How to unlock Dantes and Gilgamesh's summer costume?

I looked through the GamePress guide, but I don’t know what it refers to when it say’s “First Clear Drop”. Does it mean we unlock their costume by completing the main story or is there a different way to get them, same thing with Jalter’s NP levels?

You need to get pretty far on the point ladders and be on the right day of the week to unlock the quest with the wardrobe keys as the first clear rewards.


Jalter’s NP levels will come in the form of “raid” quests after the main story.

I hope the game will have some way of telling you it is available among all the nodes. It seems like it would be a pain to have to run 10+ free quests to cycle back to the right day

Not sure, but you can just keep an eye on the hotel. No free quests there but that’s where most of the extra quests live, so always stop, drop and play anything that pops up there

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Which point ladder should I be doing for Dantes and Gilgamesh?

All of them. Both require a mix of two, and not the same ones. Also, appears to be a bug on the unlock, so I wouldn’t apple it


getting Doujin Vitality 400,000 something like that, trying to get myself

I just met the requirements to unlock dantes outfit…doesn’t unlock… Must have t clear main story first.

(It’s the top quest in the picture)


The extra quests seem to unlock during story portion, not free portion of the day, but only if there isn’t a main quest that unlock on the same day of the story portion.

Interesting. Does anyone have dontes. Spirtron that hasn’t cleared main story?

The only way to unlock the costume quests seems to be by finishing the main story and meeting the point requirements. Grinding the point ladder before the rest of the free quests open is probably highly inefficient but I pushed through it because I wanted those stupid costumes.


How long do we have until the main story is finished? If not long I’m gonna grind hard if a while I’ll hold off

After a certain point, the main story progression depends on your total influence points, so it really depends on how much you’re farming the point ladders. I filled my roster with as many point CEs as I could but it did take awhile because these free quests are not the most efficient. Not the most efficient use of resources, but I wanted to use those costumes as early as possible ^___^


Okay, I can officially refute this. Main quest definitely NOT COMPLETE but lo and behold: Gil in his summer majesty

It just took farming the points and finally looping around to day 2 story again

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Interesting. I definitely had all the points for Dantes on Day 5 night but it didn’t unlock. I’m not sure if it’s because I inadvertently reached the next story advance point so the main quest got unlocked instead of the costume one. I naturally ended up finishing the 900k total points before getting the first costume quest to unlock. I didn’t quite understand it in JP either except that if you just keep farming, they eventually unlock.

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Which points are needed to do Gil’s costume quest? I have a feeling the 400,000 motivation one is for Robin which I don’t want

Gil is 400k motivation / 150k inspiration
Robin has 300k technique + something covered by gil
Dantes is the super expensive one

Unlocked jalter summer (recieved the holy grail) … Have the points for dontes… Looped to the correct day (day 5) and it’s night time… Won’t open!

You are in night free part. Extra quests unlock in story parts since they come with cutscenes