[Humour] What do casual players call the various species?

In Singapore, Pokemon Go has found a large casual base in retirees, who use it to exercise, kill boredom and connect with their families. Most such retirees have no previous experience with the franchise and limited English proficiency. Hence they do not understand how to pick raid counters and rarely call species by the proper English names.

For example, the local term for Snorlax is “ah bui” (means “fat one” in Hokkien), while Spinda is “mabok” (Malay for “drunk”). Dragons (“long” in Mandarin) are an auspicious symbol in Chinese culture, so Gyarados is “shui long” (water dragon), Charizard is “huo long” (fire dragon) and Tyranitar is “kong long” (dinosaur, literally “scary dragon”).

Even attempts to call them by their correct names backfire, as Palkia became “pai kia” (Hokkien for “gangster”). Nothing unites Singaporeans like hawker food, so some species were nicknamed after local dishes, such as “kway chap” (which has duck and vegetables as key ingredients) for Farfetch’d.

There is one major downside. Which “kow” (Hokkien for “dog”) or “niao” (“bird” in Mandarin) a player is referring to may not be obvious. At least I could quickly identify the “biri” (Malay for “sheep”) that another player alerted me to when I was strolling at Changi Village.

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I raided a Groudon a while back when the shiny was first released. These two 65+ year old men called him the Big Red guy, and if you got a “different color variant” (shiny), your big red guy was sick because he turned green. They also used the terms “buggers” and “monsters” in place of saying pokemon. He would ask things like, “you catch that mushroom looking bugger(pokemon) yet?”

Tangentially related I like the autocorrect names of Legendary Pokemon.


I’ve heard both Gastly and Koffing referred to as “fart ball”, Geodude “the flying meatball”, Grimer/Muk has been “the big snot pile”, and Ditto is obviously “little booger”.
There was a trend of making raunchy comments about Clamperl, but that ended quickly when some parents playing with younger kids gave out some death stares.

Water/rainy castform was called “the butt plug pokemon” the other week and I can’t unsee it.

Meltan, during the initial stages when there were few details and they were Dittos in disguise, were called “C*ck Rings” by a few people in my community.

It was somewhat amusing at first, but it grew old quickly. Went the way of all those “your insert rude name is huge/tiny” appraisals.

Not early as cool as fart ball or c0ck ring, but, my girlfriend played for a day (yeah…) and named Bulbasaur “OnionBackDog.”

Some from my local community (mostly named by older hardcore players, translated into english, most of them sound more funny pronounced in the local dialect) :
Propeller guy : Hoppip
Guy with Plate: Skiploom
Ball Guy: Jumpluff
Cone: Pineco
Creepy Guy: Lickitung
Pineapple: Exeggutor
Bird with leeks: Farfetch´d
Crow: Murkrow
Monkey: Aipom
Sheep: Mareep
Blue mouse: Marill
Bubble mouse: Azumarill
Gig red guy: Groudon
Helium balloon: Jigglypuff
Bat on speed: Zubat
Sandscrew: Sandshrew
Rubberduck: Porygon2
Reindeer: Stantler

“What’s MUK backwards” is one I have heard numerous times.

I remember seeing Suicide and Groupon on the old GamePress forum.

Old joke.

Out of curiousity, where are you from? I guess that sexual nicknames may be more acceptable in Western culture.

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Sweden. Kinky humour is very common here.

UK here. That kind of thing doesn’t typically happen in polite company, but it’s not uncommon in other social situations, particularly amongst young adult males which make up a good chunk of the playerbase here.

The Singapore Facebook group is currently hyped over shiny “sotong” (Malay for “squid”).

Autocorrect has resulted in some very awkward moments in my group’s raid channel.

“Can anyone help me with Suicune at First Baptist Church” turned dark fast when autocorrect changed Suicune to suicide.

“Anyone want to go raid some Latios?” also didn’t look good when Latios got autocorrected to Latinos.