Hyped up servants you got but almost never use

Have you ever rolled for and gotten servants because they were hyped up before their release, only to then end up almost never using them, and why?

The No. 1 example of my servants would be Musashi. My rolls at her new year banner got me NP1 Musashi and MLB First Sunrise CE.
I estimate that I’ve used First Sunrise literally over a thousand times since then (perfect fit for my NP2 Drake), while my uses of Musashi probably don’t even reach double-digit.

  • too dependant on her Arts + Quick cards and 1st skill for NP/star gain, making her too RNG-/support-reliant
  • my NP5 Mordred is fairly close in ST burst NP damage, while obviously superior against waves of 2+ enemies
  • when up against Lancer bosses (especially with break bars), using my NP5 Saberlot is often far easier/less stressful, thanks to superior average NP gain (also lower team cost, giving more CE & team-mate flexibility)

And to be honest, even if she were NP2 I probably wouldn’t have used her much more often, since really difficult lancer bosses are rare (and mostly in story content I’ve already beaten), and in nearly every other situation either Mordred or Saberlot is better or at least easier to use.

So, how are your experiences on this matter?

Jalter because she doesn’t work for farming.

She’s definitely a valuable unit and she deserves her hype when you factor things like how she can kill pretty much anything without caring about class advantage. The thing is hard content is few and far between and most of it is too easy to justify Jalter’s “deployment”.

Nero fest is one of the few moments i use her, she was my MVP on the King Hassan Quest, for example.

Hard agree. Even though I dont personally own Jalter, this is a sentiment I hear veterans make alot.
Jalters usefulness in inversely proportional to the size of your roster, if you play long enough youre bound to have a more optimal ST attacker with class advantage. My friend literally has her at NP2 9/9/9, and like Bond 3 lmao, because he never took out for any quest except the one or story fights with ruler bosses.

casgil. During agartha banner saw many people saying hes an great arts support and very useful but unless im using nursery rhyme or squirtoria i rather use my waver and support tamamo/merlin.

In my case it is Jalter.
I like her a lot but I haven’t use her that much lately but I expect an upswing with the Da Vinci rerun as I really like that costume dress… part of the reason I rolled for her (that and her character in the event).
I’m not sure if it is the class advantage that is responsible or not but I’m not using her that much except for berserkers and rulers.

When I get that costume I feel that she’s got a nice spot with my Hans and Ecchan duo.
Ecchan has low star weight, dragon traits and can generate stars so Jater should be able to crit reliably and hard due to Hans’ buff.
On Ecchan’s end she gets a nice 40% damage buff.

None. I don’t roll for servants unless I am certain I will use them.

I don’t listen to hype in the first place, I just look up for examples of whether X servant is used in Y setups for farming/CQ etc.

Lets see:

Jeanene. Boils down to the fact that the real one is somthing of a personal hero of mine. Add in the fact that as an englishman i have a certain level of guilt over how things ended for her. And well, i find any fictional form of her innately awkward to use, some part of me insists it’s disrespectful or somthing.

Saber Alter and her Lancer version. They’re both powerful servants but i just got more powerful options unless i grail them.

Karna: Not a power problem this time, but by the time i got him i didn’t really have enough embers to go around.

Melt & Passionlip: Partly an Ember problem, but also Melt is waiting on Skadi. Still adore Melt.

Jack: Embers again.

Herc: not big on berserkers honestly so yeah. Will get around to him some day.

Cas Gil: Did i mention my embers yet.

Tamamo Lancer & Kintoki Rider: Just not a fan of either of them character wise. Also really dislike skills that buff the enemy no matter how good they are.

Altria Archer: Embers, again, also till i did my first NP looping with mordred and got the embers to level a few people i didn’t really appreciate her like i should have.

Well, most of my picks weren’t really “hyped” in the usual sense of the word, as it was more about the Waifu factor rather than their gameplay usefulness that had people gushing about them, but I’d say practically everything I pulled in the summer gachas aside of Summer Umu fits the bill.

-Punch Saint: Not useful for farming, very narrow and double-edged niche (we don’t really have any MC bosses outside of BB in the CCC event, while zerkers hit her just as hard as she hits them, negating her only advantage as a Ruler). If only her anti-trait buff was against Demonic enemies instead of just Demons, she would be much more generally useful.

-Maid Alter: She is competing with Ridertoki in the same niche, and she isn’t doing too great. The only reason I even Ascended her to stage three was because I ran out of space to store all the embers from the lottery and had to feed them to someone.

-Summer Nobu: I have never even used her, partly because she is new, but mostly because I have so many other ST zerkers she has to compete with, meaning that I likely won’t use her in the future either. Well, except maybe if I run into something where her Anti-Divine NP would give her an edge. We’ll see.

-Saber Fran: Yes, she is cute, but she serves pretty much the same role as Okita, and I barely use her anymore. Speaking of which…

-Okita: I remember that when she came out, everyone was hyped because she was the best ST saber in the game. Unfortunately for her, a couple of weeks later I pulled two copies of Bride Umu, making her mostly redundant. Hopefully Skadi will help her a little, but as of now, I usually take Umu, an AOE 4* saber and a support caster to deal with Lancer nodes, with Okita collecting dust in a corner.

-Herc: Let me be honest here: I understand his niche as the “last man standing”, and he is really good at what he does. It’s just that, aside of some extraordinary occasions, like when the RNG decides to screw with me and ruins a run with random crits or enemies spamming batteries and the NP-ing me off-turn, he never actually gets to come out. Because of this, his main use is for solo-cheesing… which I can do just by borrowing a friend’s Herc.

Also, while she is a welfare servant, Shiki is worth a mention:

-Shiki: People consider her to be one of the best Assassins, but I think that is just a testament of how weak an/or inconsistent most of the assassins are. While I use her a lot, I never found her to be a game-changer like Ridertoki, and the fact that she needs a ton of bones is just the final nail in the coffin.

A few months ago I would say Jalter and Musashi but ever since I got much busier in real life I actually use them more. I mean they can hit really hard without class advantage. With Merlin support I can just dump them into any quest with mixed classes and settle them quick enough. Yes I have other choices as well but why bother thinking about perfect comps when they can get things done already? (Just defending my waifus don’t mind me)

The one that I rarely used is actually Heracles. He is insanely strong and useful yes, but he just sits on the backline from bond 5 to bond 10 without even coming out once. Whenever I use him, it is usually because I just feel like I need to bring him out to ‘exercise’ a bit and I want to jusfify his existence in my Chaldea.

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Mine would probably be:

Ridertoki: For some reason I just don’t really use him, he’s kinda boring for me, maybe because he’s too strong. I’d have a better time using Ushiwakamaru, Teach or Alexander honestly.

MHX: I really loved her and rolled hard with whatever I could back in the day when I started, but I don’t use her that often, but it has more to do with farming, events, bonuses and budget. Also got a grailed Sanson.

Merlin: I don’t really put him anywhere, really, I just use him from support if I can avoid using mine but also don’t feel like burning my head too much. He’s fine and all but I have better times with Hans, Leonidas and other Buster buff servants.

Salter: I mean, story lock, hard hitting NP, alter added flavor… but tbh I’m so filled with AOEs and she’s just so vanilla that even Mordred is funnier to use. She’s got her use back in the day and will have more in the future but as of now, I don’t even look at her.

Heracles: I mean he’s bond 10 already so he won’t be seeing too much use, but even at that I don’t even fill him for Last Man Standing either. I picked him with a ticket, then got spooked by him on some yolo. Even before Bond 10 I didn’t use him as much, I just fielded him for bond points.

I don’t ever use gramps very much.

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Hmm, I have quite a few that fit the bill for this. ahem

  1. Saberlot - Easy. I hate him. Moving on.

  2. Tama Lancer - I didn’t specifically roll for her though. I was just merely tossing tickets at the gacha and see what I get and just so happened to get her…twice. People say she’s good for CQs when male Archer/Zerk bosses are a concern but even with that reasoning I just couldn’t find a purpose for her. The only time I ever used her was during the summer events and afterwards never bothered to raise choose her over my other lancers.

  3. Enkidu - Another one where I got from a random ticket. I raised Enkidu to max level and even put points into his skills but after that Enkidu just sits there. Even removed him from my support list for Puppy Cu to take his spot.

  4. Carmilla - I don’t know if this would count since she’s from the tutorial roll but anyways, I had plans to raise her but as soon as I spent my first 30 sq and got Liz I immediately favored her over Carmilla even though she’s NP2.

  5. Ishtar (Archer)- For this one I wasn’t trying to roll for her specifically. I was rolling on her banner because Medusa (Rider) was on rate-up and my lvl 90 Medusa was already begging me to NP5 her. So I rolled…and rolled…and rolled…and, well, she did appear twice but as her lancer version. As for Ishtar she popped up in the earlier rolls. I did end up raising her to 90 but never saw use afterwards.

And many more gold servants. Just wanted to list the few that stood out for me.

Honestly, so many of the top-tier (and therefore hyped) servants are just hyper-specialists that I think it is more or less a given that they would be lackluster outside of their very specific niche. Just from this thread:

-Jalter: Great at boss-killing with neutral damage, useless for farming.

-Herc: Great for last-man/solo, not really outstanding outside of that.

-Punch Saint: Punches BB dead, really meh everywhere else

-Jeanne: Premiere staller/tanker for QCs, but you will never use her for farming or in raids.

Hell, this easily applies to even premiere “broken” servants, like Merlin as well, and the current event provides a perfect example as to why that is. Sure, Merlin is amazing in harder content, or raids, or CQs… but when it comes to actual farming, which is the vast majority of the game, he is just sub-par. Tamamo is in similar shoes; she does wonders in a dedicated arts team, but the problem is that, outside of some niche Surfmo setups, Arts farming teams are not really a thing, so she rarely sees use in everyday content.

In fact, I would say the wast majority of ST servants fall into this category, where they are a godsent against certain bosses in the singularities or in events, but once they are beaten, you are probably going to go back to your generic Arash/Spartacus/Support Waver setup for farming.

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Is Merlin sub-parb for farming? I mean, the guy doesn’t not have a 50% Charge but he can give more firepower than Waver and charge two Kaleidoscopes while he does it.

Tamamo is suparb for farming because she needs very specific servants like Mordred, doesn’t have NP Charge on skills and she only has one damage buff (until her strenghtning).

If the third wave requires more power, Merlin is better. Actually, Nitocris, Raikou and Merlin can farm most of the game right now.


I could agree for generic content, but if it’s with CE restrictions, like right now in Nerofest, 20% battery is simply not enough.

That depends on the servant.
If they have a 30% battery then it is more than enough if you add a support Waver.
With a suitable CE and if they also have a buster NP then it is not hard to oneshot most enemies.

A good example is Spartacus for this nerofest and in the future Arjuna Alter.

Then again you could somewhat compensate with Shakespeare so Merlin isn’t the only option.
Merlin’s advantage is the teamwide attack/battery and a slightly higher buster buff.

MHX Alter for me, i like her but she’s extremely weak right now and i have way better options that cover her role. I’ll probably use her at some point in the future though.

King Hassan
Rolled for him. Got him after one 10 Roll. Used him… What was it? Two times? Maybe I would use him more if his skills were leveled, but for now I don’t bother. There are other Servants I actually use that need the mats.

Edmond Dantes
Just like Hassan, I got him right with a single 10 Rolls because I think he’s cool.
Despite the fact that I only got him to max level just the other day, I don’t think I would have used him otherwise much more either. Maybe when I get Skadi, but as it stands right now… Nah.

Didn’t really want her. Only rolled for her, because I had tickets left and I thought, why not. Got her with four rolls. She only found her first real use during the second round of NeroFest. But otherwise… I think she won’t see light for a long time again.

Unpopular opinion: I use Jalter really often. She’s just that versatile and fits into pretty much every team. Even if it’s just as a last resort for harder content.

I don’t really roll unless I’m absolutely certain that I want the servant, so none of my non-spook 5*s are useless for me (cough Arjuana and Nightingale cough). The two hyped up servants that I basically never use though are Cu and Ridertoki.

Cu is supposedly great as a budget last stand, but I generally find that if I’m at the point where I need a last stand, I’ve probably lost. I’d rather put an extra DPS like Robin in, or someone like Mash. The Hassan quest was the first time in probably half a year that I’ve had to use Cu, because he’s one of the few servants that I have levelled with guts.

Ridertoki is a nuke. That’s just not my playstyle. 90% of the time, I will go for a team with consistent damage and high defences. Ozymandias is just straight up a better fit for me. I’ve probably actually used Ridertoki as anything other than a bond sponge about three times outside of his event, where he had an innate 100% damage boost.

I know that it’s not the point of this thread really, but I’d also like to mention some of my favourite servants who get very little love.

Saber Fran is actually a beast. She generates NP like nobody’s business, possibly getting 80% or more from a single arts crit, depending on the level of her first skill. With buff removal and attack down on top of that, she is absolutely invaluable in harder content.

Vlad Extra is a tanky lancer with a multiplier vs. evil on the same level as Jack. I don’t use him a ton, but when I do, he really pulls through for me.

Medea Lily is really interesting with Poster Girl. On challenge quests where there are huge debuffs (e.g. the 2018 Nerofest finale with it’s buff blocks), she functions very similarly to Arash, but gives you a turn or two of protection by drawing fire, sets up arts chains (which are objectively the best chains) and resets your team so they can function properly.

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My first SSR, Kiara. Didn’t really roll for her. Just rolled on her banner with my first 30sq to see who I get off the general summoning pool. Used her a lot when I was at Orleans singularity. She just sits at lv60. Never really use her that much even with mixed rider/assassin/caster nodes…she might forever be lv60 since I need the saber and caster mats she requires :fgo_umu:. Or until my saber and caster needs have been filled, which is like never.