How's the Cheer For Master drop rate on your end?

On mine, it’s pretty disheartening. I just opened the 15th box (which is actually low-balling the amount of runs I did, as I grinded out the medals for the Lore and the Eternal Gears in the shop, so I was running less efficient nodes), and I didn’t get a single drop yet.

On the other hand, the Secret Archer Gem drop rate of the qualifier seems to be ridiculously high, something close to 50% I’d reckon, and considering that I am in the process of fattening up my Emiyalter, it is more than welcome.

I got a Cheer for Master drop on the first day, so I farmed the currency shop to get the 4 other CE. I decided to MLB it, reasoning was that the petal nodes are better later on and it would help friends in my support list.

But now I am running with just +2 petal bonus, on my 13th box right now.

I’m going to do the challenge quests today, I saw that the CE can drop so fingers crossed.

I have 19808 petals (only opened 6 boxes) and 1 x mlb CFM and 4 from drops. It sounds like I’m flexing but think about the 20k petals farmed That drop rate sounds about right


Got my first drop today. Hope to get some more during the next few days, but as it stands I’m alright. At least I can definitely MLB it afterwards.

Regarding other people… I did see a guy with an MLB CfM + 3 Non-MLB copies, so that guy had at least 4 CE drops. So there you go.

Right now you could open 33 boxes total (if I did the math right). How many apples have you eaten until now?

It seems like all I needed was to complain, as I just got my first drop. Neat. Now, if I could get another one, then I would be able to MLB one and still keep a +4-5 petal bonus while opening up a slot so that I could properly 3 turn the last node (right now I need to facecard the first wave, so I am usually running it in 4-5 turns).

I’ve still got rapples if needed . Let mecheck I started with 160 apples I think? down to 102. Yes I’m no lifing this event if you’re wondering. I took 10 days off work , not just for this but to do a couple of things that I took care of a few days ago and have just been hammering this event


I’m on my 10th or 11th box and still no drop :fgo_jeannu:

I’m on the 30th box and I’ve only gotten a single CfM drop :sob:

It took me 23 boxes to get my first.

But I’ve gotten like 25 scarab drops and probably 35ish archer gems. Plus more snake jewels than I will ever use. (Pushing 150 now.)

Half of me is like, stop farming he lotto and just grind out medals.

The other half of me is like…but more petal drop CEs means you can MLB it and put it in your support list Waver…

what are ce drops???


Craft Essence drops. The shop only has 4 Petal CE, so to get more and MLB you need to hope the CE drops when you are farming.

… I’m fairly sure that was a joke, but don’t take my word for it; lately I have a pretty bad track record with detecting sarcasm…

oh… i was being sarcastic… but if you were on my account, you’d probably assume i was seriously asking, sooooooo… all’s good i guess…

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time to delete my account and internet history out of embarrassment

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But if you grind Medals you could still get a CE drop. At least I got mine from farming the gold medals.


Same status here, except I only did grind for medals for the shop-CE. Have yet to see that thing drop, would enable me to alter team setup a bit in general (a Kaleid to instant-nuke here, maybe a Frag '30 there, etc.).

Yeah…and then it comes down to the choice between feathers now or crystals later. :grimacing: And I am always in dire need of both.

Got it to drop before I had enough bronze medals to buy my first one. Never had the ce drop on day 1 of an event before. I was then starting to grind out silver and gold, but I couldn’t get a quick setup working and I don’t have any gatcha CE’s, so I’ve just been 4T farming petals, and that setup won’t allow me to field another drop ce anyway…

Three drops!

Was able to get first copy on 6th box. I think it is a good sign.