How to use Mila's food

These are my candidates for the A and B skill, probably except Lyon for the B, but I’m mostly focused on Rafiel since I saw an odd but nice build to him, Fae could be second for her refine
I just want revenge because Claude didn’t come and I’m at 8 orbs again thanks to my impulses
This is my Rafiel for now


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Rafiel isn’t tanking any physical hits. He’d prefer Swift stance or mirror stance since he has decent speed. Or really distant ward.

Lyon has poor defense but wants it to tank bows/daggers, so I’d say he wants it more, though he’d probably prefer sturdy stance.

Fae wants BD or DC, doesn’t she?

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you could just use Mila


Sorry I don’t really care about Valentia and I love and hate her art

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I don’t suppose you intend to keep her for AR? She is very powerful in that mode.

Lyon works very well with just a budget TA in the A slot - you should never match him up against any red regardless of the situation.

If I have a spare bracing stance 3, I will slap it on Sophia, since she is mergeable and very tanky.


Lyon’s probably your best bet here out of the three, Rafiel is too physically frail to make much use out of the Def and Fae probably wants DC with her prf, or a Breath skill/ offensive stance with Lightning Breath. :feh_faedance:
Still, Lyon also would like an Atk boost in his A slot to try to one-shot ranged threats :feh_eirikathink:
I would hold onto the Mila for now and use her in AR while you have her. A mixed tank that already has a great Atk stat will be your best bet for foddering Mila later if you really don’t want her.

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Fae wants DC
Rafiel wants merges before I’d give up a rare tier 3 skill.
Lyon meh.

Honestly. i would give that skill to units who have great defense/res bulk (Tethys, Sophia, Robin(s) etc). Bracing stance 3 is what i want on Sophia.

though with mila. honestly. put her on AR offfense on her bonus weeks. and get extra points.