Hydro Cannon Swampert - when was the last time it was available?

Has hydro cannon Swampert been available since its community day? I have a nice shadow and several luckies on deck and unless I’m missing something I can’t remember a time it’s been available since its community day?

I think last time it was available was December 2020 rerun. The older species (2018 CD’s) then each got their moves during evolution during various events across the first half of 2021 to “catch up”.

This will become more difficult as the years go by as now there are 22 different CD moves that won’t be rerun this month, next year 33 and so on.

One of two things will happen I think:

Either we’ll get, at some point, an event for 20XX CD pokemon to get their moves (which would make sense)


Niantic will simply expect people to use ETMs (which they might well do) although this is unfair to everyone as shadows are always changing and being caught, so we all need those events.

TL;DR - your guess is as good as mine.

Thanks. Much appreciated. Let’s hope they don’t go for the ETM option… Too rich for my blood lol.

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