How's Your AR Season Going: Round 5 - Thracia 776 Days Of Raids

My final was against a full team of +10s on the new forest map.

This loser made a +10 TinaGard, and rolled a couple more to give his DEldigan, B!Alm, and freaking Medeus of all things assault troop.

But this loser also built a wall (that I didn’t have to pay for) so I could just bait W!Lys with my deflect magic Corrin and take it slowly from there.


21,280 is my final. Keep forgetting to secure a bonus kill so my score has dropped by a lot. Defense held up an alright amount. 50-50 win rate isn’t bad for a map I through together one morning and honestly don’t care to make adjustments.

I think this’ll be a nice spot to be come next Chaos season.

Also as a side note, with everything being available and blessings meaning jack Micaiah/Inigo pairing still carries my ass to tier 39+ far more than anything else I could think of. Guess when you find a really good pair they stick as a good pair for years.


Final lift 21400. Pretty uneventful with all the hype that chaos season brought.

ARO: Used a bit of everything - H&R with Yuri, vantage with L!Leif, ThorrForce. Bonus L!Corrin + F!Lilith combo got the most playtime since there were quite a few Siglines + saves. Most annoying part was getting pots in the Jotun map, and I had to play an extra match as a result.

ARD: -40 right off the bat with the bug, -80 the rest of the way. Using rally trap with Ash in defense was an interesting experiment. Had one replay featuring A!Florina & S!Edeltina and it was filthy - A!Florina falls into WoM range with W!Bernie, then double smite Edel to wreck havoc > escape route with Florina’s prf. Rinse and repeat next turn; 4/6 units dead before the map initiated.


Had only 4 out of 12 failures in total but all of them were outside of LLC so my defense lost a whopping 220 lift this season. :feh_corrinmug:

Nevertheless I finished with 21260, way more than what I usually have and probably still enough for top 3k. I guess this means it’s pretty much pointless to care about AR-D.

My last match was against a T39 player who had Canto Control, Warp Bubble and Far Save on their team. I made a point by beating it with Yuri anyway. :catburn:


Chaos season exists.

AR-O was easy with the lack of turn 1 traps, no 7th slot BS so no need of Safety Fence, surprisingly very little B!Catria and lack of hp and stats from mythic blessings too.

AR-D was a failure but having a +10 Yune allowed me to get away with a mediocre defense team.

I just L!Eliwood buffed OG Seliph and he dealt with all stuff. Loki and Mila were a good combo too. I guess that will be my Chaos season strategy.

Super buff the bonus unit and win.

Probably easy because majority of people didn’t know what to do for AR-D. As we get more Book 2 and higher bonus units, things will probably get out of control.


Never thought Id see the day

Couldve scored 39 if I played better but oh well.

Chaos season fucking rules

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This has been one of if not the worst seasons I’ve had in a very long time, all ladders gone, and ended up having to take 3 deaths, and since Peony wasn’t going to help much, she wasn’t on any of my teams.

But I did enjoy the first chaos season, I tried out galeforce with summer Edelgard along with hit and run with her too, very fun, I look forward to the next chaos season.

Bonus kills will always suck though. At least everyone gets max rewards. So being this bad doesn’t hurt too much and being able to finally see how poorly you could play when you have max score is just hilarious.


Alright so now that it’s over, I gotta say I enjoyed Chaos season more than I thought I would. The flexibility in team comp was actually kinda nice, and one less unit on defense meant one less thing to worry about when attacking. Defense results were pretty mixed. I’m curious how future ones will go.


Well guess I have my answer to that. Despite making it to T28 in the chaos season I wasn’t put in VoH like I normally would be for Astra season. So my concerns were correct so thanks IS. Well that is definitely a point against chaos season after my remarks yesterday. That’s going to be a real pain in the ass to get back to normal.


I should have ascended to the Vault this season as well and I’m back in T23.

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Wait, so is anybody in regular VoH rn then?

Yes, but it’s currently not Chaos season to see what you’re looking for.

My understanding of this is the Chaos season is a completely different AR with its own ruleset and scoring. As I’ve already mentioned above you’ll start exactly where you left off next Chaos season(Not sure how that affects VoH requirements) so it wouldn’t make much sense for you to go up or down because of Chaos season since it’s its own separate thing. You go up or down from the last Light or Astra season, not the last Chaos season.


I see. Makes sense. I already mentioned my issues with that so no need to repeat them.


@AniCre001 have you been hit today? Don’t want to attack you if you’re not under LLC.



waiting for confirmation…

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Don’t worry about it. Already got hit and -39 ain’t that bad honestly.


Monday afternoon save at least 100 aether and let me know when you want to rematch, I’ll slap on the trio for ya.

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Depends on how many BT users I see in my rematches but I might take ya up on that offer. Appreciate it.

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Might as well, free run for you and no lift lost for me. Why make it harder than you need to? Lol

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