/her.


I’d personally go for an extended break aside from Ishtarfest, guda guda, and this year’s christmas event, it’s just gonna be reruns, and you can do the rest when it reruns next year.

Trust me when I say a long break is better than hating something you used to love. I’d personaly use that as an excuse to try new hobbies or learn stuff, but I’m a boring stick in the mud, so I’m biased.

And hey if you do or don’t come back to it, maybe you’ll be in a better spot overall.


Well earlier this year I almost stopped playing. I’d be having unexplained health issues that killed motivation for a lot of things. I also got absorbed into playing a console game instead that I just got introduced to. I had been anticipating the ccc rerun for a while, but ended up mostly skipping it until I was on a long car ride over the last few days of the event and ate a stupid number of apples to finish it while I had nothing else to do on the drive (and didn’t want to miss out on the rp and gold fous in the end).

Didn’t help having so many grindy mission events in a row. Usually those are my favorite, but when unmotivated it’s better to just have the more standard 4 nodes that you switch between based on the currency you need than 2 dozen changing frequently between monster types.

Didn’t really get back in my groove until CBC. It was a nice simple event, actually husbando heavy for once, and gatcha was actually kind and I got my main target easily and some hoped for but didn’t expect based on my budget, unlike at new years (where literally all I got was CE’s). I’d hate to recommend rolling to get back in for a recovering whale though…

But one thing you can think about is that if you take a break now, if you do rekindle your passion the rerun will be waiting for you. Another thing you can consider is getting a little help. I use FGA to use up my AP for me when I’m not in the mood to play or don’t have time.


Others have said it well. It’s hard to do the same activity every single day for years and feel enthusiastic about it the whole time.

Oddly, remembering that the game is a hobby and not an obligation helps me. I have a very long attention span for most games I like, but I never want to feel that I must play. “I don’t want to miss my login bonus” is not enough reason to play.

If I don’t feel like playing much, I’ll login and run fast 40 AP dailies. That, or I will log in because it takes a few seconds but shut down the app until I want to play. Logging off with full AP is not a crime unless you’re farming eggs.

Despite the nagging login bonus model, the game isn’t designed around continuous play. Taking breaks and doing other things can help keep it interesting when you do want to play.


I’m farming eggs right now :sob:

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I just had an egg drop. :fgo_parvatidance:

Wait I just had 2 drop. It’s my lucky day.


Heh. Sounds like something very similar to what I‘m dealing with right now. First off, dont be embarrassed to be addicted to the game. Addiction can swoop you up in any form and sometimes you wont even see it or notice it to get out. Luckily you noticed it, so kudos to you for that. Now regarding your main problem, I may not be a whale nor have been playing for as long as you, but I think your lack of motivation may have come from the same area: the gatcha. Yours seem like it started with the Kingprotea banner, then grew with the Kama banner. Mines started and ended with the Arjuna Alter banner.

To me, your problem seems like it stems from the gatcha or it’s rates. Personally, I’d say to take a break until the upcoming anniversary or probably near the end of Guda Guda. That would be about three weeks. If you want to still play Guda Guda but not rush the entire thing in a few days, remember that it has a rerun next year.

You may just have to give yourself some time to recalibrate and rest.

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You can go on hiatus if you need to. No shame in taking a long break.

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If you are logging into the game not because you are enthusiastic about playing, but because you feel like you should, that is called compulsive play. That’s a very bad thing, and if that is happening to you, you should be concerned and consider taking a step back. This is especially true if you find it eliciting negative emotions, as you describe your gacha experience to have done. If the amount of money you spend on FGO is significant enough that you are seriously bothered by it, or it otherwise negatively impacts your life, that is a problem.

I often go through periods of anhedonia, as a symptom of my lifelong clinical depression. I was also in a similar mindset not long ago (in fact, here is a thread I made about it), though I am well aware of my own psychological quirks, so I wasn’t as worried about compulsivity as you seem to be. For me, it was more of a “I don’t enjoy it right now, but I am confident I will regain my enjoyment once my brain stops being an @$$hole”. Not long after, I was proven to be correct in that assumption.

But let me be clear: if you feel compelled to play a game because you feel like you ought to, or in expectation of some prospective, future reward, and not because you enjoy the immediate experience of actually playing the game, you are not engaged with the game in a healthy way. If this unhealthy relationship also causes you unpleasant moods, or imposes significant financial stress, that is the definition of an addiction, and should be taken seriously.


If you want to get back into the game but aren’t feeling it then just take it slow. Obsessing, plotting out your time, following a schedule can feel soul draining so do none of those just play when you feel like it. Maybe pick up another game(PC, consoles, w/e) that is a complete opposite so you can trade between them, makes each seem more fresh in my experience.

But if you just feel like you should play, that you’re not a “good fan” if you don’t, then stay away. Compulsive gambling is an actual problem and does in fact qualify as an addiction in most places. Just an addiction to your own dopamine from the “rush” of taking a chance. So don’t fall into that trap again if the gacha element is the only thing spurring you on. You can always just hang out and chat on the forum, talked to a few people here who either no longer play or never played to start and we get along just fine. :fgo_bbsmile:


Outside of the already stated “don’t force yourself”, I’d say that you might already have solved your problem by quitting the lurking habit. Who knows ? :grin:


I’m a player since first halloween event (October 17’) and since then I just missed a couple of log ins (one because the mighty 24 hours maintenance).
And I’m just like you. Lately I barely do events, I don’t even finish the event stores like I used too. If there’s no event I just only log in and done.
I guess is naturally, we can’t expect to have the same dedication as we had in our early playing days. And that’s ok. Maybe in a couple of weeks you start playing again with the same dedication, maybe you take a break. The choice is yours. But remember, a game is supposed to be fun, not a chore. If you don’t enjoy it there’s no point in playing it, take a break before the game burns you out.

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Can’t help but relate a bit. I feel quite burnt out, but not enough to make me quit the game. Getting new units doesn’t feel as exciting as it used to, and for some time now I’ve been skipping all my rolls. Most days I just log in and leave. For events, I’ve been skipping their stories just to clear them faster. It also doesn’t help that all the cool stuff we see in the jp server is literally 2 years away from us, by the time it arrives im not nearly as hyped and jp probably already has something cooler to offer by then.

Yeah I’m m not helping am I? :fgo_insane:


I think this is why I’m reluctant to spend much time on JP. It’s been useful for borrowing Servants and helping me get a better idea of how much I might want to roll, but the feeling of hype is a tad diminished when we go from “oh wow, AA is coming next week” to “JFC, I can finally use him on my NA account, too.”