How's Your AR Season Going: Round 5 - Thracia 776 Days Of Raids

Huh… Yeah, I guess no throne. If it stays that way casually strolling through top 5k wouldn’t be bad.

It’d be a lot more fun if it wasn’t the same arch-type each time. Super offensive colourless cav with support to break even HF users due to lack of bulk.

That’s always how OG AR has been. Hyper offense, with Galeforce especially, broke most maps and it looks like this’ll be similar.

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I think it’s a nice change of pace that breathes fresh air into AR and allows you use other units.

The bonus unit kill requirement can be annoying but it actually entices people to build new teams and makes offense just a tiny bit harder.

Even without the bonus unit kill I still get more lift than I would during normal Astra season so it should be more than enough to reach T38/T39 pretty easily.


It put the bullshit ball back in the defensive court, that’s what I’m seeing.

For a long time even the most cancerous defenses have been “easy” to 1 turn sweep or armor ball away into nothingness… But now without triple mythic stat boosts and dedicated support kits, while forcing you to get a kill with a unit you probably don’t use on the regular, and crippling the morons who’ve relied on double save balls to choose 1 and like it, it’s much harder for offense.


Well the tier 1 bug got me. I didn’t play right after reset and got hit for a -60 loss by the time I logged in again, so that’s fun. :P I swear nobody actually plays this game that makes it. That’s very basic quality assurance that they just didn’t do, which is inexcusable for such a profitable game. Compensation orbs are in order if you ask me!


I just did my match without reading this thread and totally forgot about that too :feh_facepalm:



Nice, looks like we no longer have to try this season :feh_lynsleep: From what I understand… even if you played only 1 time you will still end up in the highest tier :feh_eirikathink: Does that mean the highest tier you could reasonably get to that seaon or just straight up tier 39? They should be more specific about that…

Was this the best solution? If you ask me, for players who lost lift before they had the chance to play, they could’ve made it so that their first defense loss would be ignored. Was this too hard too realise? Putting everyone in the highest tier means everyone will start there next Chaos season. Players who aren’t all that great in Aether Raids may have a hard time there, I bet there are plenty of players who don’t even want to be in the highest tiers and rather stay a bit lower. Also makes it rather random if the defense you encounter is any good…

Chaos season really living up to its name I guess

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Well, the message just states that we’ll all get the best possible rewards, which I don’t know if it would necessarily mean that we’ll all end the season at T39.


Ah, I guess it’s just the rewards. This part was a bit confusing to me:

I guess they will do it without changing the tier you ended in. But that would still mean that players who got that unfortunate lift loss may have a disadvantage if it ended up keeping them out of Vault of Heaven for example :feh_myrrhthink:

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Unless IS creates more AR tiers the future of Chaos AR is that the top players will always start in tier 39+. You start exactly where you left off so regardless of whether or not you hit the usual VoH requirements is irrelevant.

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Thanks for clarifying, I guess this solution is fair for the most part then


Murphy’s Law :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

To add insult to injury they gambled a trap and their Nanna survived with only 1 HP left. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


L!Sigurd pathfinder with brave cavs

I totally did not see this coming and I totally did not prepare accordingly… very surprising


sees V-Robin :feh_navarreculture:


Since we wanted OG AR experience, I throw on an original 3 range cav, cav line with L! Sigurd, Cav Azura and Yune. Probably should be using something else, but was an easier one to transition over as I haven’t updated that map in forever. Good ol’ Spring Breeze too ;)

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+10/+20 OG Seliph with L!Eliwood bonus doubler and Sudden Panic Stall Loki + Isolation Mila + Even Pulse Tie Ninian/Tethys does make this feel like playing ol’ easy days of AR.

Just buff up your omni tank and smite them in with the opponents debuffed and pray it works.

Cavlines are annoying but Loki helps out (Well, if Mr.Smiley Thunder isn’t there. Might have to use Spurn or Deflect Magic for him and B!Lysithea if they have Lull).

Meanwhile, I got a full lift loss and an immediate success after it every single time. Yep, definitely the OG AR-D experience (actually that never changed for me.)

Having a +10 Yune helps a lot though her job is just debuff and try to swoop in for a Wings of Mercy kill. It’s fun to see it work.

Please make her refine and remix OP IS


I’ve done quite a few friend mock battle tonight in order to see which of my teams worked and which did not.

Here’s what i learned in my training trip in Chaos season :feh_lysitheacool:

:one: No surprise, i can’t make work any of my galeforce team, probably bcus i suck, but there is always an issue, notably the save unit & Medeus. I ditched them. (and only one dancer/one identical unit, so no spurr atk stacking would work)

:two: The new map everyone abuse makes it difficult to reach the pots. Ash and her warping effect, aswell as canto unit, such as summer!caeda, are an effective way to deal with that.

:three: without the HP/stats inflations from mythics, vantage strat have an easier time doing its job. ppl run hardy bearing but miracle handles it.

:four: Right now, ver1 raven tome like sophia, robin, and cecilia supported by a near save are, i believe, all good to deal with that. (obviously choose the appropriate color)
(I wish i had all three to use the proper color, but i have only Cecilia and Sophia merged/built.)

They’re bonus unit, meaning extra stat AND no effort to get that bonus 20 lift.
Sophia, for exemple, can manage your AR-D. (i choose ur as exemple but they can deal with a lot of stuff)



I know which babe we’re gonna use next chaos season :partying_face:



Wait, what?! IS SHE GONNA BE A BONUS???1!1!112??!

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At some point, yes

Assuming they are moving through the books in chronological order (I think this may have been in the Feh Channel but I’m too lazy to check) she should be bonus in the next Chaos season as she is part of Book II