Hunting Quests part 4 vs free quest drops rates

Well hunting quest part 4 is upon us, I was curious to see what the materials were and if they were any better then the free quests drop rates.
According to this spreadsheet

  1. first day will be Bones with 16 APD, vs Giant Bridge 22.

  2. second day is Snake eyes at 34.9 vs Valley of Diamonds (Argartha) 56/Land between Rivers (Babylonia) 79.

  3. third day is Wine 122.2 vs the Castle in the Lake 160, and Fangs 39.2 vs New Chicago 27.

  4. forth day is Claws 61.2 vs Surveillance Fortress 88, and Magatamas 74.1 vs Rise and Fall 52.

  5. fifth day is Dragon Scales 117.9 vs Knot of Heaven and Earth 161, and Poison needles 47.9 vs Prayer for a good harvest 34

  6. last day is Gears at 30.9 vs Riffling Hole (Shinjuku) 45/Windy city (America) 51

this is a good chance to farm some Materials if you haven’t beaten part 1 yet and have access to the EoR free quests where some of the better drop rates are at, also Wine and Magatama’s are only in EoR chapters so if you need those this would be a good time to farm.
Did this so I can refer back to it when the quests drop during the download campaign please feel free to use.

TLDR: Bones, Snake eyes, Wine, Claws, Scales and Gears have better APD then free quests.


I think I’m a little disoriented about what these are. It feel not as familiar as it should.

Edit: Just opportunities for farming?


yeah pretty much, if you don’t have access to some of the free quests that drop materials this is a good time to farm. hunting quests all enemies drop chests. in the chests are materials, skill gems and gold embers so its a good time to get things.


I see, that makes it clear. Thanks.

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This is cleaner to read and more helpful, IMO, too.


Tsk… No Phoenix Feathers at all… Potential pass…

In the future.


So, gonna apple during first and last day (bones and gears). And maybe will drop a couple of apples during claws day. But otherwise - natural AP only grinding.


I feel like I need to farm everything, but I can only choose one.


Only care about bones and gear days for me everything else I got plenty of or have a better free quest


But it doesn’t help me now…
(Realises as an afterthought)
Thanks for trying btw…
(Walks back Chaldea to wait appease and restrain my Angrylot and my Fluffylot, respectively, from killing each other over the Angrylot lit animation update)

Darn no Void Dust in this round. Gonna be a while before my potential future Skadi’s skills are worthwhile.


Just farm Void Dust in America. There is a node with 4 Shadow Servants. Helped me lots.

Unless you know and use it already, that is…


Yeah, I know. I was just hoping there’d be a more efficient source.




  • Bones
  • Skip
  • Wine/Fangs
  • Claw/Magatama (gotta prep for Alter Jeanne!)
  • Skip
  • Let’s goooooooo


  • Lol everything

I’m going for Days 1, 3, 4 somewhat, and 6/7. 3/4 are more up in the air but I’ve got some time to check that, hah.


Definitely going to grind hard on the bones!

Wait, that came out wrong…


Did someone say bones?!?!? Really glad that somehow I have some left over apples after Apoc raids since I pretty much missed the raids that dropped bones on it and sadly enough, sometimes the drops may not be bones at all. Probably gonna go ham on the bones and fangs/wine and call it a day. Time to max my Nitocris’ death chance.

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@CrazyPterodactyl, @Insert-name , my karmic bone-gear siblings.

I wish all free quests were open all week but oh well. You take what you can get.


Everyone here needs bones and gears – but thankfully this time, unlike the raids, we won’t be competing with each other for them. That was probably the closest this game has to PvP :laughing::laughing:

I still remember waking up early on the first day of the raid just to take shots at Jack and only got maybe 3 hits in.


I actually got ahead of my gear needs while having fun 500% oc Nitocris in Shinjuku, but the recent skill up of zerkalot, Mordred and seig-kun have picked clean my dragon dental stocks… So fangs for me.

And bones, always need more skeletons to put in the closet

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