How's Your AR Season Going: Round 5 - Thracia 776 Days Of Raids

I should make an anti potblock team now that I think about it. Some teams going unused.




Embarking on a journey to make my team hard to just EP on my map on Chaos season, and this is the latest variant.

I think I succeeded. :feh_flaynsmile:


Without Veld/Solon I don’t see how you can get the pots there realistically. Did anyone manage?

My defense sucks big time this season. I don’t know why I suddenly see more Elimine than during Astra season.
And I don’t want to jump on the Sigurd Pathfinder train. I beat them everyday so I don’t think that team would perform better.
I’m just glad I have to make to T37 only this week. :roll_eyes:

With all the colourless running around TA Raven users are pretty popular. Even at +10 Eirika can only do so much when the defense tiles are right there in the open. Did some calcs with my Inigo and the man can survive 5 combats with help from Elim. Start throwing in Mila or Ally Support and that can increase further which is definitely enough time to pick up the pots.

What annoys me is that the AR-O team could’ve beaten your defense, the solution isn’t even that hard. Ash was in the right position, Peony should’ve been directly beneath with Ninjorrin next to her. Ninjorrin would then warp, destroy the first pot, use the duo button to take the second pot, making room for Peony to warp in and have Ninjorrin take out B!Eirika. Peony wasn’t going to kill B!Eirika for the bonus kill anyway, that’s how I would’ve done it :feh_lucyshrug:

One person has managed, on an older version of the defense

But on the current version, no

Thats not how ninjorrins button works



Ninjorrin’s Button only works if you attack a unit. Nothing else let’s it activate

Edit: Button Description


This all makes me wonder if we’ll get a unit who ignores movement restricting effects

I don’t think Chaos season was a good idea. It’s not an improvement on Astra or Light, and if 1/4 or even 1/2 of our seasons are Chaos, I’m going to be annoyed. It’s partly the new map, but it’s also that any movement in the direction of Duels is a bad move. The more they encourage you to use the same (best) units with no reason to change anything up, the worse the mode gets. Restrictions are good. They provide variety.

Also, pot denial maps have always been against the spirit of the mode. Encouraging that is dumb. I don’t care if anyone here does it, you didn’t make the mode the way it is. I care that the idiots who make these decisions don’t know how to play the game and so don’t know how their decisions affect the game.


Chaos season is… too easy. D!Corrin and friends basically destroys all maps and there’s very little a defense can do to stop it. And instead of my usual low lift because of lack of mythic merges (in light I have 0 mythic merges, in astra I have quite a few tho), I get 440 per double, which is a huge jump. So much so that I just ignored getting all the pots and I’m still basically tier 38 before the last day.

I haven’t bothered to change my defense, I’m just using my light season one, and I haven’t bothered to make more than one team, since D!Corrin and friends is broken.


I find chaos season to be harder tbh, mainly because there is no mythic weak links in the defense.

Came across my fair share of Sigurd & friends who snuff out every entries in the Jotun map. They are not too bad by nature - a well supported omni-tank were able to deal with them. But by gods getting the pots are annoying af. I had already been denied once earlier because circumstances left me no choice but to wipe the map.


The Jotun map needs nerfing. No idea why they thought it was balanced when they were forced to change another map for having very similar unbreakable wall problems already.


AR O is as easy as expected, AR D got wiped twice and might still lose 1 more if I am unlucky.

I wonder if this is good enough for Top 1k for the very first time in a while. No thrones though.


Final score : 21 440 ~

AR-O : Perfect season :feh_lysitheacool:

AR-D : -80. I didn’t have Yune , sadly.
Also each time my defense got hit, not only people lost 1/2 units, but they didn’t get the pots, and they still took the victory :feh_hildarage: .

Anyway, i actually enjoyed Chaos season a lot. :feh_bylethsmile:

For once, us peasants can compete without mythic merges ^^
No rank1, my defense wasn’t good enough, but at least we’ll have some opportunity next Chaos Season, and that’s a welcome change !


Lost a couple ladders, but that’s what it’s for.


Not using saves in chaos seems like a death sentence…

21130 final, Thanks in large part to me forgetting to place the ladder for my first four matches and having to sack units.

At least my defense did fine


21,340 with a possible -40 if my defense loses again. I don’t like Chaos season much. At least next season is normal.


My last battle was against a cav line of (in this order) Duo Corrin, Bridal Lilina, H!Azura, L!Lilina, Spring Delthea and H!Lysithea. Without preventing precharge on Bridal Lilina with Elimine and a Hardy Fighter Bector… yeah, probably wouldn’t have happened.