How's your Summoner Duel (R/S) season's going?

I just played some more matches and got to 1,900 Glory and rank 1! This season has gone nicely. I have 2 losses at the moment. Sadly, one was simply to a L!Dimitri team captain that my team couldn’t quite KO and he steamrolled me. But, I can’t complain about hitting the cap!


Last SDS was a smooth sailing to 1000. This time was a bit of a struggle, just managed to crawl into 1900 thanks to 3 Kiran donations.

I think I have 4 balanced teams but some of them got exploited because they don’t have that damn duo button, and the high end matches really shows. Some opponents abuse those duo skills to burn actions leaving my teams high and dry.

These SD(R/S) modes really give me great anxiety. I enjoy the rewards but hate the competition.


1700 and I’m really pissed about it. My first match was a loss because my move didn’t register and the game defaulted to auto-battle. My second match was a loss because my A and B teams got banned, and they’re the only ones anywhere near competitive. Tbh I’m not really mad that I lost, more that I feel like I didn’t even get a chance.


Most people wanted to fight my farm animals. Unfortunately, my farm animals are strong together.


Well, then again, last day SDS is a different beast compared to earlier SDS so it’s not really something to brag about. I just wanna say I enjoyed my off-meta team with my favorite dragon kid screaming adorably, cheering her friends on, and cheating by being captain no. 2 with Rallying Cry



Sudden Panic value, anyone? Too bad the skill’s rare.


If that old man was a cute (and/or) sexy girl i’d already have built him and he’d be a merge project!

But he’s ugly, so … :tongue:

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FeH in a nutshell


Well, the L!Shiida team worked a lot better than expected. The first match with them went very poorly but, once I grew used to it, the rest of the times they forced me to use them mostly became a carnage initiated by me knowing I’d come out on top.

The one fool who let me use team 1 had no chance at all.


One of these days I’ll get this stupid ass badge so I can insta-surrender for easy rewards… But it’s virtually impossible for me to find any motivation to play any form of Summoner Duels

If I want to play a PvP game I’ll play Splatoon because that’s at least fun and not stupidly unbalanced


While I’m not the biggest fan either, this version and the permanent one can be relatively enjoyable since you have access to some kind of filter (banning teams and book 3 and older). It’s the R edition that’s bs since it’s completely unfiltered other than the regular restrictions like 1 Savior only.


Man… SD is some bullshit. First two human players I go against got some nonsense I can’t counter with BD F!Edelgard with armour shield and massive movement and some sort of other thing. Micaiah couldn’t do a thing, Sonya couldn’t do a thing, TA Raven Inigo couldn’t do a thing… And then it’s just teleportation nonsense with Yuri with Glimmer(I have AoE counters just not Glimmer…) and Cat.

1600 and top 3k as of right now… but no more chances. Rarely had my A-team knocked out but didn’t seem to matter much with the right walls or hyper pressure.

That all said, I am happy to say my OG Micaiah can tank Ninja Corrin with desperation and Glimmer/Moonbow so long as Corrin doesn’t go above 72 Atk. God damn shame the units I looked to counter never showed up.


Short list of team comps you’ll see in SD/R all day long:

Yuri, Chrobin, AzurAnne, NottDagr, Ash.

Yuri, Chrobin, AzurAnne, NottDagr, Harla.

Yuri, Chrobin, AzurAnne, NottDagr, L!Caeda.

Yuri, Chrobin, AzurAnne, NottDagr, B!Eirika.

Yuri, Chrobin, AzurAnne, [insert far save here], Ash.

Yuri, Chrobin, B!Catria, NottDagr, Ash.

Yuri, Chrobin, B!Catria, NottDagr, DuoPeony.

Yuri, Chrobin, B!Catria, Duofonse, Ash.

Anyone see the trend yet?


This is probably the funniest one I’ve had in awhile:


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when I’m smart enough to make cool strategies then I’ll play SD :catdance:


You have good sense for building units and it was a long time ago but I remember you memeing about Obstruct + Pass Alm. What’s to say you’re not smart enough to make cool strategies that work for SD?


It’s wind season, y’all!

BD :goat: mama gon whoop some ass :)


Basil, Surtr, both Helbindi with shove, and Bruno with assault.

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technically not wrong

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It was a free win lol only Bruno had a weapon and he just autobattled.

He’s just looking for publicity… And it worked!!


@NewNugget good team my dude

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Lol gg.

I’m experimenting with IP teams and the lack of range hurts.