How was your Piplup Day?

Even though I had no intentions of doing anything with Empoleon (why would I want a Hydro Cannon user weak to Ground and taking neutral from Fire), I still wanted to get out and see what I got. Didn’t take long to see what the day was gonna be like.
All the shinies are 2* or lower, the non shiny is a 14/15/15 hatch I’ve held for months. Met 4 new players and made friends.

How was your Piplup day?

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Evolved this and one other unnamed 98iv; I maxed this one because it started at lv29. (It’s from last July BTW)

Kept 2 Shiny Empoleons for trading.

Also, a surprise encounter;

Although I trashed it quite quickly = 7 Candies.

Near the end, I also had a 100iv Tepig.


I did almost the exact same and evolved my 14/15/15 Piplup. I did find a nice high CP shiny thanks to weather boost so that’s the other one I evolved:


Horrible shiny luck…Played for 2.5 hours nonstop and all I got was one trash IV shiny. It was high level tho, so I traded it with another friend who also only got a single shiny with high level bad IVs. Didn’t get really good IVs on that one but still ok.

Also, I snagged a L29 IV91 (11Def) Piplup on my Christmas vacation. That thing became a proud HC Empoleon before I even caught my first Piplup of the day.

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grinded pretty hard :muscle: ik he’s not that good but I’ve always loved pipulp he’s adorable


I only wish shiny Empoleon was as great looking as shiny Piplup.

I didn’t leave my house because it’s cold AF here, but still scored a shiny from incense, and just barely got enough candy to evolve one hatch that had good IVs and the shiny which had crap IVs.

So pretty good, seeing as empoleon is a dex entry anyway.

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It was a good day overall.

In my city, along every community day since 2018 if I remember correctly, people gather at a fan-made event at a park where the organizer gives badges to conmemorate the CD along with a sticker and a Mystery Box if you wait 5~10 min under the heat of the goddamn sun on peak hour (worth it for those who don’t have a switch).

So, apart from that and the CD pokémon, the main atractive, atleast for me, is that always 30~100 people as a minimum get there (I may be getting the numbers wrong but who would be counting and memorizing the outfit of each individual to check if they’re not missing anything) and do raids due to the park being near a lot of Gyms. 5 lobbies full with people on the first 5 minutes of the 5☆ raid! My first Heatran aswell as my friend’s first Heatran (we are not powerful enough to even take down an Excadrill together).

So I’ve made my point; It was great, I enjoyed seeing various families playing along their kids and I got a decent water type to enjoy because I love Empoleon, etc. However, even if it was great for me

It wasn’t so much for my friend.

See, we both were hoping for a lucky piplup to pop up while mass trading but, instead of that, we both ended up getting a high IV one but without the lucky bonus (The lucky one I have is for a lucky trade happening months before) and he ended up having a 15/14/11 if I remember correctly.

But, other than that, we both had a blast enjoying along the community in this, well, community day.


Did OK I guess. Hundo Shiny. Good day yesterday!


I went in with no expectations… and sadly, Piplup day didn’t even reach that level for me. Didn’t catch anything above 12/12/12 (only played for an hour, caught about 60ish, so the sample size isn’t what it could be), the Shiny form is not particularly interesting (I caught 3, which is all I wanted - one for each evolution stage), but what tipped it over the edge for me into being below my non-existent expectations was the number of Piplup that ran on me after the first ball, and the number that wouldn’t be caught until I did something stupid like wasting multiple Ultraballs and/or GR’s on them. My wife didn’t have the issue to the same degree, nor did my daughter (thankfully; she doesn’t have the patience for curveballs, but was still catching them pretty regularly with razzberries), so it seemed like the RNG was absolutely not in my favour.

Also, I’ll be stuck hatching Piplups for days thanks to all the 2km eggs I picked up at the end of the day, which is NOT nice since either it’s a useless Pokemon for me, or it’s going to be taking up Storage space until next December when I can evolve it with Hydrocannon again.

So mostly it was a short day of minor aggravations. I sort of expected this going into it, but it was still slightly more annoying than I had anticipated. (Kind of describes all of the Starter Pokemon Community Day’s, come to think of it…)

About the only thing I would suggest to Niantic, for the future, is to NOT put Community Day Pokemon into Eggs or Research Task rewards UNLESS they have something unusual to add - like the Squirtle Squad, or making it so that every Research Task Pokemon specific to that Community Day research task is Shiny (and making the task rare), and NOT putting Community Day Pokemon into ALL of the Eggs received during the CD.

(Or just make it so that the Community Day move is ALWAYS available after CD - all Pokemon evolved in the CD window get the CD move automatically, but if you, say, hatch a Perfect Mareep the day after Mareep day, you can use TM’s to get the CD move for that Ampharos (with the regular RNG for changing the moves). I mean, that’d solve quite a few issues, but I suppose I’m just kicking up a lot of horse dust here; Niantic has made their mind up on it, so…)

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Don’t worry about this, I hatch all the 2km eggs that I got DURING the CD 3 hours, and all were standard pkm (Lillipup, Oshawott, Patrat, etc), not a single Piplup.


I caught three shinies, moderate IVs and 70 or so total Piplups. I almost missed the hydro cannon by forgetting to evolve them. I got two (one shiny and one reg) before the third evolution did not get hydro cannon :woman_shrugging:t3:

Also, I always save 1 copy of a CD mon or potential CD mon of over 95 IVs so I don’t need to worry about securing one in Community Day, because it can sometimes be hard. Learnt this the hard way in T-Tar or Charizard Community Days.

Same goes for me, all 2 km Eggs was usual crap like Swablu, Wailmer, Patrat or Purrloin( i have to puke anytime i see this shit hatching X_x)

Lucky you; I guess my bad RNG crossed over to the eggs, as I’ve hatched 2 Piplup in the last 3 eggs and I’ve got 7 more that were all picked up during the Piplup hours.

I still have a nervous twitch just thinking about it… Did I really spend 3 hours walking around town just to catch Piplups?? Shudders