How was your luck on Halloween 2019 banner?

As of me, I used my tickets and uhhh…

You’re… not L’Arachel right?

Ah…!, you’re the one but you’re dressed differently as the one in the announcement :thinking:.

Welp, bad luck but I got some delicious fodder for my Idoun :yum: now later I’ll go check out how lucky my other account gets :angrynino:.
(And I’ll keep the OG L’Arachel for the bonus score on the daily multipliers + HM farm on TT I think, but it’ll be a bit harder to go with her on high levels).

What did you get?



ive got adrift tits from free tix


Same for the most part, I recall some [Reposition] fodder but uh nothing else

Not bad!, congrats :+1:t2:


i got a neutral fury dagger man from the tickets, i wanted to get my last leon merge but i suppose this is fine too :catdance:

Got them from one of tickets, the whole circle was red as well.

I guess it makes up for the 5.50 pity rate I got on the dancer banner trying to get Berkut.


I got shit, and I’m incredibly salty. Two accounts and no free 5 stars



5 tickets and I ended up getting

another Micaiah.


Gonna merge into +HP since +Def doesn’t sound as convincing.


Blah. I didn’t get anything. But it’s okay because it gave me even more reason to officially quit this time, I just wanted this to be my last time summoning before i officially quit playing feh

Me too. Only Junk.

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With 20 orbs + the 5 tickets + the free summon, I got almost no reds (like 5~6 red units) while I tried to get Hector. I didn’t got him but I got this :

Quite unexpected, but that’s very appreciated as it allows me to do this :



Nice!, that’s some good luck, your last merge will eventually come, good luck!

Noice!, what will you do with him?, also welcome!.

Ah, it’s like but with the occasional pitybreaker on the NMotE banner, guess that I have luck for them right now :hecmad:

Ahh, I feel you :elisad:, I’m rather annoyed for this B!Ephraim I got, it’s a 5 stars with nice fodder I know that, but… I wanted L’Arachel or Ilyana, oh well I’ll use him to get his HM then fodder to Idoun, she’ll have fun with it!.
(Also I need to test luck on my other account but knowing me it’s likely I get nothing)

Oof, I see, damn this banner is giving a lot of pitybreakers around :thinking: and yes +HP os a better choice :ok_hand:t2:

Ah, I see, and I understand you got some reasons to quit the game, specially with the recent news this added the last bump to your quitting, hopefully you find a better game :+1:t2:

A B!Micaiah…!, congrats :+1:t2: but what happens with this banner… most people are getting pitybreakers instead of focuses :elisad:


Got the one unit I definitely wanted… and with the nice Super boon Atk


I got this weird looking Ilyana…
She has a -hp +atk Ivs so that’s nice.


Got my girl with the tickets
I can go to sleep now xD

Garbo iv but i can live with it


Congrats! :+1:t2::+1:t2:, superboon in +atk oh damn now I hope my other account gets her…!

Look at my Hector, dem that true damage thing is busted.


I have yet to use my tickets, but my free Summon was a +Atk Virion and I’m pretty dang happy about that :hridexcited:

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What’s with that Ilyana…?, she’s looking strange with that different style, did she dye her hair? :thinking:

Congrats!, enjoy using her — bad IVs but still useable, even nice to admire on your growing collection!

Oof that H!Hector is op, the -atk hurts him but he still deals strong damage to dragons, congrats!

(Y ya veo que tenés el juego en español :eyes:)

Ah excellent!, there sure is reason to be happy of getting one, after all he got such a great refine! :+1:t2:


With 40ish orbs, also got a free Bantu +spd -hp

Sadly her IVs aren’t that good but I’ll take it
@belluchi our L’Arachel are the same :sweat_smile: