How's Your AR Season Going: Round 5 - Thracia 776 Days Of Raids

oh damn, that is why i only got 400 lift xD



@kire thank you so much for pointing that out. Fought someone who would have had a cab line if they had all their units… And I found it hilarious that l!thighs was able to do it all by herself thanks to 60 Def/Res


what is that for a unit? xD


C’mon, man. You know this:


Yes - but why l!thighs? xD

I don’t get it xD

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Oh what an unfortunate turn of events for this man:

Because her thighs…

… Are legendary


Is anyone having a problem with making a raiding party?

Mine keeps telling me that I don’t meet the requirements and have no clue what it wants

You have to follow Chaos rules
Only one dancer and only one Savior allowed


That’s what I have

Who are you trying to use? I didn’t have any trouble throwing a team together for dispatch


Made a sorta joke Team (may change later) but I did this

Got this message from trying to dispatch

That’s wacky because I was able to dispatch L-Tiki (who has Far Save because of her Prf C) with no problems

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I don’t know what it wants and I know I’m in the ruleset

If it’s because a different party that I set up (That I’m not using this season at all) has two Armored units with Saves for Astra

Then that’s dumb because I’m not even trying to use that team

All 5 of my Chaos parties run a Savior and there’s no problem, so Idk. Is the one you’re showing party 2 then?

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I have to change all my teams to be in the ruleset?

That’s weird but if it fixes my problem

You got to be joking

I had to fix my other teams to play

I was never going to use them for this season


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I didn’t touch any other teams myself, and most certainly wouldn’t follow the rules, so again, idk what the specific issue is.


For me

Fixing my other teams apparently solved my problem

I don’t get that though if it’s not the team I’m going to be using

Just find this a little silly

Annoyed at the game but thank you to you and Luna for the help

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