How to use Yagyu effectively?

Hi everyone so i got a Yagyu np3 even though he’s not my goal in the event banner which supposed to be either the lewd nun or the thick chocolate but now I just got he’s 3rd card I think I need to make him useful since my mushashi and artoria are both np1 and still feel lack in damage especially I’m in lb2 where I need to fight the boss skadi and the last Valkyrie.

Here are my servants ,CE’s and CC’s which are still weak since I’m just 5 months in the game so pls give me tips on whom to pair and what to use for him since I feel like he will be wasted if I don’t use him

And here are the only CE’s I got

The command codes

And finally I only use waver on my friend list since im still waiting for his upcoming banner so pls help me fellow masters. :fgo_okitacry:

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Team comp, probably Hans and Caesar for the support.

CE, Magical Girl Sapphire for starting gauge and NP generation, or Another Ending and rely on your supports to feed him stars for critting.

CCs I just wouldn’t bother with at this point. None of them will be of immense help for what Yagyu does and code removers are limited.


Is it a problem that my magical girl sapphire is not mlb? Cuz some people say that “if a ce that has a 50%battery you should MLB it for maximum output” so does that mean it will be useless in the long run?

@L11, it’s your time to shine.


I wouldn’t call it useless, but it’s not optimal. 50%+ starting NP gauge is desirable since it makes a clean 100% with many common combinations of charge support and Servant batteries.

Also, since it’s not MLB, it can never reach maximum ATK.

On the bright(?) side, even MLB Magical Girl is a little bit niche. It’s useful mainly for high-NP gain Servants in medium or longer fights. In shorter fights, CEs that help you NP faster (e.g. scope) or hit harder (e.g. Black Grail, any number of hybrid damage+charge CEs) are usually preferable.


Musashi lacking in damage? Isn’t she literally the hardest hitting saber at equal NP levels?

I don’t have experience with yagyu yet (got him on my alt and haven’t raised him) but I would imagine normal arts support like casgil and tamamo are great with him, with lanling being a highlight because he share the same class as yagyu so it’s handy when fighting lancers


Musashi can output ridiculous damage, but she needs to be well-supported. You can play her as an unga-bunga red cards servant, but she won’t be particularly impressive compared to a Berserker. If you can feed her stars to guarantee crits on her Arts card, she can use Fifth Force as an effective 100% battery, allowing for potential NP looping with good card RNG, and she can do great buster crit damage in between NPs.

Yagyu’s main selling point is his ability to neutralize enemy NPs with his attack debuffs. His damage is good, but not in the same league as Musashi in an optimal team.

Really, which you want to use will be determined by whether you want to run arts or buster supports.


Yagyu is a simple servant by design. As with most Arts servants his damage comes from repeatedly firing his NP, however unlike others his neutralises enemy’s damage as he goes on attack at the same time.

Each NP brings 3T 20% attack debuff while skill 3 gives 1T 50% attack debuff at max-level, you can see when stacked together the debuffs neuter enemy’s damage.

His skill 1 draw stars to his Arts card on top of Arts buff to facilitate Arts crit, while skill 3 also provides a NP gain buff. Both skills facilitate consecutive NPs.

As for teammates, servants such as Mash who provides party defense buffs can complement the no damage taken playstyle, and Arts supports who buff his damage (and they generally happen to have some defensive utility baked in themselves) are common teammate options as well.

CE choices do not change much from one damage-dealer to another. The common pick is your strongest damage CE (in your case Black Grail), or starting NP CEs to get the NP running faster.

Don’t concern yourself with CCs at the moment.


Sorry for the word
What I mean is that my mushashi is lacking in damage due to lack of support and low skill level since I’m still new but yagyu has much stronger np lvl so I thought that yagyu np will hit harder that a np1 mushashi.
I still use her cuz she’s handy but I don’t want to also waste yagyu’s potential


Thank you for your advice Sir it’s really useful I just recently knew that the yagyu and mash with a waver support is making the enemy np damage down to almost 0 :rofl: it’s funny

And yeah having 1 defensive skill he really needs to rely on mash to take the np or boost his defense for the longer boss fight

My mushashi is really weak due to lack of support,
I know I can burrow waver or Merlin but the skill level of my mushashi is still low with only 4/4/4 so I still need to invest on her

Thanks for the tip I’ll just wait for the summer CE to come but for now I’ll use Black Grail for maxi np damage.

I can totally understand not wanting to waste an NP3 servant, but I would like to reiterate that your choice shouldn’t be based on their own damage potential, but what sort of team you want to run. For example, while Yagyu’s NP may hit harder at NP3, Musashi will more than make up the difference with buster crits. It’s harder to capitalize on crits in an arts team, as not only do they not produce stars, but you often need to prioritize arts chains with your supports over your main DPS’s facecards.

Basically, both Yagyu and Musashi are top-tier Sabers, but they are very different in play style and will need totally different servants to support them. It would be better to decide which teams you would rather play and which other teammates you’re planning to invest into.


One option would be a run a team a little like this one:

I just quickly slapped this together so there’s a few things that are off. But the important parts are:

  • Yagyu with Formal Craft to help his Arts damage and NP gain. Black Grail is great for damage but Yagyu plays quite slowly, and that 500 damage can really rack up over time.
  • Mash, with any CE really. Yagyu and Mash have great synergy, since they’re both all about mitigating incoming damage.
  • Use your support slot to borrow Lanling or Tamamo. I went with Lanling here just because, but either one is fine. Lanling gives more damage reduction and crit cability, whereas Tamamo gives more damage and healing.
  • The 4th and 5th slot in a team like this don’t really matter at all. Just put whoever in there.
  • Herc in the 6th slot for emergencies - if everything goes wrong, Herc can stand on the field for 6 turns blowing off Buster chains to hopefully blow away whatever HP the enemy has left.

The goal in a team like this is to hold off almost all incoming damage and simply never die. This means long, slow fights. It also means you need to time your skills very carefully to maximise uptime and keep important pieces of protection (like Mash’s invuln) available to help deal with big bursts of damage like enemy NPs. If you feel like you’re still learning and unfamiliar with the game, I might recommend holding off on running a team like this - it takes practice and patience to run a stall team properly.

In the meantime, an NP1 Musashi won’t lose out much in terms of damage to an NP3 Yagyu - I haven’t done calculations but she has better steroids and a more damaging deck, as well as better personal protection. You’ll still be able to run perfectly viable anti-Lancer teams using her, if you’re not confident in technical plays like stalling or 100% attack down.

As Cheeseman says, single Servants only go so far. It’s more about overall team synergy. You could run some great teams with Yagyu, but they’re slow and require lots of patience and practice to really master. Equally, you can run great teams with Musashi that, while they have a lower performance ceiling, are much easier and quicker to use. It’s a matter of picking what you want to do and then raising the right Servant for the job, not necessarily just employing whoever has the best NP levels.


Yagyuu is good with d’eon and mashuu
D’eon as a good taunter to absorb hits plus her np atk down can stack with yagyuus
Mashuu has def buffs

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Thank you so for the help sir I really appreciate it and I’ll keep this in mind
I’ve already made a team comp for him with a
Mash+yagyu+support waver and I don’t mind if this team won’t kill the enemy easy but this comp prove to be effective in a longer fight and I’ve already defeated boss skadi and Valkyrie in lb2 using this comp.
So I just wanna say thanks for the advice Sir

no biggie I initially thought you could be spreading yourself too thin but it looks like you have most of your classes base covered so it doesn’t hurt to diversify a bit. Like @The_Cheeseman said, really either one you run, you need to pick the corresponding support anyway (even after you get waver) and it is just that imo a musashi/mash/merlin team is way easier to use than a yagyu/mash/arts support (or 2 arts supports) for most contents that you would use a ST saber on, at least for the next 1.5 years


I’m pretty proud of myself for remaining objective and not allowing my advice to be swayed by my extreme bias in favor of best girl Musashi. ;-)


Yagyu is used most effectively in CQ where his constant nps can help with surviving otherwise undodgeable np. As proud owner of Yagyu np3 and tamamo they fair well as they can make enemy deal practically zero damage at least three turns or even more due to snowballing. If you go all out with tamamo and mash you can go even further beyond constantly being zero damaged. Musashi as I know from some experience will deal enourmous amounts of damage due to huge steroids, upgraded np and oonga boonga deck, but may fall down if you can not supply her with either crits to np again or buff her constantly with merlin or waver she will run out of steam. In the end both of them can do big numbers of damage. Also Yagyu is best when agaist one boss due to his third and np being single target, while musashi can do well against two bosses with her np and buster brave chains. Anyway do as you wish, both of them are very fun units to use and are very good in their rarity.


Yeah, good analysis. I agree that Yagyu is perfect as an arts point man in a more defensive, semi-stall team against a difficult boss. Specially if that boss uses invuln pierce and/buff removal (just beware of high debuff resist and cleanses).

Musashi is much more suited to quick burn strats. When properly supported, she should be able to end fights before attrition becomes a problem, and her kit has the tools to handle just about anything a CQ throws at her, including buff removal, invuln pierce, debuff cleanse, and invulnerability. She’s nearly unstoppable, and can do obscene damage with buster crits and frequent NPs. She does start to stall out once you get past 6 turns or so, but in my experience, having used her in pretty much every fight in LBs 1-3, it’s very rare for anything to last longer than 5 turns.

Musashi really does need to be fed with crit stars, though. As I have said previously, Musashi is underwhelming when not supported properly. Yagyu can function pretty independently when required, but he really likes the skill cooldown reduction from Tamamo.