How was your summer event?

Regarding the summer event, how’d it treat you? Did you get who you were trying to pull? How much did you end up using?
Me i got raikou took me 94 quarts. That’s all i was able to pull.


Unfortunately i don’t got Raikou, well i just had few sq so i’m fine with that

I got everyone I wanted and then some in 500sq.

Nero NP2
Raikou NP4

I spent another 100 sq just trying to NP2 Maid and get Helena (just to have them all) but failed. Honestly I am so happy with my results I can’t complain!!!


I was impatient (Before and during summer) and I ended up getting the 3 4* at NP1 instead of focusing on Nobbu, and as the last Nobbu pulls also game my Rama I don’t have much use for Fran until Skadi comes, also no Nero but at least that lets me work in the lot of Casters I already got.

More than happy with my pulls. Now if I could just get that last dive to blue CE to drop I would be ecstatic.
I already cleared the shop in part 2 and still it refuses to drop. I’m just gonna continue to run the gold CE nodes since I can turn those surplus coins to QP. I have enough bonus to get nearly 900k qp per run if converted so the rates aren’t so bad if i consider potentially picking up some mats along the way.

Holy Geebus. That’s a whole crew of Servants! Grats.

I got Nitocris which I wanted. The lowest 4 star Lancer you could get, Maid…meh, NP3 Beserker Lancelot, and Ozymandis spooked me. Spent bout 150 SQ. Really wanted Raikou but getting Ozy is great. Completed farming everything in both events I wanted. Now, it is just QP Hell to get ready for Nero Event. Trying to have Ozy leveled and skilled up while getting Gilgamesh his next Pal from 92 to 94 before than.

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I spent most of my SQ and tickets in the rerun trying to get Martha. I managed to get her at NP3, plus Kiyo and all of the CE’s. In the present event I managed to get some CE’s, none of the SR servants but at least I got my main goal which was Nero :) . I have no complains. I will try to get some of the SR servants during the rerun next year. I don;t think I will aim for any SSR though. I am happy with Nero and have no desire or need of getting Maid Alter. Now I have my trifecta for the perfect Assassin farming! (Nero, DaVinci and Nito).

If I get Medb on her solo rate up come Friday, I’ll have gotten everyone except Tamalancer. :)

Didn’t get to finish farming Part 1 (left some grease in the shop—oh well) but I’m almost done farming Part 2. Then i get to decide—farm bones in Fuyuki, or try to get more gallstone drops from the event?

Summer 2 was very kind to me, got Raikou np3, malter, fran within 200 sqs.

In fact, it was so nice i’m contemplating spending more on the nero banner :fgo_illya:

I saved up 100 free quartz and seven tickets for Raikou’s banner. Got another ending, Orion and Nightingale. Not a single summer servants for me.

It’s shit. Literally. Spent hundreds of quartz even today’s 2 sq from login for one more single pull and still in the end all i’ve got from summer event is useless goddess. Not even 4* servants.
I’m sitting on 1sq right now.
Worst event ever for me so far.

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I got every Servant (and everything) I wanted, except Mordred and Fran, but they weren’t my main targets and I can try again in the future so I wasn’t too worried. I even got way more than I even asked for, so I’m happy. In total, this Summer event I got:

  • Archuria
  • Summer Martha (my main and biggest target this Summer. Wanted her np2 but spending almost 300sq just to get her first copy, I had to settle down with np1)
  • Nero np2
  • Summer Nobu
  • Summer Raikou
  • Yuri pirates spook
  • TamaCat spook (my first non-welfare AOE Berserker, so a good spook)
  • Liz spook (my first non-welfare AOE Lancer, so another good spook)
  • Finally at least one copy of the Enkidu and Lobo CE

I spent around 600+sq to get everything, so that was VERY good luck. This Summer was very generous to me. Summer isn’t finished for me yet, as I plan on rolling in JP’s Summer Banners, but that’s a story for another day yet. Hopefully my luck hasn’t run out.

Worst rolls I’ve seen since Dantes this year. Took me 1500sq before I saw Maid. Got enough Raikous and Helenas to np5 3 copies though… so that’s nice… :upside_down_face:

Finally some luck after some major gacha drought spent 440 sq to NP 5 Summer Mama Raikou and even got some spooks by way of Maid Alter and Genki gal Sanzhang

Alright’ I dropped another $40 and I regret it, got nothing lol.

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A lot better than expected. ~500SQ and 70 tickets
NP4 Caster Umu
NP3 Ass Nito
NP2 RocknRoll Nobu
NP1 Cutie Fran
4* MLB CEx3
3* MLB CEx5
Edit: Also no Spooks

That’a what you get for being too greedy.

Congratulations to those that got what they wanted and more. To our salty fallen brethren, thank you for your patronage of the game. Your sacrifices will not be in vain.

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Well, it’s not that bad, but I can’t say that I’m not dissapointed. I spend approx. 300 sq for summer 1 & 2. No Malter which is sad cause she’s my main target. But, at least I managed to get Archuria, Martha (Ruler), Nero (Caster), Mordred (Saber), Atalanta, Raikou (Lancer) and my first Kaleido.

Got all the summer 2019 servants and some spooks as well. It was actually harder to get the 4 stars than Summer Umu or Maid Alter. Nobu and Helena took 400+ sq on each banner.