How your Lickitung day has been?

I want to hear your experience today, how valuable catches you did and if you were lucky today. So has your raid day been worth of it?

I caught a 96% Lickitung in the first raid… And that’s all. After it it was a downfall with bad Lickis, and no yellow mon. I commited the mistake of wasting 2 premium passes in hope of the shiny but I guess they are recoverable with some coin farming. My group on the other hand caught 2 or more with the same number of passes. At least they were fun to interact with. I hope someone here got a better say than me.

Hoping it reminded everyone that you’re guaranteed a TM from four-star raids, so that four-stars stop being treated like they don’t exist. :man_shrugging:t2:


Like it is pretty much assumed you got it, I just mean the pokemon. Sure the rewards were amazing and worth of it, but the pokemon, except one, were garbage.

Which is precisely why I asked my girlfriend to get some of those raids done for me while I was stuck at work during the raid hour. Got four Lickis as that’s all she was up for doing (she’s been poorly lately but she’s a madwoman and goes out for PoGo anyways), but I was more interested in the rewards than Licki itself

Did it for the charge TMs mostly and ended up getting 30 of them from 20 raids. No shiny, but I did get a 15/15/14, although since I’m not really interested in pvp it doesn’t really matter that much. In raids it has no use and for gyms it’s also just another punching bag for lucario.
From what I’ve seen and judging from a certain site which shall not be named, (but does an excellent job figuring out fast if there is a realistic chance of getting a wild shiny, as well as showing fast if Niantic changes things), it seems that Lickitung has as of now a boosted shiny rate, which makes sense, since it is a rare spawn that doesn’t nest. So I should get one eventually.

AlsoI had during the raid day a chance to do some lucky trades and ended up with a 15/13/15 shiny roselia, which is way more useful than lickitung… So the event was quite okay

My goal was to get 1 for myself within 5 free passes and 2 for my friend within 5 free passes, in which i succeeded, so it was okay. Did a few more since i noticed they kept giving me charged TMs


Got a 98%. No Shinies. Wasn’t particularly impressed but hey, I got a bunch of “free” TM’s from raids that were ridiculously easy for my daughter and I to duo (we did 4 raids in less than 30min, inlcuding driving time), so I’m not going to actually complain. That’s pretty much why I did the Raids; easy to do, free TM’s, maybe a Shiny, boom. Done.

I wish it had something useful to add to the game, or something interesting. Body Slam is… nice? But on Lickitung (does it stay if you evolve it to Lickilicky?), it’s not something to really care about. Basically, it was the Raid version of Spoink hour. Nice, but… why?

I play with 3 accounts, so I got 5 shinies from 6 raids (5/18), one of them was a good 98%. Honestly I did it just for the TMs, but I was surprised to see that many shinies.

Got the better luck for garbage Lickis:
6 raids and 3 shinies, but no good IVs.

Anyway, im still feeling uncomfortable with these shinies cuz my 2nd account got no shinies for the same 6 raids, either my dad, for 7 raids. People we were raiding with got not much shinies: 15 players, not including me, got 2+1+0+1+1+2 shinies, so 7 shinies for 90 attempts. Guess, Niantic prefers strange random, so I got ~1/3 of all shinies our raid group got, but many didnt get anything at all.

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:point_up: Absolutely this. One of the top comments among my locals was how poorly shinies are distributed between any player group decided by really poorly programmed RNG.

My feelings are the same. It looks forced just to pretend many people care about PvP but the truth is if the raided pokemon was different, people would be exactly in the same way.

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They were running out of gross pink ‘mon and had to figure one out for a raid event


They should use pseudo random distribution like in DOTA2, which all in all one could say it’s a “fair” system, and I think it would be the best way to fix this issue. (But I guess if they do that then people who only raid once in a while would complain that their chances were reduced in favor of the ones paying for the premium passes…)

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It was quite bad. I raided only for shiny, and ended with none( the only one in my group…) I have to throw away CTMs, so no shiny combined with bad weather and low RC in the end really frustrated me.

Ok… but why not Chansey?

I guess they didn’t wanna take the chance

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