"How well will you die?"

My life has been a lie


The difference between True and Flat damage is True damage bypass all Def/Res while Flat damage still has to go through Def/Res but in order for the foe to bypass that damage they need an equal amount of Def/Res… all specials that goes off of a Stat and Blue Flam are Flat damage since they get added to your Attack but can be bypassed if the foe has enough Def/Res… while thing’s like H/FB4, Wrath, Scurn are true damage because they bypass the foes Def/Res and cannot be reduced to 0


I read that typo as Scum and I think I like that better

I’d much rather call it Scurn than Spurn… it sounds way to much like sperm

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On second thought, Scum isn’t much better. Meanwhile Scurn reminds me of scorn and that fits perfectly

I have way too many jokes about this.

Don’t worry, Resplendent form Lon’qu will change all that.

Yeah… I’m not paying to make a unit better. Maybe if IS was better at handling their game, then sure.

And Soleil might get a Resplendent as well, so…

Totally fair. IS should of done a better approach at the resplenda bonuses. And Soleil will def get one but prolly way way later.

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Even with respendant, (stupid paywall, just let us have free art at least) he falls short (besides what would then be 5 SPD) and HP.
I’ll take bulk and ATK over HP and a little SPD personally.

dont forget soliel still has a weapon refine coming… One day

And when Soleil gets resplendent, I will spend my first bit of money on Feh

TBF with a DR skill the less Def/Res you have the more effective the skill actually is… hell this Lon’qu alone can live over 130 worth of damage as long as he gets the full 40% damage reduction since 40% of 130 is 52 and he has 54 HP… for every 10 damage dealt 4 of it is reduced… say a Blue unit attacked him and they have 60 Attack. 60x1.2=72, 72-17= 55, 55÷1.4= 39 saving him 16 damage… now take that same blue unit but boost Lon’qu’s Def to 30, 60x1.2=72, 72-30=42, 42÷1.4=30 saving him 12 damage

I think your math is a little off there. Spurn reduces by 40% so you take (approximately) 60% of the original damage, not you take 40% of the original damage. 54 is 60% of 90, not 130.

And you would do 55 - floor(0.4 x 55) = 55 - 22 = 33 damage, saving him 22 damage.

In the second example, 42 - floor(0.4 x 42) = 42 - 16 = 26 damage, saving you 16 damage.

Yah you right… but the point is still their that DR skill’s are more effective on lower Def/Res unit’s

I probably should stop trying to do math when tired af


Go to sleep


What do you think I did for those 2 hours between the reply


You didn’t even do the strike through correctly :catcry: you must be super tired

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It was because I was tring to type, but my buddies where talking in are group chat and I was trying to get the bubble off my screen everytime and ended up pressing the reply button


And besides… I’m always tired… I can sleep for 2 or 8 hours and still wake up the same way

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. Very strong