How's your Summoner Duel (R/S) season's going?

I think Favor Battle is fine cause if you loose it doesn’t matter, so if something is just too annoying /surrender & next as if nothing happened :feh_soleilsmile:

wish you best of luck ! (and the same weaks opponents i had this morning :tongue: )


Interesting take because I hate SD more than SDS for sure.
I use SD for testing new strategies but I always run into super optimized teams with the newest shiny meta units, by people who play the mode ALL THE TIME apparently. Or why is it that I constantly run into players who already maxed out their favor level? I don’t see the point…

Overall I do like that SD gives me a good challenge but the experience is more stressful and frustrating than anything else. The units just aren’t balanced enough for a fair battle so if you don’t chase the meta you lose.
SDS is definitely the most tolerable. But even that one is a pain.

Today I played one SDS match that I somehow managed to win, against a player who had basically the newest units of the last three banners spread accross his four teams. :catlie:
I’m sitting at 1.1k points now and I’m probably waiting until the last day to play my remaining matches, hoping I’ll have an easier time. :feh_corrinmug:


SD has no stakes to it, it’s just free rewards after a certain amount of play time and bragging rights for the favor leaderboards.

That’s why some players, myself included, continue to play with a 1700 favor lead. I already have all the rewards but I want to see my name at the top for no effort, just time invested.


I’ll wait for the final day, before doing my 3 looses (or maybe win if the ennemy don’t use the OP units and is a olds units lover like me) then 3 win against the IA, and then be done.

What I don’t like about this session is the fact that now, we don’t have the same rewards depending on your ranking and tiers …


I kinda like SDS more because you have more control of your arms their teams. You can dummy them out also (like Like is on my Palla team, and not once has Palla been accepted, meaning I can build my other three teams up tough). And if they were to keep Palla, for instance, I just avoid the Hectors and Idunns if I want to use her (or else I use the other team).

Doesn’t mean I enjoy it, just more than the original and SD-R

(I want a do over in SD… I used Dagr and got to 1,000 but I don’t have the hall or dragz power behind her, meaning I need to swap her out with a better unit, but now I’m stuck)


Just do this:

5th unit free. Repo or move the pathfinders for the first 2 turns, then repo Gurd into the middle to cover the entire capture area. By then the foe will have placed at least 2 units in his range and they’ll have to decide which one they’re ok with losing.

It’s a very quick and sure way to put them on the backfoot immediately.

Each just 2 moves:


You know you got a point… my Jotun girls don’t have the horsepower as yours but I see where you are going with that. Maybe I’ll try that if I get back into it. I need motivation, especially since I think that last 200 divine codes 2 may actually make a difference, depending how I spend them.

Thanks for the share


Of course. Firepower is part of it, but owning the capture area is a lot of it too.

Simply threatening the area makes the foe cautious, cautious means the plan went out the window (unless they’re a coward with saves), and you can take advantage of that very easily.

Gurd doesn’t even get a kill sometimes. He just allows the girls and the lead to maneuver freely behind him.


Brilliant. So…

Setup like this right? And you just had NY repo Dagr, and then Dagr pathfindered twice to repo Sig to where he is?

That’s utterly brilliant


Exactly. You can do the same with W!Lys or L!Lilina for the same threat effect, or either Chrom (or Lucy) to get the same movement range… Gurd just happens to add movement to everyone else which always helps, and pathfinders feed each other all game long.


So yeah… Just got a one move surrender cuz he saw what was about to happen lol


He’s also a 4mvt melee unit, which can be annoying when i’m running a far save.


99% of saves in SD are far saves so… It just works.

If people kicked their addiction to cowardice saves I might stop using all melee.


I think you have perfectly captured why I despise this mode: It encourages the most degenerate play possible.

At least with AR D you sometimes see creative defenses, or fun theme teams.
Never in SD


Mmm, I definitely see more theme teams and teams based around favorite units in SD than AR.

SD you can spend time to outsmart the foe. AR is left completely in AI hands.

Maybe it’s because I’m playing SD a lot, and AR has limits on how many times you can play per day/week.

Great since I learned how to 'enjoy' the mode

Hitting the surrender button for the win!

But the more important detail - I’M RANKED just over 15k with 0 Glory. That to me is a very telling sign that the mode is not one most players want, back when the game had balance it could have been great, but not anymore.


That’s fantastic to see. Not going to have to try all that hard to get good rewards then. Although, the feather amount is kinda tempting.


The fact is : there isn’t a lot of peoples outside of whales and competitives focused players who got enough meta unit merged enough for having 4 “meta” SD teams threatening enough. So a lot of peoples doesn’t even bother doing this mode considering the amount of cancerous strats there is in it.

Now let’s hope thoses abyssals numbers will make IS understand how bad thoses modes are …


That is both true & false.
Sure, any whale you’ll face will have such huge upper hand against you it’s not gonna be fun.

But :

  1. There is not that many whales in the game, it’s true for SDS aswell, most players i faced were not whales.
  2. Competitive units are extremly effective in SD even at unmerged or +1. You absolutely don’t need them at +10 (unless you’re against a whale, but see above) .
  3. Some whale litteraly hate Summoner Duel, i even saw Lyndis4ever tweeting about considering to quit the game bcus of it.

Of course you say that because you have a +10 Duo Dagr on your team and she is the most imbalanced thing this game mode has to offer right now.
There is simply no counterplay against her duo skill because I have no way of reaching the enemy while they can reach all of my units with all of their units. The only tiny chance I have to protect my units is to run someone with a save skill and hope for the best.