Hunting Quest 4 drop rate?

Anyone know about any drop rate data for Hunting Quest part IV?
I know this event is still far for now, but I’m trying to plan ahead some servant I need to raise, especially I need 40 more needle than ever.

If u know any, please tell me.
If I’m reading the data correctly, it looks like the AP/Drop for needles is 47.9 which is actually worse than the best farming spot at the Field of Reeds which has an AP/Drop of 33.7. It also looks like that Dragon Fangs and Magatamas are worse than just farming them in Free Quests.

Did some more comparing and it looks like for Hunting Quests with 2 materials, the rarer material will have drop rates that are better than just farming Free Quests while the more common material will still have relatively decent drop rates, but still not better than just farming Free Quests.

GP guides from previous Hunting Quests also noticed the difference in drop rates for Quests with multiple materials.


thanks, I’m having hard time to look for it.