How's my Kaze look?

He’s meant to be the mage killer of the team. And the link skill is to work with L!Lucina and her spd/def link.

Rest of the team


He looks pretty decent for a Mage killer, though Mirror Impact could be nice with a Brazen Atk/Res seal. You could go with Splashy bucket and CC to counter dragons as well as mages.


Sadly I have none of those aside from the seal.


Damn, he would look very scary with those skills. But not to worry, he looks perfect the way he his. Are planning on summoning for fodder?


Not really. Was looking for more of a budget mage killer. I could give him kitty paddle from my old HS!Sakura though.


For Alm, I’d go Death Blow as a A slot

Stupidly, Kitty Paddle doesn’t have a refine(?) and has low Mt. I would kill her if you had DB4 to cover up the bad Mt on the weapon, but I wouldn’t do that. I think he’s fine, just wait for that Mirror Strike seal…

Don’t have it available. Plus he’s also meant to be a psuedo healer too, hence the extra HP. He does have a pure offensive set though.

Sadly, you are correct. So I figure stick with Barb Shuriken since it’ll probably be more consistent.

How’s my Kaze look?

Like a Kaze?

But anyway, why that seal?


For the extra attack and res? Since he’s the mage killer?


He has 37 speed, 43 with a speed buff. That’s not really a reliable speed when it comes to doubles, especially against mages.

Suppose I could give him darting blow. Nobody’s using it right now. Idk, I’ll keep it in mind.

That’s true…
Halo, you could give Azura double Drive Spd.

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Hmm, not a bad idea actually. She kinda needs some skill reworking in general really.

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Alright, Azura has double drive speed. Now Kaze should have an easier time doubling, and Alm may even be able to quad in some cases if he’s also buffed by Lucina. Lucina herself kinda had like issues doubling before, but whatever.

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Yeah. I play it save with all of my dancers equipping Drive Spd on my offensive teams. Helps the team tremendously, especially in TT/CC/SA.

He looks fine

I run Alm as a pseudohealer with Reciprocal Aid, I simply like that more than Ardent Sacrifice

I do so have that one him. He has a full healer build too.

His main one is meant to have a good mix of offensive and healing capabilities.