How would you beat this ARD?

Having a rough AR session this morning, clapped back to back. Completely my fault for only having tanks/vantage teams on light season. But I feel like this is a really solid team. Curious if I am just under prepared or if this would catch most of you?


I threw OG mica to bait kempf, forgot his Null Counter effect still applies after his death.

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Any green or blue with NFU bait and kill Bram, then see where the chips fall. Worst case Kempf or Lif comes around the right side to attack, but that’s why those empty spaces behind your line are important so you can stay out of range. Best case Alf or Lif gets danced to attack whoever you just baited with and they go down too.

Just remember, NFU shuts off 90% of the meta/most annoying units rn. OG Miccy with NFU is excellent, guaranteed follow-up against everyone without NFU and she’ll easily one shot Eliwood, Kempf, Lif, and basically everyone on a cav line or those that use those stupid ass save skills (except Hecctor.)


Hmm, bike is my dedicated NCD unit and idk if I’d be comfortable swapping out his B skill. I do however have 3 spare copies of Bike, so I could make a second one? Would only be +2 tho, while also resplendent. Don’t feel like that would quite cut it for NFU tho. Also prob wouldn’t commit the dragon flowers.

I do probably need to make use of NFU tho.

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That’s a massive understatement. Not necessarily on Bike, but in general. There’s no reason why you couldn’t give him NFU to swap out with NCD here and there. NCD is most useful against cav lines, but NFU is useful everywhere.

Just think of all the units whose niches are turned off by it: Edels, Brams, every armor ever, impacts, Duessels, Ephraims, etc.


I see no Hardy Bearing. I’d have to do some calcs but I’d test the right lightning trap with Micaiah in range, repo out, then repo Micaiah in Bram’s direct range(With the rubble destroyed), move her up to kill Bram, and depending on whether or not the lightning trap to the right was real or not I’d move Micaiah in to kill Lif(Right was real) or plop myself down on the left lightning trap to activate it putting Micaiah in Vantage and Brazen range.

If the right is real it makes it easier because I can still one-shot Hel regardless of her and my HP but Alfonse is a bit bulkier so putting Micaiah in a spot that prevents him from moving not only keeps Micaiah alive but allows me to get the pots at my own pace.

Eldigan will survive Micaiah’s counter but his Atk stat isn’t high enough to viably pick up the KO unless that’s a maxed lightning trap, which a Glimmer would ensure a KO, but I believe due to assists Ed wouldn’t move first.


Looks very easy to hit and run as there is only 1 dancer.


I would just not even try

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I’d go with this:
Fallen Lyon with QR
Bector with SF and DR near save
Mila will isolate Eldigan. Lyon will bait Brami, but won’t kill. If can’t isolate Eldigan, I assume he will jump up to Brami and he’ll attack Lyon again. Lyon will take out Brami with 20 HP remaining.
From there I don’t know what the others will do, but if everything work as expected, Lyon should be able to take out Hel and tank Alfonse, and Kempf and Eldigan shouldn’t be a problem for Bector since he got near save.
The problem here is Lif. If you take out the others first, he shouldn’t be much of a problem.
Maybe you can replace Bector for OG Micaiah and take out Kempf. She could actually take out everyone here if she initiates (double DB), and take out Lif in both phases


I’ve had it rough all week :man_facepalming: and I only have 2 ladders left I’m scared lol

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Bait with Christina on the left below the block and kill Brami

Kempf breaks the block and proceeds to block the rest of the team from approaching since Eldigan is too far away to actually dance Kempf


Throwing my +10 B!Hector with 3 mythics into Bram range and watching the fireworks :feh_rein:
That’s a pro gamer move right here :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

For real baiting the Bram with a unit that won’t kill him and can survive his charged luna/don’t double him and being doubled (for luna charges)/vantage him/cd deny because Eldigan will gonna WoM him, and with bram and the dancer out of the picture it isn’t gonna be hard I guess


Hmm guess I should have approached from the left instead. I was worried kempf would go right, then get danced and move in too far.

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If you have a dancer and multiple units with reposition, sniping eldigan with a mage would make the map much easier.

Other than that, the map looks too gross for me.

What is your Bector looks like? I put both of them in the sim, Bector +10 +10 flowers +atk 3 Freyjas +7 to atk -7 to Brami’s def and Brami still lives with 1 hp. You can buff yourself for atk and res because of the lull

How’s so? Mine has no problems dealing with Brams. He is +10/10 with +atk, Mirror Stance seal and Far Save (who buffs should be active against Bram). Is that not enough to kill him?

Because you’re trying to bait him. Brami initiates, he gets +14 def and you don’t get the mirror stance effect. Against this team you want to one shot Brami, Bector won’t really take much damage, but you’ll activate the trap if you can kill him

Why shouldn’t I get the Mirror Stance effect? Lulls only work against visible buffs, don’t they?

Either way, assuming he survives, what trap should I be scared of?

Oh you meant stance, not impact. Either way, I just checked, lull is supposed to work on the stance I believe

The main point isn’t to one shot bram, far from this, it’s to take bram under 50% for him to be danced by WoM Eldigan, survive his 2nd engage and kill him with his 2nd engage : that take almost all the threats down because you will control who’ll be danced, and then take care of the dancer next turn so… If you kill bram at his first fight, Eldigan will dance another unit, possibly lif or Kempf if they goes right, but either way he’ll stay behind to dance others units next turn too so he’ll stay a pain in the ass, mainly because none of them got assist that can be predicted

An Ar-D without dancers is a walk in the park because you can predict easily the ennemy and they won’t cover much ground thank to not being danced

Oh then I misunderstood. You’re right then