Hydreigon usefulness

Unfortunately, its got no room in the dragon meta, but honestly, it doesnt have a lot going for it in the dark meta either. Not that it’s not useful, its got higher dps than tyranitar with lower tdo, but will probably be a lot harder to find candies for, not to mention dark type moves aren’t the greatest when there are better counter moves from ghost types like shadow ball and Darkrai is still looming over waiting to take it’s crown as king of it’s typing.

And there aren’t too many powerful dark type moves left to implement that aren’t signature; Throat chop is the only one i could find that hydreigon can learn that hasnt already been added to the game, but maybe that’ll be the shadow ball dark type needs to break the barrier in the dps competition.

Btw this doesn’t detract from how badass it looks. I’ll be gunning for one immediately and then promptly holding on to it until it’s community day lol

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Your post pretty much sums it up. When it eventually gets a community day, Hydreigon’s usefulness could really improve if given a strong new move. Until then, its something really cool/rare to flex that also happens to do pretty good DPS. Its also pretty damn cool looking. It’s not every day your Pokemon gets to be a floating dinosaur spider plant hydra! :grin:

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It is a CD candidate for sure. I doubt they’ll go for a dragon move, since it’s quite outclassed there even if it got dragon tail+outrage, it would still be just another dragon, due to it’s attk stat being average for a dragon.
There are however a bunch of dark moves it can learn that aren’t in PoGO yet.

That being said, I hope that in the future it will be a tier 4 raid boss