How's everyone doing after the rateup?

I got not just 1 but 2 grapes!

one was from my very first craft so I kept going, ended up with intervenchan, I feel so lucky right now lol

wanted to say thanks to whoever that made the crafting recipe pic, found this place from the link in it. I’ve been using the recommended recipe forever and never had parts! literally no idea you could just use 30 and still be fine.

ill give her treats later if she carrries me in CT hehehe

If you’re talking about this pic, that was me! Made it two days ago when I realized EN had no good infographics. Glad to hear it helped you out.

I haven’t rolled yet since I have 100% T-Doll Collection - gonna go for equips instead since I’m low on capes.

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I also got a Grapecano from the rate-up along with PKP. I pretty much don’t need to do normal productions anymore except for Ameli but that isn’t really a priority. Overall a pretty good rate-up.

Yeah it was! ty again, saved me a lot of parts, its always been my lowest resource before :smile: do you have any secret recipe for fairy craft? pic doesn’t say

You can use 500/500/500/500 for fairies, or do some 2000/500/2000/1000 for Parachute Fairy if you still need one. Those are the known good fairy recipes and it’s the same during and outside of rate-up.