How to unlock Ultra SSJ Goku?

Does anyone know how to get this Ultra Goku?
Miraculously I was able to complete all challenges in the recruit event, but I only have 80/100 Z Power.

I’m playing co ops and PvP to get more Z Power, but I can’t use then since they are only for the character after it is unlocked. I’m probably missing something.

Can anyone help please?

That’s weird. You should have 100 Z power (Ultra Goku at 0 stars) after completing the recruit mission.

Try checking everything again. Maybe you missed a challenge somewhere.

You need to have proper friendship lvl with Goku dbl01-03s . Severa games in let’s fight upgrade event and it’s done :)

I have just became a member but for some reason it will not allow me access to Q&A …
My user name is “Bogu324” & I have a question about the New SSJ GOKU *ULTRA [DBL-EVT-17U]. I have completed all of the required missions & still have yet to be rewarded this character…! Do you have any idea what the issue could be or how the fix this ?

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There is NO issue. I have seen many people encountering this problem. Just complete all the challenges in [Recruit] Ultra Goku Event. Make sure you gold every battle. Next up, get your F2P Spirit Bomb Goku (Blu) friendship rank upto 3 (it may be 5 I completed it long ago do I don’t remember).

Then, simply complete the Missions in the mission section.

This should do it. If you have done all of this, then I don’t know what the problem is.

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