How would you make perma-death better?

Maybe someday I will give it a chance, but it will be a long time before It happens.
I need time for the bias to disappear.

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Have a funeral service?


I hate permadeath. I will forever be a “filthy casual”. I love my characters. I cannot part with them, most of them. The few units I always wanted to kill were for some stupid bullshit fucking reason, plot-driven and killing them didn’t remove them from it anyway. Imagine letting someone you hate take a fatal blow and die on the battlefield, but the next day they walk up to you like nothing ever happened. And someone you loved and didn’t want to ever let die, kicks the bucket and you never get to see them again. Let that sink in…

I remember I made the argument once when 3H was in its early days, that not recruiting every single student or character in every route of 3H and then being (more or less) forced to kill them after shit goes south, gave the game more feeling and emotion, and substance. People were pretty
heavily opinionated on this and at least on Facebook, it was more leaning towards Classic Elitists, but most people who said “filthy casual” were using the term playfully and weren’t always strictly classic players I think.
And same with people in your own roster dying, it meant there was more at stake, but there was the Divine Pulse if you absolutely needed it.

Aside from the gba games though, I always stuck with casual. I tried classic on awakening and fates later but that meant lots of resetting anyway. So its like is it worth it? I’m so against my units dying, I reset/divine pulse when I’m on casual. Usually cause I want more exp for them. Or I want a clean run with no dying, but in the event it does happen, I don’t want to have to live with it. Those could be your best friends, your brother, sister, your own children…

I don’t know of any games that handle death better than Fire Emblem. I guess non-strategy games are probably the best for that sort of thing. There’s a lot more room for story involving it and discussing it between all the characters.

Visual novels or VN-like games, like Steins;Gate and AI: The Somnium Files (the most noteworthy ones I’ve played and also my 2 favorites), are the best examples I can think of. Especially ones where you can frequently stop in an area and talk to the characters, like for recent events that happened. And with all the different routes, they really do have a lot more room for it. They actually develop the game with the sort of thing in mind, building the story around a certain character’s death who was part of the main cast and played a vital role.

It’s something VNs do very well. From start to finish they can show the aftermath/impact their death left on a number of things or people. And I love when they have different deaths in different routes to show how much they cared for each character respectively.


I’m pretty sure this is Felicia’s cannon death




This is also because the story itself is dark by nature :thinking:

Imagine someone dies in say Yojimbo. I recall not even Storm Lover made the implied death of one of the characters ground-shaking, but granted Storm Lover & Yojimbo are otome games. Missed opportunity tbh because that’s perfect for some tear-jerking moment but then again maybe I’m just evil

Ah play your games the way you want it tbh. I play classic for the challenge and extra emo factor, but different people different boat. These so-called elitists didn’t even buy you the game :woozy_face:

Honestly, the best way to engage a new game is exploring it multiple times in the way you like it and don’t engage the fandom