How was your summer event?

Now I’m tempted to roll MedB for her BDSM warden costume but I wanna save for shut-in yokai in October.
All in all great summer, I can’t believe we have to wait 2 whole years for 'Murica Musashi.

I got everything I wanted in both summer banners.
Old re-run: got ruler Martha and Kiyo lancer to NP2 in about 60-90 SQ.
New event: got maid, Helena archer NP2, Raikou, TamaCat, Carmilla and Nito assassin in around 240 SQ and ~10 tickets.

I would gladly trade you Malter ( I assume this is Maid alter?) For Raikou. Be nice if we had trade capabilities, like once a year single servant.

It’s certainly a nice thing to have. But, of course it’s not gonna happen. No benefit for their side (it’s even a lose situation for them) and players can easily abuse it (I know I will).

Nero and Nito NP2 graced my chaldea, I didn’t buy any SQ this summer so considering that i have no regrets, i’ll get Fran and Maid next year.

That said i’m having a blast using Nero (Her 2nd ascension is the best), probably the best spook i had this year.

Also I was at last able to MLB Dive to Blue… that was my top priority so i’m happy.

Didn’t roll for new summer event since we’ll have a rerun next year.
Old re-ru: 750 sq Archuria & Martha NP5 (my only targets so i’m happy)
New event: throw 6 tickets just for fun, NP1 Fran & Nito, coudn’t be more happy gameplay and waifu wise for both

Something smells of Calorie Meat. Mostly cause this summer was good for upping the number of SRs I had. No Kiyohime, Tamamo which is only natural, she doesn’t seem to like me, Archuria. No Fran, No Mystery Sheet Pharaoh. And nothing from Maid banner.

Still, that does mean I got the rest, and some spooks to boot. Franzerker, Cas Gil. And Arjuna again…

Likewise, nothing on the latest banner. I would have liked any SSR other than Arjuna though. Or another SR for that matter, I need my slots filled.


As for me, I treated the events themselves all too well, in terms of spending - and I guess the events treated me well in return?

Summah rerun, I got everyone aboard - NP2 for the 4-star other than Anne and Saint, latter at NP5 within some ~330SQ, former will get her NP-levels next time she gets a rate-up. Got summah fox and Pendragon, too, although I did not prioritize them at all.

Other than that, it’s a lone first and only, but yeah: summah '19 I got the lasses except for Maid and Fran to NP5 (would gladly have traded NP-levels for Rubra Claudia for far earlier Nito NP5). Fran herself is at NP4, so I only need that one NP-level for her next year and I well and truly got that banner bought out (helps that Fran is awkwardly cute). As for Darth maid, I don’t care much at all about getting NP-levels for her, so I am well and truly done with that banner.
Other than Darth, they are all at level 80, too, with some investment into skills ranging between 4-6 at most. Still, very usable, very cool to watch their animations.

Next year’s Khorne Jeanne-event will be far, far easier in terms of targets I want, at least: no 4-in-one banner, and I am not that deeply interested in banner 1 - Ushi, sure, Jeanne-u for the memes, hard pass on yellow dwarf - banner 2, though, that’s another calibre…

Summer = Salt

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Sadly couldnt make my martha np2 or get helena but managed to drop a seaside luckry and get squirt king

I got Raikou with some tickets, so i’m gucci.

90SQ on Archuria/Martha’s rerun banner for zip.

Spent about 180-210 SQ on each banner. Got Nito, NP2 Nobuzerker, Wu, Lancelot NP2, Anne&Mary NP2, Beowulf NP2, and a Sanzang spook but no Umu.

The second banner was much worse after waiting for Raikous solo day, 210 SQ and only got 1 Raikou and 1 rainbow Drake spook (now NP2).

Kinda disappointed as I blew all of my savings and didnt get any of my main goals, but cant be too mad overall. At least got MLB of both shop CEs and can focus on Merlin.

Finally got that damned part 2 CE to drop. :fgo_jeannu: but was the cost of 8 gold apples worth it?

After dropping $40 last night to roll and got nothing, i solo yolo’d with 3 free sq tonight on the nero banner and somehow finally got the character I wanted the most from this banner, summer nito. Summer 2 is the greatest summer of all time.