Hundredfold summon time :longcat:

How much eldwater did you get


My stuff

I got at least 4 Christmas Lilys :feh_flaynfish:
I also got Christmas Nefaria, another Daikokuten, and two more Gozu Tennos
Thank you Mr. Lost :feh_lilithpray:

Soooo many dragons

I’m just going to let them sit there for a while :fgo_stunned:


Highlights of my pulls

Also chased for Lily and a Gozu merge. Pulled like two Daikos and an H!Mym on the way

Went for the Spark and am now deciding between Yoshitsune or Halloween Melsa.

I got about 400k Eldwater in all. Not a bad haul, gonna see about picking some units to max out for Encyclopedia bonuses

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