[Humour] Ideas for making more species more relevant

  1. Voltorb used Explosion!
  2. Walking Meowth finds coins instead of candy.
  3. I thought Delibird gives gifts?
  4. Ditto in gyms disguise as other species until you battle 'em.
  5. If your Slowpoke uses Yawn, you get all the effects of rainy weather for 60 minutes.
  6. Use Unown to send messages to your friends (for instance, to organise raids).
  7. Fly or Teleport short distances. Limited use. Required to catch Team Rocket balloons.

Meowth idea 10/10

But the meowth will want to keep the coins for itself…


I would love all those features.

Especially the voltorb, it could make relevant it pvp and useful in raids with a powerful attack like that.

I guess a dive feature for water Pokémon near large water sources with the ability to discover rewards, gifts, or surprise Pokémon.

Half hatch distance when exeggcute or kangaskhan are best buddied and set as buddy

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My main series experience is limited to the first two generations. Which other species can change the weather? Some legendaries (such as Rayquaza) may only be soloable in certain weather that is never seen in many parts of the world.

The Meowth needs to be well trained, otherwise it may also be after the coins earned from gyms (or bought with real money).

This makes me seriously wonder: how would a player find Pokemon while on water (for example, on board a ship)?

The Sentosa Safari Zone had a giant inflatable Lapras at the beach. It made me dream of riding a Lapras in PoGo!

Fantastic idea! Unfortunately, Kangaskhan is a regional.

My main series experience is limited to the first two generations. Which other species can change the weather? Some legendaries (such as Rayquaza) may only be soloable in certain weather that is never seen in many parts of the world.

Groudon, Kyogre, Abomasnow/Mega, Tyranitar/Mega, Hippowdon, Mega Charizard Y, Hidden Ability Ninetales, Hidden Ability Politoed, Aurorus, Alolan Ninetales, Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, SM Vanniluxe, SM Gigalith, SM Torkoal, SM Pelipper.

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Given that the Slowpoke thing is just mentioned in Dex entries but not actually part of the game, Dragonair deserves to be mentioned as well, given that some Dex entries state it can change the weather. Plus in theory all Pokemon with the Cloud Nine ability.

@Mr-ex777 You forgot Mega Rayquaza with it‚Äės Delta Stream.

On a more serious note, the return of prestiging would make many species more relevant in PvE.

In the DPS/TDO spreadsheet, I created a move called Explosion, with similar stats as Giga Impact (the highest-power one-bar move in the game) but a shorter cooldown of 4.0 seconds. I made it Electric-type (in the games, it is Normal-type, but PoGo also made Splash Water-type) for STAB and gave it to Electrode, to see how Electrode with an incredibly OP Explosion would fare among Electric-type attackers.

Guess its rank? 17th after excluding shadows, megas and unreleased species. Its neutral DPS is 13.091, compared to 17.462 for Zekrom, 16.735 for Electivire and 14.46 for Jolteon. Sorry, Electrode; as much as I would like to see you viable, I can only hope you get a Mega form in Gen 9.

SM as in Sun and Moon?

Among these, the legendaries and Mega Charizard/Tyranitar are already too powerful, so I think Abomasnow and A-Ninetales would benefit most from this ability.

I remember the sign at Slowpoke Well (in GSC) mentions it and there was an anime episode about it too. Of course, abilities did not exist in the games back then.

SM as in Sun and Moon?


Also Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre’s Sun and Rain are special, and they also make Water and Fire moves respectively auto-miss. (So in MSG Primal Groudon only has a 2x Ground Weakness.)

Can probably make Primal Groudon make every Pokemon including itself triple resist water type attacks as a part of the Mega Boost, same with Primal Kyogre but with Fire attacks, both in PvE and PvP.

Tell Meowth greediness is a no-no then :man_shrugging:

I got an idea! Machop Rock Smash for 1/10 chance to get wild encounter. Limited use per day. Actually, can Machop even use Rock Smash?

Yes, it can.

K :slightly_smiling_face:

Poliwrath, the Hitmons and both Marowaks can learn Rock Smash in PoGo. In GSC, many more species can learn it by TM (even Shuckle); I remember teaching it to Flaaffy, Graveler, Gyarados and a few others.

…and Headbutt trees for certain rare species (like Heracross…darn, it’s a regional…)

Love some of this ideas,

There can be more use to a Pokémon than battling or filling a pokedex!!!

I can think of some field/themed tasks that would make them useful

  • A new task: win a PVP battle with xxxxx, yyyyy & zzzzz pokemon
  • Win a PVP battle with the following charge/fast move
  • Win a legendary raid with less than xxxx people with pokemon + condition (say less than certain CP, from a specific region Eg: Kanto, named type)
  • Win shadow battles with limitations.

At the end of the day it would be forcing players to use pokemon who aren’t the best of their type to do tasks. Some could be easy and some could be a real challenge (Eg: solo a lv3 raid with pokemon under 2000CP).

Make them challenging + rewarding and people will truly enjoy using their dusty old mons.

There is much more potential to field tasks than just ‚Äútransfer 5 pokemon‚ÄĚ for the same old boring rewards. Nidoran day was just soooo repetitive.

they add the meowth one then it turns out the coins are coming directly from players credit cards

Turns out, Niantic changed a bunch of previously common but worthless spawns to give more stardust, such as Paras, Garbodor, and…Meowth! :rofl:

Announcing a special event where you can catch Madame Muchmoney’s Snubbull! Use it to discipline your Meowth so you get to keep the coins it earns!