How's your AR season going?

Earlier today, I went up against this really well set up defense. Mainly IP-based, with some Guidance “Nothing Personnel kid” tricks; it had very strong nukes and units like L!Alm. It was very anti-omnitank. My first thought was to use my Galeforce team, but his +10 B!Ike made me doubt. So I went all:

For a good 5 mins. After what felt like days of doing basic arithmetic and thinking about AI movement/priority, I deployed my Itsuki-centric team while my heart was trying to pound its way out of my chest.

… and it went very well. I didn’t really have any problem against his defense. It just took some planning.

After dealing with his defense, I sent a friend request his way because I really liked his setup, and I could maybe use it to test my teams. A few hours later, he added me, but he has mock battles off. No one likes me. :catsob: :catsob: :catsob: :catsob:

After doing my AR matches, I noticed that I barely missed top 1000, and I could have had Aether for one more match if I had gone for all the Aether pots, or maybe if I hadn’t lost over 100 lift in defense…

The first Light Mila season is almost over, just 15ish hours left. How’s your raiding going?


Was just having fun with stacking defense on Hinata, though I couldn’t use him all the time because there were a ton of magic-oriented teams. Shame the next light season won’t include bridal Hinata, though there’s always the season in six months.
Also one time I managed to sweep a team using double Savage Blow Kempf - that felt really good.
I don’t aim for high rankings in AR - I simply play because I can.
Also I managed to reach tier 24 here, feels pretty nice.

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My defense got destroyed by Mila and left me losing 195 Lift on AR-D… Otherwise, because I wasn’t near the top like normal, I absolutely slaughtered every map I went up against with BB!Micaiah.

Hoping that just over tier 27 will be enough to stay in the 3k range but due to it being Light season I’m not so sure… On the bright side though, if I’m having trouble with my defense, so are many other people so I might be safe.

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Enjoy that! T24 is not bad at all.

I was pretty casual like that as well, but last month I asked myself “what if I just try to climb?”

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Oof, I hope you stay. Because if you drop, I’ll definitely go lower than 3k.


Thankfully I can’t. My defense lost lift when we had 18 hours left. I got immunity :slight_smile:.

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Pretty ok. Tier 25 this week which is slightly above my light season average, around my astra season average which I’m happy about. :feh_nino:

My scuffed af defense also tricked a bunch of people somehow and didn’t lose much lift after switching to this new one.

On offense I did pretty well, lost quite a lot of potential lift and even fully lost one match after running out of ladders. But still better than my usual light season

Somehow I ran into 0 Milas this season… even though my defense is made to be as anti-Mila as I can


Defense just got hit by a top scorer, but it was my only source of lift loss this season which is a blessing since Light season defense is unplayable atm

But I’m still solid rank wise. Perfect offense this week, didn’t even need ladders


Nice! When I grow up, I wanna be like you, top 100.



I won’t finish in top 100. Lot of folks haven’t played yet


Yeah, not too many Milas this season. When I made my defense with her in mind, I thought “hmm, this is really weak to Galeforce”. I got wrecked by a Galeforce team right after.

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I have in my whole time playing AR ran into 2 galeforce teams. One which destroyed my trashy old dark defense. One which couldn’t do anything agaisnt my actually good anima ARD

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Speak of the devil, someone just attacked me with a Mila.


Did you like it?

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Eh. Not really. But it isn’t the first time ever, just this season, because last season I got attacked twice with Mila even in Astra lol

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Well, I think I’ve made it for the first time! (Despite my mistakes on the week) I’ll be sure once season ends and I’ll try to refactor my defense maps after that:

My [AR-D] is rather easy and vaguely done, it could use some improvement so I’ll be looking onto that.
I only have Mirabilis as a Mythic Hero for [AR-D]


Nice job af! Looking forward to seeing that revamped ARD :feh_bylethsmile:

Have you got lift loss control now or are you hoping that no one attacks you or what?

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All that talk about how cool his defense is but no screenshot. So sad. :feh_elisad:

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Wait nvm I just saw you’re already pretty far in tier 21 lol

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Thanks! I’ll let you know so you can test them :feh_birbpeek:.

I haven’t got the [Lift Loss Control] yet so I’m hoping no one ruins the moment, I think I’ll make a thread but I’ll leave that for when I know I’m on T.21

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