How would you change Apocrypha?

With the current event out, it got me thinking about Fate/Apocrypha, and how it’s one of the more negatively seen anime in the franchise (which is a shame since it included some of the best/most beloved servants in Fate/Go). With that in mind I’m wondering what you guys would have changed about the anime to make it better. If you ask me, it could improve in two areas; character development and audio quality. For the former, Sieg had way too much screen time for a character who is supposed to be a blank slate trying to pick up traits. A lot of that time could have gone to the development of other servants and their Masters. For me, Mordred and Kairi is always the first choice for more development and were always more interesting to me to the more prioritized cast. As for the latter, the audio quality in Apocrypha is jarringly bad, from the theme cutting abruptly at the intro to the sound effects of attacks sounding extremely rough, like they weren’t properly edited before being put in. Fixing that issue would make a lot of fights more fondly remembered.

What about you guys?


change the studio to ufotable.

at least the graphics would be kickass, despite the plot.


Take out Sieg because he adds nothing to the overarching themes of Apocrypha (the shortcomings of heroes many famous like Vlad and Achilles, in contrast to “perfected” ones like Chiron and Jeanne)

Replace the MC role with Mordred/Kairi who have a really fun dynamic. Mordred’s immaturity and Kairi’s worry about his legacy give tons of theme development to work with, especially as they interact with famous heroes of legend that Mordred can’t just gorilla her way through


Replace Apocrypha Sieg with FGO Sieg. Only played the first few chapters of the event but he’s already so much more likable.

I know it’s post Apocrypha Sieg in the game so he already had the time with Astolfo and others to develop a personality, but it wouldn’t be such a drag to watch the anime if it was just dorky Sieg and Astolfo on an adventure.


Let Mordred met Emiya Shirou and Saber while they on honeymoon and duke it out


Yeah this is pretty spot-on, actually.

Also, remove the scenes/characters that don’t add anything. Astolfo’s master? Gone. Siegfried’s master? Gone or give him character development.

Jack’s subplot? Either move it earlier in the show or retire it altogether.

Other characters—like Spartacus—were wasted. Darnic was built up to be this mastermind villain and that was disappointing. It’s set in Romania and Vlad dies in the first half…so I guess the setting is no longer significant?


Yeah apocrypha was just everywhere in terms of themes and subplots that went nowhere. The characters were barely related to Amakusa so their confrontation was just “eh.” Jeanne should have been much more clearly aligned against him immediately to set them up as Saint vs Saint.

It didn’t even feel particularly high stakes because you’re not actually sure who to root for - Black is portrayed as this incredibly clever and entrenched team with Vlad in Romania… but the only high tier servants in their arsenal were Vlad and Siegfried, and maybe Chiron. The others were just… bleugh in strength, and they were missing Jack from the start. Meanwhile Red had absolute powerhouses in Mordred, Karna, and Achilles in addition to very solid servants in Semiramis and Atalanta.


Romcom between Semi and Amakusa


In my unpopular opinion, Apoc is the best in the series by far. Every character is interesting, the animation is the best in the series, the music is epic. One thing people always point out as a flaw is that they don’t know who to root for, but I feel that is its greatest strength, Every character has their reasons for being their and its not just a black and white - good vs evil show like so many other shows. It has some complex interactions and power changes that are absent from the other fate anime. It reminds me a little of game of thrones in that you are a little unsure on who will come out on top when its all over. Sure seig is kinda annoying, but he is by far not the most annoying to be portrayed in fate. Probably the shows only short coming is that could be a bit longer to explore a few more of the characters in more depth.


Make someone else the main character. Sieg would have been fine in the story as a minor/side/supporting character but he just doesn’t cut it as the main character.


Remove cardboard. Yep. Thats it!

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Just as the skiped content,i like Apoc as it is honestly.
And at lest in the spanish Dub the audio problems are fixed(i think)

Well, I can say this about Sieg; I’ve only interacted with him a bit in the new event and I already like him a lot more than I did in Apocrypha.

That the difference between been two weeks old and been 10 years old

Make it not exist, tbh.


But if Apoc doesn’t exist Astolfo also doesn’t exist

Maybe? They could’ve easily just used concept art for Extella Link as his debut.

The concept arts are from the project Apoc

Yeah so use the concept there and add him somewhere else.

For curiosity,why you hate so much Apoc?