How's your Summoner Duel (R/S) season's going?

Hey everyone :feh_lysitheawave:

I genuinly feel we’re lacking a summoner duel discussion/popcorn thread (the other one being very specific about Ban).
Feel free to share here your thoughts, feelings, and results about current season of Summoner Duel Ranked / Survival (or even about Favor Battle if you want).

Salt is allowed, but only if you offer popcorn to go along :grey_exclamation:



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It is a terrible mode who’s existence is a plague upon humanity.

Now that that’s out of the way, my one run this time made me use my duo catria team, the gimmick of which is actually that it’s full of only SoV and Binding units, so everyone gets the button.

Despite being a bit thrown together (or maybe a lot thrown together) it worked better than I expected (in it’s defense, auto-quad is also a bit busted in the first place)


I’ll be back in a while :v.


Alright, since I’m sufficiently finished considering options in my barracks for Vital Astra for now (F!Ike and B!Ike are strong contenders), I can actually think about Summoner Duels again.

I think it has tons of potential. But, they have to be exceptionally careful with new unit design gameplay-wise. More so than in any other mode does it become so obvious which units are the best, and it becomes frustrating quickly when you see the same team compositions (especially if you lose to them). That’s why the banning feature in SDS is so good—as long as they didn’t design all their teams to smash yours in particular, you can at least eliminate ridiculously bad matchups.

In fact, I actually think it’s a good idea to be “strong” in a color on your Save tanks and veto teams that are bad for them. For example, if running a couple of green Save tanks, V!Chrom becomes an instant-veto. You can do the same offensively, and coordinate it with your tanks, and try to target teams you’re strong against overall by vetoing others. It’s kind of like running multiple decks of one or two colors in a veto-style Magic: The Gathering tournament, if anyone here has done that.

Things like that, strategic stuff—the details of building the units and teams, then how to wield them—give the mode a lot of fun aspects for me. Summoner Duels is also loudly despised by many, but I like it almost as much as I like AR, which has been my favorite mode for a long time.

With that said, I try to not spam playing Duels. I don’t want it to get stale with repetition yet, so I don’t have even one unit to 1500 Favor in the main Duel mode. I’m at rank 698 as I write this in SDS, which is 1615 favor, just into tier 7. I got just under that last round, leaving me at only tier 4, but I played much better (and maybe got luckier?) this time around and got to tier 7 with just one loss. I’m hoping to hit the cap this time (1900), but we will see how my next round of games goes.

It’s been fun using L!Julia this season. I have her tricked out since she’s used with my L!Grima on Earth seasons in Arena, so she’s a good nuke in SDS, too. I’ll update with my final favor this round whenever I play some more.


I did one, I won one, I am done.

I don’t mind the format but I wish they weren’t pushing it so much with three different versions of it. That I’m currently sitting at rank 9553 with one win surely says something about how many have done even even one battle.


Summoner duels: great mode. Flaunt your favorite units, see what’s trending, test your mind against another person, and watch them fold like a wet peice of paper when you demolish their “well laid plan.”

SDR: pure, unadulterated, cancer. 10 units work, pick 5. Don’t have 5? You lose.

SDS: same thing, BUT you force the ■■■■■, twats, whales, and assholes to spread out their resources or you’ll just veto them. BUT it also rewards those same whales for having a ridiculous barracks size so… No.

Ranked SD where you get rewards for doing better than other people is awful. I’m working hard to keep Freyja as my primary unit in all modes, but the ranked ones make me feel bad.

But regular SD is alright.


So anyways, I’m here.

SD I’m not looking forward to. Went to it when it first started and am no longer(Wasn’t really ever) that interested in live-time PvP for FE. Remember FE Fates PvP? It’s literally that only now it can be dependent on(Not always though) who whaled harder and that’s just tedious, even for someone who’s got multiple 5* exclusive +10s. Lots of goodies in there, most of which I don’t have. I’m sure at some point I’ll grind it all out but I’m not looking forward to it.

SDR is completely done casually on my end for a while. Top 1.5k(Actually mid 1.6) so there’s very little reason to try when I’m already getting top 3k(I forget what all the rankings are but I’m still high enough up there) at the start of the season. Give some free wins, play against bots, collect Lost Lore amount of easy rewards. Probably the best thing about starting at your previous score is that you can do shit all in the higher tiers for high tier rewards or play completely casually in the lower tiers for kicks and giggles.

SDS seems to be more balanced as meta chasers actually have to disperse some of their resources and can’t just run Yuri/Sigurd/Fjorm/ect, etc. It’s still obnoxious but making teams 2-4 scary af with my A team as team 1 means I’m really just banning what I don’t want to go against and my opponent is banning teams that I was never going to pick to begin with.

I’ll do my SDS later on, but I’m probably not going to be going super into it… or I say that and then spend a good hour and a half playing it for one sitting and nothing more.


I agree, it feels much more enjoyable to play SDS than SDR, for that very reason. :feh_catria:

However, training for SDS felt much more exhausting, as i had to prepare & train with 4 team each time.
The fact that the captain skill change, means i might have to adapt my team set-up.
The fact that the map change each time, means i have to adapt my opening movements (& therefore train in Favor Battle).

In SDS, there’s 4 team so 4x more work! (for me at least)

Interesting idea :feh_bylethsmile:
It requires a good amount of save unit of the same color 'tho :feh_myrrhthink:

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Errr, yeah you are right !

SDR itself is cancer enough, a limit on how much you can climb each event was much needed :confused:

nice goat love :feh_freyjawink:

I do the same for (my) best girl :heart:

Lysithea card


I think Favor Battle is fine cause if you loose it doesn’t matter, so if something is just too annoying /surrender & next as if nothing happened :feh_soleilsmile:

wish you best of luck ! (and the same weaks opponents i had this morning :tongue: )


Interesting take because I hate SD more than SDS for sure.
I use SD for testing new strategies but I always run into super optimized teams with the newest shiny meta units, by people who play the mode ALL THE TIME apparently. Or why is it that I constantly run into players who already maxed out their favor level? I don’t see the point…

Overall I do like that SD gives me a good challenge but the experience is more stressful and frustrating than anything else. The units just aren’t balanced enough for a fair battle so if you don’t chase the meta you lose.
SDS is definitely the most tolerable. But even that one is a pain.

Today I played one SDS match that I somehow managed to win, against a player who had basically the newest units of the last three banners spread accross his four teams. :catlie:
I’m sitting at 1.1k points now and I’m probably waiting until the last day to play my remaining matches, hoping I’ll have an easier time. :feh_corrinmug:


SD has no stakes to it, it’s just free rewards after a certain amount of play time and bragging rights for the favor leaderboards.

That’s why some players, myself included, continue to play with a 1700 favor lead. I already have all the rewards but I want to see my name at the top for no effort, just time invested.


I’ll wait for the final day, before doing my 3 looses (or maybe win if the ennemy don’t use the OP units and is a olds units lover like me) then 3 win against the IA, and then be done.

What I don’t like about this session is the fact that now, we don’t have the same rewards depending on your ranking and tiers …


I kinda like SDS more because you have more control of your arms their teams. You can dummy them out also (like Like is on my Palla team, and not once has Palla been accepted, meaning I can build my other three teams up tough). And if they were to keep Palla, for instance, I just avoid the Hectors and Idunns if I want to use her (or else I use the other team).

Doesn’t mean I enjoy it, just more than the original and SD-R

(I want a do over in SD… I used Dagr and got to 1,000 but I don’t have the hall or dragz power behind her, meaning I need to swap her out with a better unit, but now I’m stuck)


Just do this:

5th unit free. Repo or move the pathfinders for the first 2 turns, then repo Gurd into the middle to cover the entire capture area. By then the foe will have placed at least 2 units in his range and they’ll have to decide which one they’re ok with losing.

It’s a very quick and sure way to put them on the backfoot immediately.

Each just 2 moves:


You know you got a point… my Jotun girls don’t have the horsepower as yours but I see where you are going with that. Maybe I’ll try that if I get back into it. I need motivation, especially since I think that last 200 divine codes 2 may actually make a difference, depending how I spend them.

Thanks for the share


Of course. Firepower is part of it, but owning the capture area is a lot of it too.

Simply threatening the area makes the foe cautious, cautious means the plan went out the window (unless they’re a coward with saves), and you can take advantage of that very easily.

Gurd doesn’t even get a kill sometimes. He just allows the girls and the lead to maneuver freely behind him.


Brilliant. So…

Setup like this right? And you just had NY repo Dagr, and then Dagr pathfindered twice to repo Sig to where he is?

That’s utterly brilliant


Exactly. You can do the same with W!Lys or L!Lilina for the same threat effect, or either Chrom (or Lucy) to get the same movement range… Gurd just happens to add movement to everyone else which always helps, and pathfinders feed each other all game long.