How's your CC campaign going?

So far only managed to clear level 6 both Barren Plaza and Area 59.
And only 1 challenge contract cleared.

With so many heavies in Area 59, probably I’m going to invest more in Melee Arts DPS.
Considering I only invested in Lappland, might want to upgrade Astesia now.

Also for a freebie costume, this one looks pretty great.


Megallan is amazing in Area 59, same with Skadi

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Cleared risk 8 daily without problem on 2nd or 3rd try!
But risk 10 on permanent map is nasty with that undying Red Avenger.


At risk 8 and 5 for me. First thing I got was the outfit which was nice. Not having a healing defender kind of hurt me on the permanent map was paying really high costs just to get them out but I was able to survive until then. Currently, farming for some red certs to make dual chips along with that mats I am getting from cc should be to get some key e2s.


I’ve been playing for only two weeks and this event is a lot harder than I thought, I’m having a lot of trouble with it, especially on the permanent map…

I’m guessing events in this game are more for late game players?

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Well yes and no. Players who’ve played longer will have an easier time, but new accounts/players can clear the daily maps and as much of the risk as possible on permanent map and they’ll still be able to grab the majority of the rewards.

Also, week 2 of the event unlocks a new (and easier) batch of risks so most players will still be able to clear the entire event on week 2.

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Doing okay. Struggling to do Area 59 but the first daily stage was more or less okay. Figured out I could’ve cheesed the stage easily with Ch’en + Liskarm.

If I figured this Strat out sooner it could’ve saved me an hour or two at least beating each quest one at a time.


Nice! Definitely ouch on that 1-2 hour spent solving the puzzle lol, but it’s all worth it in the end.

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Did one run at minimal risk for both maps to get a feel for it. Give that my account’s only a little over two weeks old, I doubt I can take on the higher risk levels just yet though I’ll definitely try my best.

Need a bit of advice though. I managed to get Texas from Joint Op, no 6* sadly but it’s fine. Really, it’s fine. I’m okay with it…. Should I farm to raise her during the event or should I focus on further raising those I already have leveled?

I’m guessing it’s the second option but I just wanna know for sure.

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What vanguard ops do you have and how much can you spare to level Texas?

Plume, Fang, and Scavenger at E1 Max.

Siege E1 50 (I used up most of my stash leveling her after I got her with certs yesterday) skill 7.

Myrtle E1 50. Skill 7

Vigna and Zima at E1 40. Both at Skill 4.

I have less than 10 of the Strategic EXP, about 20 of the Tactical ones, and 40+ each of the blue and green ones. LMD, I’ve got about 40k.

Oh man, then I’m not too sure about upping texas right now then. It’s gonna take way too much effort right now and you’ve got quite a solid roster of VG already. I’d say delay upping texas and focus on something else in the mean time

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Considering all the dailies are open + the free sanity we’re going to get for the next 2 weeks then it wouldn’t really hurt to raise her up if you could spare the time and resources. Her talent, even at E1, can really off-set some of the trickier challenges where in dp-Gen is reduced. That extra dp really saves about 2 or 3 seconds of waiting time in getting your first unit deployed. Just a little thing to consider for future reference.

Haven’t tried it yet.

Getting E2 Hellagur and upgrading a few more units before trying.



Risk 8 on plaza risk 6 on area 59. Thank god this event doesnt consume sanity

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Finally cleared Area 59 level 9.
With 0.7 SP/Sec regen (Mostima+Ptilopsis), my casters keep spamming their skills.
I was panicking when avenger broke through the defense, then Mostima’s SP was filled just in time and used her skill at the last moment ftw.

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Well I think you can go for a whole caster team
I have already clear risk 8 for Area 59 with skyfire, eyjafjalla, glaucus, Irfit(from my friend), gravel, projekt red, blue poison, rope and kroos.

If you have them I think you can try it as you only need to E1 them. I dun have mostima so I bring skyfire.

pErFeCtLy FiNe


Just cleared risk 12 woop :partying_face:


Both of them say “(only the highest effect of this type takes place)”. So it’s still only 0.4.