How's your AR season going: Electric Boogaloo

You know the drill. Discuss how your week is going offensively, defensively, etc. Feel free to post screenshots and vids of “unbeatable” units getting destroyed; we love those.

B!Ike gambling a trap only to not kill an 11 HP B!Lyn

I should really do something about tanks on that tile since Sigurd had to wait way too long to get this finishing shot. Triandra was of course useless as always, attacking instead of dancing.

They surrendered likely after realizing B!Lucina deals 0x2 to Sigurd. Guess it didn’t occur to them that Peony actually deals damage to him, but it’s not like they were in a good position to attack.


I’m in T14 now :feh_faedance:


Wow, another ar themed thread became a series


you’re still recovering from being in T12?


It was bound to at some point, what with near daily updates and AR advice


I did say most of the time, and I think argen would agree with that. They need a ridiculous amount of effort put in, and really good units, to function properly


What he said was they’re weak if you know what youre doing… But most people don’t have a clue what the heck they’re doing

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I dunno like i said if she’s a bonus unit I’ll use mila on all my teams but otherwise… What I’m doing now works and tinkering with it will likely make it worse not better

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I’m in Tier 25 with a -48 lift loss .

I’m expecting more full losses on these two remaining days so I might land on Tier 26 to 27 range.

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Just another traditional day of getting 6 Fortress Level Advantage on my opponent. :feh_legion_miso:


Had a fun offense earlier. Ophelia, L!Azura, B!Lysithea, S!Mia, Hel, and Sothis

Obligatory “heheh Cecilia go brr” joke. Waited until T3 for the Bolt Tower and OHKOed Mia, then EPed Ophelia and Azura (thanks Sabotage Anna for the 10 AOE damage lol). Then I waited til T5 for the rest to die. Ophelia Nuke + Pot Snipe, Cecilia sniped Hel, and Anna finished it off.


I’m in 23 iirc, both offense and defense have been massacres this week

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Had more successful defences than usual this week. Offense was hell this week tho, I’m out of ladders :catroll:

Def replay commentary

Oh nooo, a supported ranged carry with a lane 2 bolt tower, there’s enough firepower to snipe Est and B!Camilla easily and the lack of terrain coverage makes it easy for MCorrin to support B!Claude all the way…


Okay, don’t take your free win then.

panic staff to B!Claude gives a flier guidance for Yune

Panicked Peony buffs and 7 less atk/spd (goad fliers) from her death makes B!Claude miss this kill, getting him lunged

Aversa moves, gets danced, and Air Orders warps her to…

I’ve lost -120 early in the week so victories are nice to get.

I’m probably gonna go evil and invest into cavline again. I think flier balls are the worst kind of defense to have in a suicide-allowing period of AR-O due to how messed up the formations get after a kamikaze run. Cavs are great for limiting the options and creating enough momentum to keep it that way, and I already got started somewhat.

Also took some notes on how cavlines can beat Freyja, she’s something like a Green Altina for light season. I’ve got some simulating and theorycrafting to do, but thank heavens I found a +3 Selena sparking for Reginn.


I actually am doing fairly well this week, despite skipping the first day. I could actually hit tier 27 if no one successfully attacks me (which is suuuuuper unlikely lol).


Is your Sigurd merged? :feh_myrrhthink:
Asking because I might start using mine as well

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Look at the art here dude. So, my girl Grima here is a shining star man. Yes Flayn support. But this was the team from top 3 left-right to bottom three, the usue: +2 WoM Hel with Atk/Spd bond 4, +1 54 Def Dancing El, +2 SI Triandra, bottom +0 OG Lysethia with DB 7 and charged Glimmer norm lull, +2 S!Mia, +10 RespEli with ARD Spd/Res lunge.

Grima takes glimmer like a champ with 24 HP remaining, retaliates for the glimmer kill, heals 17. Fully heals on S!Mia for the kill. Next turn is what you see here. I beautifully position myself with Grima where Eliwood is now for the Galeforce-lunge-WoM trap counter formation. Eliwood survives and lunges, but my pulse smoke activated on Grima before Galeforce and he is shut down in the middle of the boxing ring! Nobody is going to save this boi. And then the rest of the match was me getting pots and ending it on turn 6.

Boom eh? I love timing lunge trap blocks. It’s very satisfying.


Got hit by the Tobinator. They lost their peony but still played and yoinked my lift.


@Lysithea_is_bestgirl 8 for 8.

Failed L!Leif sweep left Vero, Triandra and Ophelia. Vero proceeded to sweep his offense while Triandra backed her up.


He is, yeah. He probably still works at low merges too, but the biggest thing is AR D Atk/Def which is only on Halloween Dozla unfortunately

I’m sure other A slots can work too, but it’s hilarious seeing +34 Def when looking at the pre-combat screen