How would you clear Saber Wars Super Dimension with E-rank luck teams?

The event walkthrough says something along the line of:

To fully clear the event shop and Altrium rewards , assuming E rank luck (no Event CEs) and a non-MLB Event drop CE provided by a Friend Support, with only Altria Pendragon (Lily) and Silver Sabers + Friend Support Altria Lily / MHX providing Altrium bonus (+140% total), it can take an average of 8305 AP to fully clear the Event Shop.

So just out of curiosity, how could you actually clear Super Dimension with such a team (either double Lily or Lily + MHX, Caesar, Bedi, Saber Gilles and Fergus)?

My guess is that it is easy with something like 4+ MLB Star of Altria. But realistically, assuming E-rank luck (i.e. no CE drops) and say one starts farming Super Dimension at 600K mark (i.e. 3 regular Star of Altria) and all 5 Purity Bloom obtained, how could this be possible with the aforementioned teams? I would love to try this out myself if it wasn’t 40 AP per run!

The answer is quite Elementary My Dear!

Medea is the best low star Assassin killer. Put Flower CE on her borrow waver. For mobs Bedi is best option since he also had NP battery. Bring Mash/ D’Eon for tanking NP and Lily for Atrium Bonus.

Except D’Eon everyone else survive. I didn’t manage to find a waver with SoA in support. But this will be a reference for you with Merlin. Medea NP will deal around 250k - 300k damage.

Also don’t MLB your SoA. MLB give 100% damage up but non MLB give 50%.


If you wanted to keep as high of a bonus as possible, borrow MHX with mlb bloom. She has trait damage against z, especially if you can chain np’s for overcharge. Then just face card the mobs with her and your sabers and ditch all the support. Honestly with all the damage CE’s, it’s tricky to not kill them all before your np bars are full to wipe z out.

That’s been my basic strategy, though I do have access to Mordred and siegfried who also have bonus damage.


Even if you’re E luck, you can still borrow a support with MLB SoA, there are plenty of them. Equip as many SoA as you can to support Medea with MLB Purely Bloom.

My only gold Saber asides from Lily is D’eon and he definitely isn’t there for killing. Mysty’s suggestion is what I’m doing as well.

A support MHX has both the highest damage and altrium bonus for the event, an MLB Bloom for mamixum damage buff, plus extra bonus damage with her anti-saber-face NP. Even without class advantage she’ll do a ton of damage against MHZ. My D’eon is there to help keep her alive against unlucky crits since I’m running a pure Saber team with no Caster supports whatsoever.


@Yunchii @galaziel I meant to ask how to farm the team consisting of

  • Either MHX or Lily from Support
  • Your own Lily
  • 4 Silver Sabers: Fergus, Caesar, Bedi, Saber Gilles
  • 5 Bloom (separated or 1MLB) and 3 regular Star of Altria for CEs; free to arrange

as suggested in the Walkthrough which yields the highest bonus (+140%) if one doesn’t have access to any other higher rarity Saber.

@Mysty @_Someone It’s good to know that it’s possible. I might try this a couple of times on the last day.

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Remember that with E-rank luck, Bedivere is possibly no higher than NP1. I threw a bunch of tickets at the banner last night and got all three of the other sabers, but no Bedi. IIRC, the same happened last year. I only have him at NP2 myself–got one on some random banner this year.

BTW, according to my math along with the predicted drop data, if I were to run it with only a 60% bonus, I’d get barely more (about 200) than I would with Galaxy, which I can run at +170%

My condolences. I really want to throw a couple of tickets on this banner but Waver is coming next month so I have to save all the tickets for him! My Bedi will be NP1 for a long time.

Whoever thought of story-locked 3* Servants is really the Evil Incarnate.

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How about the one who invented limited 3*?

For my team, I borrowed a Waver/Merlin. For the first wave, I have Mash, a saber unit, and Rider!Kintoki (for star generation, mostly), second wave, I have the support caster, my own caster unit and Saber Lily. I don’t know if that’s the most effective line up but it worked for me.

Was there such a Servant? This sounds like the worst kind of thing.

Okada Izou with GUDAGUDA 3, Mori Nagayoshi with GDGD 4.

I use this for Super Dimension, the only not f2p friendly is np5 bedi and kaleido. But, kaleido can be replaced with mlb imaginary and np4 bedi/leveled Aerial Drive should be enough. Just need some buster mecha-eli facecards/bedi cards at the start to kill the lancer and some for mhx (roughly 700k dmg for a Mecha-Eli chain). It takes 3-6 turns depending on your luck to clear

MLB IE and NP4 Bedi is not really much more F2P-friendly either. I have just 3 copies of IE and NP2 Bedi myself.

Given I’ve played a while, even though I’m F2P, my team was Waver, Herc NP2, and NP1 Musashi, but that is also not something that I’d expect other F2P players to have

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Well, spend 120 SQ got 10 times bedi at least in this banner so idk. But sure for kaleido and IE.

Not spending any SQ until Skadi :slight_smile:

I threw like 6 tickets at it, got every other 3* servant once… Same thing happened last year.

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I’m using this setup for MHZ.
Not sure if using Saberlot NP’s damage plus as 3rd NP chain is better since I want to maximize Elibrave’s NP damage in the chain. So I always use Eli’s as 3rd NP in NP chain.