"How well will you die?"

Not completely done, but…



how well will you die

Pretty well, I’d say

The building would be on fire crumbling to it’s doom as a sink hole starts to eat it.

How bout you?

Anyways i feel like DR with 17 def and res isn’t that great


Yeah I wanna change the A skill to something else, but I gotta get some SP, lol.


It’s a little better than you’d think. Just say Eliwood with 60Atk and effective 45 Spd attacks him. 60-17=43. But the damage mitigation would reduce that to 24, maybe 25. And his Spd is high enough to almost never get doubled.


I mean, slap brazen atk/SPD 4, or LnD 3 and joint drive SPD, on Soleil and you have the same stats, just more bulk.

I’ve always seen Lon Qu as the meme build of swordies, especially once we get a LnD seal. Is there a particular reason to build lonqu over any other (unless of course you just happen to like him, which he is cool)


It’s true - Soleil is pretty much a better Lon’qu in every way. Essentially the same attack, almost the same speed (3 less speed actually), and way more bulk. She’s way more flexible than Lon’qu could ever hope to be, so she can run way more builds and actually be very useful in multiple team compositions with just a simple Slaying Edge. His only real advantage is the fact that he’s got fairly high base HP.

My original reason for picking him was because of his Shield Pulse + Pavise build. Combine that with his high HP and he can Infantry Pulse other high HP units that wouldn’t normally be Pulsed while also being able to tank somewhat reliably (and I say reliably because this was way before we got broken crap like Repel, Close Call, a few of the extremely good refines, etc. This was when Black Knight was one of the most popular sword units).

Soleil is still pretty much better than Lon’qu in almost every possible way, there’s no denying that, but I couldn’t pass up the ability to have another high HP unit for more Pulse shenanigans for my high HP units.

And I actually like Lon’qu


I feel that. I used a barst for that same combo easy back when.

remember when this was considered the best setup for mages, now we just have lysithea
Honestly still one of my best units, she dunks on greens and makes swordies have a bad time


Just realised *Tanya is just better setsuna… Like every stat is higher except SPD (tied)
Welp, at least setsuna might get a refine soon


Read’s Title… and it’s a Red physical unit
My Oboro: Umm IDK probably 0

I still love my Setsuna tho… IDK if Tanya is better, Setsuna can get 10 DF for an extra +2 in all stats and has a better chance at a Resplendent for another +2 to all bringing her to 41/32/41/26/27, Tanya can only get +1 to all stats and the chances of her getting a resplendent are rather slim so she is looking at 42/31/38/26/29

But resplendent isn’t f2p :(
And I’m broke
Setsuna still faster at least with dragon flowers

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True damage says otherwise. :eyes:

Probably won’t kill her though, depending on what Special I’m using.

30dmg blue flame

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Well I mean… that’s only 5 true damage… so with only counting the true damage you’d have to hit her 11 times… he has 63 Atk with my Lull that brings it to 60. 60 x .8 =48. Oboro has 63 Def if her Threaten isn’t activated and you attack her other wise it’s only 43 Def… Luna would be your best choice of special since you are using Flashing Blade seal… actually… Moonbow… you’d need the slightly faster charge since I have Guard if you attack her

Well that last part is definitely true, but I think people also build him because he’s a pretty solid galeforce teammate in AR. Lots of HP to pulse his team, can take some otherwise BS damage thanks to close call, and perhaps most importantly, he has what might be (not 100% sure) the highest speed cap in the F2P pool, which is super relevant in today’s meta.

Though I do love me some Soleil, hope she gets a weapon refine soon.

Not counting this build, I’m still figuring out different A skills and whatnot. Atk/Spd Solo, Flashing Blade 4, etc. The build I’m currently showing is just what I currently have since I lack SP (and fodder in some cases).

Blue Flame isn’t flat damage so it wouldn’t do 30 damage

I mean I was just going off of what you showed so yah different builds will have different results… aka FB4 adds what another 5 true damage cutting how many attacks he needs to do outside of special’s by half

Blue flames not true DMG?

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No its just damage that gets added onto what you do much like special’s that go off of stats… if a Blue unit had 30 Atk and went up against a Blue unit with 50 Def/Res and they used Blue Flame the 25 damage would have to go through the Def/Res first making it only end up doing 5 Damage