How's Your AR Season Going: Round 5 - Thracia 776 Days Of Raids

Haha… Favor

@AniCre001… And everyone else.

Just be aware… TinaGard is DUMB.

She was the only one who attacked…


Gee, who would have guessed a unit with like 70 Atk before boons and buffs, three space movement, and a Brave effect was dumb


Right now I’m at rank 978, crossing my fingers I keep top 1k in the upcoming 3 hours :crossed_fingers:

Defense was solid this week, only -34 DLL.
Whenever there is a school for bonus structure, my restore trap seems to perform the absolute best. Elimine can’t do nothing but watch.


Plus 3 moves per turn… Can’t forget that


Yeah, I skipped L!Edelgard for a number of reasons, despite Edel being my favorite 3H Lord (then Claude, then Dimitri). As much as people complained about F!Edelgard, EdelTina is better and might actually breathe some life into player-phase armors. It’s a shame I can’t fodder her C skill until her 12th copy, but she’s been a lot of fun to play with so far, so I can’t really complain.


How is everyone preparing for chaos season so far?

I don’t have the greatest design nor creativity for defense, so I just went with a toned down version of my normal ARD since its been doing just okay in vault. The only goal I have is to use Ash in a trap so she can catapult the entire team forward.

For offense I just prepared the typical archetypes:

  • Hit & Run (Yuri & Reginn)
  • ThorrForce
  • Vantage (L!Leif)
  • Omnitank (L!Corrin since bonus … also putting the newly summoned F!Lilith to good use)
  • Anti-Cav (Triple tanking with L!Miccy / Lyon / Ilyana - seems like a lot of frds prepared cavlines for chaos so I figure this team might get some playtime)
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Tbf, you’re attacking a map that severely punishes 99% of basic tanking. Without a near save or traps to stop it turn 1-ing the map is significantly easier when none of the units killed have much EP potential :P. Had Edelgard attempted to tank with a bunch of support should would have definitely not survived.

Hyper offense on most maps is going to be the way to go in Chaos season.


I’ve honestly been pretty lazy about Chaos preparation. On defense, I basically made a melee-focused catria ball (other than Yune) with a Far Save so that I would have enough frontliners to at least make it somewhat difficult to Galeforce through it. If the first couple of matches have players just slice through that, I’ll probably switch to a cav line, but I suspect most Vault players will be expecting a lot of that and have teams prepared, so I hope my current defense holds.

On offense, I still have a couple of Save tank teams modified to have melee tanks with the Obstruct seal as a replacement for Near Save. I doubt anyone is going to run Pass unless this becomes meta, so the main downside is the lack of Mythic buffs, which we shall see if that’s an issue. Happily B!Ike is a bonus unit this time, so he’s pretty much perfect with a Pavise Shield Pulse build. I will probably use a blue tank in a similar role (tbd on who) tailored to survive B!Alm and similar troublesome melee reds. The rest of the teams are a Galeforce squad (now featuring Edeltina), an armor-stall-buster, and a hit-and-run squad (core of Duo Corrin and H!Azura).

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My team for Chaos season. It’s just an extremely weird team overall. :man_shrugging:

What is not shown is a Pass Caeda and Florina without assist. The concept was that Caeda can just bypass any unit blocks and take out a potential support. Florina with the Pathfinder movement would grant Dagr additional movement for overlaps.

Chaos season is a shit show, but at least I aim to confuse the living heck out of my opponent. :catface:


NinjorrinForce (bonus : og!azura)
NinjaLynForce (bonus : og!azura)
B!Lysithea with pre-charge miracle & vantage covered by a near-save unit (i tried it in friend mock battle : deadly) (bonus : sera)
Yuri hit&run. (bonus : b!Lyn)
Max invested bonus cecilia, covered by a near-save unit.

I’m doubtful they’ll all remain, i’m sure to run into some trouble at some points.
I might just ditch a galeforce team cause i suck with them, i don’t have the patience.

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As for my chaos AR-D, in my friendlist, litteraly everyone and their mother is abusing the new map with corner pots, so i decided to do the same :

At first i was using Sarah with a dancer, but i feel like it’s even more annoying to face units that either kill or die, cause they make it difficult to reach the pots.


I’m hoping NottDagr will be on the next DHS banner, would be helpful.
And sharing with Harmonized Tharja would be even better (need a few merges so she can HP match with Winter!Lysithea).

I’m also gonna forma soul Sarah on the next hall of fjorm, it’ve been a while i didn’t forma anything.
Canto Control on Sarah + free merge, it might have some use in AR-D. (yes canto control will be on the next Hall of Fjorm)

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80 lift loss with a bonus mythic? xD

haha xD only one save unit per team? I drop for 100% xD

Well then


Yeah, at least the second fight was Tier 32.


omg :man_facepalming:

This post seems important:

Until you play an offense match yourself you are still ranked as Tier 1 and thus your defense will only have 4 units on the field because that is the maximum you can have at Tier 1.
After you’ve played your first match this should be fixed. So it is important to play your first offense match before your defense gets hit apparently.

This is in line with what the two peeps before me experienced. I just quickly made my first match and I was also facing a Tier 1 player with only 4 units. They had Catria, Duo Dagr, and Ninjorrin on it so it was obviously an experienced player though.

Because I was doing it quickly I also forgot about the bonus unit kill. :man_facepalming: But I still got 400 lift - is that correct??


Good thing I left both offense and defense ready yesterday, the screenshot is from almost two hours ago, so they didn’t take long to attack me after my first match.

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My defense was hit literally 5 minutes after I made my own match. Lucky me lol


I completely forgot about the bonus too and nearly screwed up a tier 1 win due to carelessness. Still 400 lift though.

The extra lift probably isn’t calculated because the amount shown is what you get for a flawless victory. Additional lift will be given out for a bonus unit kill.