How's the GudaGuda Grind coming along?


Herro everyoooone!!
This is your friendly lurker Psi, checking up on how everyone is doing so far farming for the event.

Are you on track to clear out the shop? What have you cleared out so far?

What are your goals for the event? Have you farmed up all the GUDA-O and Golden Skulls? Some of them? None of them?

Or perhaps you got a lucky Rainbow Drop on one of the Nodes?

Have you simply thrown in the towel and said "Fxck it!! I’m farming Bones and Ghost Lanterns because I’m emo(tional) and devastated at not getting Sexy Medusa Poster Gurl and only farm creepy-themed stuff that would automatically make me eligible for sentence to the Psychiatric Prison if a Police Officer found it in the trunk of my car after pulling me over for blaring “Blue” from the absolutely dank Eiffel 65 on my iPod shuffle?

Are you spamming Apples frantically farming all the Points you can cuz you really want that NP5 Japanese Gilgamesh-knockoff Gate of Tanegashima Matchlock Rifles? Or are you saving everything for the last 4 days of the event?

How many Points have you reached?

For those without CE’s, please divulge the intimate and erotic details of your physical and emotional despair at your utter failure of rolling Poster Girl so that I and everyone else reading this may bask and gloat in your utterly pitiful worthless facet of a non-existence. :fgo_buster::fgo_buster:

For everyone else who rolled Poster Girl, please feel free to release your exultations at a lucky roll or drop or whatever.
Screenshots as irrefutable proof of your rank EX luck are enthusiastically welcomed!!!
Share your luck (or lack of it)
Share your happiness at your progress (or complete lack of both)
Seethe at me for reminding you thoroughly of your complete deficiency of success and making you read an absolute Beast of a opening post.

Where does this Grand Exalted God-like Epitome of your local societal Neet stand so far?

Farmed out all the Golden Skulls.
Farmed out 4 Shop CEs. Got my 5th from a lucky drop

WIth just over a little hour left:
Finished farming everything.
And I’m ending the event with a total of 2,354,400 Points.

Rolled Okita, 3 Emiyas. Got pleasantly spooked by Jack
Rolled 3 Poster Girls, 1 After-Party, and 6 Fate GUDAGUDA Orders.
Spent 18 Tickets, 135 SQ

Used up 10 Gold Apples so far this event. Basically all the Apples they gave us for the event, so no net loss or gain on that front.


Edit: Updating my progress


I want to roll over and die. I have no CEs except for the free Fate GUDAGUDA Order and 2 GUDO-Os. I don’t plan on getting the other 2. So far, I’ve only managed 3/4 skulls and 17/20 pages. I have an even less outstandingly unremarkable mark of 276,360 points. I’ve given up on clearing the bronze prizes. I’ve been farming Raurava because I’m desperate to end my eternal Gear hell and also Hearts because they make me rock in a corner and cry. Thinking about how I’m going to tackle the next node that opens up with half my party being Archers, which are also incidentally the strongest members of my team, projects my soul into hell. I’ll soon be there. Please end my misery.


I’ve been having a blast!

I didn’t get Okita, but I got someone better! Sanzang!

She is one of my top 3 characters! In addition within the sq I budgeted to this event (90 sq total) I got:

projection CE,
2x Poster Girls,
4x after party’s,
4x of the 3* Event CEs
5x Guda-Os (thanks to a lucky drop today)

So far I have purchased
4 skulls
4 Guda-Os
30 silver exp mana prisms…err exp cards
2 gold exp cards
19 octupet crystals
1 gear

I have gotten 1 fang and 1 scale and accumulated 324 k points.

I have spent a few apples but they weren’t used on the event. Rather I used them on the 1/2 priced archer/caster embers to get Sanzang to lvl 75 (above picture is dated), Nobu to 60 and Emiya to 37. I should have 14 apples to spend from now to the end If I am counting the reward apples right.


Huh…I guess I’m doing okay if I have 445,320 pt. I bought out Forbidden Page and the ascension item.

I got EX luck getting two CE drop on day 2 and already have 2 from shop. I bought the last one on day 3.

I plan to buy out Gear and Heart. I only have one Poster Girl, so I doubt I could buy the Homunclus Babies.


Well, to answer that overly verbose question…

276k in Points.
Got 2 Golden Skulls (Bronze and Silver currency)
Drew one additional Guda Guda CE from FP Summon and one After Party with a ticket (the other two tickets got NP2 Emiya and Imaginary Around)
Bought out all the Pages and currently farming Intermediate for Silver currencies (need the mats more than the Fous and the Embers will be easy enough to farm for later on)

I’m hoping not to need apples but I’ll probably need a few for farming gold currencies later on. I’ll still try to save as much as I can for Nero Fest and Xmas lotteries (need those Secret Gems badly).

Drop rates seriously suck. I’ve been hitting dry spells the past day and a half and barely getting 20 of the silver per run despite my +1 and a friend’s +2.

Here’s hoping I get enough to, at the very least, get the mats and stuff I seriously need. I might forgo the Octuplet Crystals since I somehow have like 180 of them (I seriously don’t know how I have that many) but I need the Needles, Dust, and all the gold currency materials.


Wow, thought i Was doing good.
374000, Still got 20 apples.
Finished Pages, now 6 more of the cristal. Not sure i Will finished the void dust and needle. Bought ALL CEs, and 3 skulls, almost buying the last One. Sinceramente i intend to get all ascencion materials, and spend the least apples as possible, i am Still not sure How good this is.
About summon, Well. Zilch.
Just 2 poster girls. Thats all i got using ALL my quarts and friend points. No good servant, no good CE. Still, hanging in there and playing as often as possible.


Just bought bronze and silver gold skull and CE waiting for the better drops to come so I can go game on them, but Fate/Links come out on the same day the bronze node comes. Gonna be torture


I’ve been the prime example of how not to play an event. I’ve probably spent more time with my AP full then anything. One of the days my first play came at 1:45am of the 1 AP, then I played it once more when it went up again just past 2 and that was it until the next day’s 1AP. I’ve been really bad. But I don’t care. I’ll clear the shop and the points ladder. I don’t need any skulls nor will I buy any of the monuments/pieces though.

I did some grinding early on but right now I can’t be bothered. I’ve got 320k points and I cleared the pages plus the gold embers. I’ll get her started back up when the next node drops.


I’m planning to save as much apple for Nero Fest.


Shop wise : 2 Skulls, 2 Guda-o.

Points 190,330 thus far.

No Okita during summoning, 2 After-Party Order, 2 Fate GUDA-GUDA order. Already had an MLB from last year though.

Not sure what my next Farming item is yet. So just shooting out bronze for now.


Smart but realistically are most of us really able to use all are apples on the lottery’s.


Spent 60 quartz, I think about 10 tickets, got Okita, 4 GUDAGUDA Orders, 1 Poster Girl, 1 GUDA-O, and 2 After Party Orders. Also got a lucky GUDA-O drop from farming.

Been farming Sanjiva for the bronze drops, and only have HP Fou’s remaining (and the GUDA-O, but since I intend to grind for points when the last node unlocks, I’m treating shop GUDA-O’s as low priority). I’ve gotten basically no silver drops due to the node I’m farming, and somewhere around 400 gold drops.

I’m trying to not burn through too many apples this early on, but the occasional bronze apple to get up to 40 AP, and a couple of silver and gold each because I get impatient.

Current point total: 336,440.


Nope, I doubt I will use them all. I won’t be able to participate in the Christmas that require clearing Babylion. I have F2p demoralized symptom.

I’m not that moviated to farm heavily, I pretty sure P2p/whales have a blast. Me on the other hand, I get bored easily tackling the same node repeatly using 3-1 and welfare.

Also, there the hunting quest on May…I know I’m spending couple of apples.


Well, I didn’t get Okita, but got the following:
1 x Altria Saber
1 x Emiya (Finally got him to NP2)
1 x Chevalier
6 x Poster Girl
8 x After Party
8 x Gudaguda Order

So I guess I have enough CE to farm materials. Point wise currently sitting on 376,420 and I have got 3 x GUDA-O, all skulls and 70 odd embers. I only spend 2 x bronze apples so far and will only use Okita from support list with 160% point drop. I have receive 1x GUDA-O drop so far

I guess I’ll wait until all nodes are release, review how I doing by then and then I’ll decide whether I need to use apples, as I do want to clear the shop


Still waiting for better farming ground open… using natural AP currently. with lack of CE’s and no MLB except for Guda-o, farming is a bit hard.

I only have 1 poster girl, 2 first order and 4 FGGO, 1 MLB Guda-o and 4 non-MLB Guda-o

So far only manage to buy the event CE, Gold and silver exp car.


I whaled hard on the event banner because I really wanted a limited Saber… Not counting Okita and the event CEs, what I got in the end wasn’t that good, though:

Caster Gilgamesh (YES!)
2x Emiya, I think? (Already had him at NP5)
2x Nitrocris (Already have many Casters)
5x Poster Girl
+15x After Party
+15x 3* Event CEs

I find farming very relaxing and I always try my best to clear the shop, so I have purchased so far:

All the event CEs
All the hearts
All the claws of chaos
15 gears
All the pages
All the octuplet crystals
9 needles
130 prisms
All the silver exp cards
40 gold exp cards

(I don’t need the skulls because I already have Nobunaga at level 80.)

Points accumulated: 553,860

I have used less than 10 apples so far, but I’m itching to use more because I like farming that much!!!


The rolls netted me, with 60 quartz and 10 tickets:
2 Poster girl CE
1 After-party Order
4 Fate GUDAGUDA Order CEs
1 Emiya Archer
1 Stheno (this is what we were rolling for, right? Right!?)

And so far I’ve gotten all golden skulls, the bronze and silver guda-o (which is all I’m going to get) and all pages. My aim is to clear my shop of everything except the CE’s , pieces and monuments and poison stingers (since I barely have any servants who need them, and my current stack is enough). My points are at a nice 300K, and I’ve only used a couple bronze apples to clear my AP bar before the night.


I’m taking it easy for this event. Still waiting for the later quests which have better drops (accg. to the farming guide). My points are only around 150k. Haven’t spent any apples yet.

Threw only a multi roll, and got Caster Tamamo! Ooh great. Badly needed a great Caster. Threw also some tickets (probably 5), and just got 2 gudaguda order and that 4* event CE (+10% B/Q). That’s all I have lol. I greatly depend on my friends’ servants to get through.

Not exactly interested on getting Nobu’s skulls and her copies, since I already have Archer Gil. Getting mats for my servants, fous and embers take priority before her.

I wonder how strong is an NP5 lvl80 Nobu vs. NP1 lvl90 Archer Gil, though.


I remember reading that a NP1 Emiya outdamaged her NP as long as the enemies were no riders or divine. I don’t think she’d stack up well against a 5 star archer, nevermind that archer being Gil.


tldr :P
bought 2 golden skulls, the bronze and silver one
brought all gudaos
bought 15 attack fous
15 babies
and 5 pages

if you are wondering why shop expenses are so weird, well
for the first few days, before the current gold currency node came out, and after buying the gudaos

i build 2 teams, one for the zerk node and one for the saber node
everytime i play, i look thru my friend list
whichever has a waver with a currency ce, ill take and go to that node
hence the babies and fous
not only that, but i focused on the bronze currency more due to me wanting talons

now im farming gold currency and horseshoes

point, i think i forgot to do 1 day so i only have 302,060

rolled 90 sq, got
2 poster girls, 3 after orders, 3 guda guda
no servant of worthy note

also way to flex your ipod shuffle :P