How's everyone handling the weapon/wyrmprint overhaul?

Recently, the system for weapons and wyrmprints got a complete rework. Wyrmprints are now for one skill and go in available slots on weapons instead of adventurers equpping them onto themselves, plus leveling got totally redone.

For me…getting the hang of it. I’ll have to go through each team I built so I can get their weapons equipped and pick the appropriate prints…

Also, RIP those special weapons. Only had the crossover ones for FEH and Monster Hunter, and they’re no longer there. [Edit: realized they’re just skins now]

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I’m a little overwhelmed, there’s so many wyrmprints to sort though to try and figure out new builds.
I got my dark team kind of functional so I could do the event dailies but that’s about it.

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Many of the Void Weapons disappeared and that is leaving me a little confused on how I’m going to beat Void Agni with no Scorching Air Res.

Looks like you can add it to the newly designed void weapons under Functionality.

Even better, it’s not added to the void weapon. It goes into the “weapon abilities” on the bottom right. So if you upgrade the void water sword to unlock the scorching air res ability, that unlocks it for all water swords. You don’t actually have to use the weak void weapon to fight Agni any more, you can have a scorching air res agito weapon.

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Good to hear!

The 2.0 update fixed a plethora of DL’s most alarming problems, the weak weapons, the limited choice of actually useful wyrmprints, underwhelming characters who received a significant damage boost, the fact that instead of dark being nerfed to hell they buffed the other elements instead, this update made the game much more enjoyable to play and added good variety to it, which was something that DL was desperately needing.


The inventory system was terrible before so this is a hard but solid retool. Though Wyrmprints will likely give more incentive to Affinities as time passes since these seem at best solid for assisting anything other than pure DPS and at worst a waste of time right now.

Spark System is neat. Though 300 Summons (or 150 Diamantium Summons) for one banner’s Spark Summon seems a tad steep for it.

Kinda sad they made HDT a joke. I autoed lile three of the Master difficulty ones without much thought beyond Doublebuffs + Grace.

All the rebalancing for the adventurers is spectacular. So many people revisiting old favorites now, and it’s neat to see it online.

The planned content seems cool, though I’m hoping we get a crossover event sometime soon. Maybe DMC or Kid Icarus Uprising next, if not a revisit to MonHun.

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I kinda want either a Xenoblade collab, a Tales of collab or a Soul Calibur collab personally.

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I wouldn’t mind a Xenoblade crossover, but I’m not sure if Bamco would be chill with allowing crossovers for this game.

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Unsure if anyone answered but if you look at the abilities of the weapon you normally use for Void Angi you’ll see that you can equip the ability onto something else that is stronger and better.

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Yeah, you need to unlock it by unbinding the Water Void Weapons

If you go to any void weapon that matches the type you’re using for [insert Void Boss here], tap Functionality and Weapon Abilities to see what you can pick

You’ll have to unbind the weapon to be able to unlock more Abilities on all your weapons, such as High Dragon Banes or Astral Banes.

While you’re at it you should also grab the weapon bonus too if you can afford it. It’s costly, and it seems minor, but unlike the Void Abilities it affects EVERYONE using the weapon class, not just the element of the weapon in question. It’s essentially two free levels for the dojo, and it adds up in the long run. Keep in mind HDTs give +1.5% instead of +0.5%, and that Agito weapons dont have Weapon Bonus unlocks afaik


Agito weapons dont have Weapon Bonus unlocks afaik

Agito weapons bonus needs the resource from master difficulty so only fire & dark have it so far.


Does keys or ingot works across tiers?

Does the game maximize the reduction in resources?
ie. Save dragon horns when using ingot going from 0ub to 1ub.
Or is the old tier system is still there but just hidden?
ie. Need to be 4ub and refined to start saving dragon horns.

Yes it’s basically the same as before. The last 4 unbinds are more expensive than the first 4.


no, i meant does it matter when to use an ingot?

after some speculation, it does.

I was confused before, because in void, when I slide the number of ingot.
The most expensive material gets removed first.

Now I realize that is just replacing the most expensive material within that session, not the weapon as a whole.

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Yes, sorry if I wasn’t clear.

The last 4 unbinds are more expensive. So if you use ingots on the first 4 unbinds you get less value, because those ones are cheaper.

no, it was clear. Thank you, made me rethink my misconception.

edit. misconception being the game somehow keep track of ingot usage.

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