Hyperdimensional Co--Op (Extreme Freiza)

Man, this is a really, really hard battle. Reminds me of the early days of this mode with no battle bonuses or combined rising rush… except on some kind of performance enhancing drug.

However I have managed to beat it without either of the new units (barely I might add, it’s much more recommended for someone to have one due to the insane battle tag bonuses).

So I thought I’d say what I have found with this battle in order to help people.

So in this battle I used SSG Shallot, he is the only advantageous element so he deals decent damage despite having no tag bonuses and he can take for more of a beating compared to other units.
Since he doesn’t have a colour boost and is only Saiyan (and god ki when trnasforming) you are slightly limited when it comes to powerful Z-Ability buffs).

However if you have the insane hero boost tags (Nail, Videl, Mercenary Tao) at least at Z ability III, they are a decent choice (50% to strike attack, Strike defence and Blast defence respectively, If you have them at Z-ability IIII then the increase is 100%). So if you do use these then have the rest be attack increases with maybe one more defence or health increase.

For his Super Attack, use SP Zenkai Red SS Goku’s Kamehameha. It’s +100% Special move arts will deal 2 health bars of damage.
If you don’t have him as a Zenkai, then you could use EX Yel Bardock’s Revolt Pile (+75% to special move damage) or EX Blu Evil Buu’s Guilty Flash (+70% to special move damage).

However this are strike based so you will be vulnerable to blast art cards or Frieza’s Special Move. So if you wish for a little safety the SP Grn SS Goku’s Destructive Dragon Fist deals some pretty strong damage and has blast armour, so it’s a little safe, except you deal slightly less damage.

The final move I would recommend would be SP LF Pur Frieza’s Death Beam, less due to damage but more resourcefulness as it draws 1 card and restores 15 ki on hit, not to mention it costing 40 ki instead of 50.

Now while Shallot is good and can take hits, don’t have two shallots on the same team, they won’t be able to do enough damage to take down Frieza (Shallot can take the hits but not quite able to dish out as much as other units.).

So you will need to have someone who has the battle tag bonuses. Obviously the new Hit and SSB Goku are best, however if you have a very strong unit with one of the tags, then use them, however it will still be hard. (My partner was SP Zenkai LF Blu Namek Goku, almost at max I think, and we got by with about 5 timer counts and Frieza’s shield about to come back, took a last second single RR and Namek Goku’s Special Move to finish it off).

The only units I don’t recommend using are any with Special Cover changes (strike/blast counters) as they cause your character to remain still briefly before being able to act. So if they don’t attack with the card you counter, you have a high chance of taking a big hit.

As for fighting this monster… protect each other as much as possible. Cover change, draw agro, tap combo’s. Anything and everything will help in beating this guy.

When cover changing, try to counter with an arts card rather then vanish step (it’s much better to save your dodges just in case.

Card based counters or some kind of healing ability is extremely helpful, staying in the fight for longer is much better then trying to overpower them (especially if you don’t have the new Hit or Goku).

I don’t have any tips for the challenges however, especially the Future trunks saga challenge. Only Sp Red SSB Goku gets the most out of this and he still was enough. I would only recommend SP Grn Transforming Goku Black for his damage and some healing.

Perhaps also SP Pur SSB Vegeta if you can survive long enough to stack multiple Special move damage buffs for you and your buddy (it does apply to “Buddy” so he will receive it and the duration is infinite, so you endlessly stack it up for more and more damage).

Hope this helps and good luck hunting (you’re going to need).

So, just thought I update this with a few other characters I recommend if you don’t have the new Hit or SSB Goku for this Co-Op (as it is not an easy one).

First off we have the old SP Yel Hit. He does some pretty good damage due to receiving two tag boosts, his increase in damage overtime is nice, but the draw speed increase after 20 timer counts is amazing, allowing you to prevent Freiza from attack more often. His green card however is the greatest part as it counters blasts and strikes, which allows for a safe cover change on most attacks or just general defence. The only downside is that he goes down quick, 2 hits and your likely at half health, meaning you’ll have to be extra careful.

Next is ZenkaI Blu SSB Goku. Pretty sure a lot of people and for good reason, he has multiple damage boosting abilities that occur overtime as well as ki recovery and eventually card draw speed. These increases make him quite a viable unit later on, his green card healing ability is also great to stay in the fight longer. Just like hit however he isn’t durable. Even with the damage reduction early on, you can quite easily go down from a few attack chains. So try to avoid getting focused as you recover some health.

Finally is one I have been using mostly and is very, very good. SP Red Bergamo.
I know it sounds strange but hear me out. He gains the rival universe and the Defence tag boosts which is nice. His main gimmick is getting hit increases his damage and Ki recovery, which sounds bad when the enemy deals so much damage… but Bergamo can really tank these hits.

He restores 20% of damage received after the enemy attack is over and his cover change reduces damage received by 30%. So he can get hit without too many risks.
Then there’s his “Limitless Power Level” Unique ability. At 15 timer counts he reduces cards cost by 5 and gains 30% strike damage, at 20 timer counts he gains 30% blast damage inflicted and a card draw speed increase. Finally after 30 timer counts he restores 30% of his health and gains 50% damage inflicted. So he also can deal some pretty decent damage.

Finally theres his green card, the best card ever for this. It nullifies ALL enemy attacks except rising rush, knocks enemy back, cancel their upgrades and gives him 50% damage inflicted for 10 timer counts. Since Freiza can’t use the Rising Rush, this green card stops everything, including Freiza’s ultimate.
The only downside is that his ultimate attack damage isn’t as good as when your in PVP, but hey he can take hits and deal some good damage, making him a real threat.

So if you see Bergamo, don’t shrug him off cause he isn’t Goku. Since this guy will take those hits like a champ. Hope this helps!

Thanks alot for the advice man. It must have taken alot of time and effort to compile this stuff up.

I personally used Z7 Namek Goku and my buddy had Ssg Shallot and we barely won.

Sadly, Gamepress isn’t what it used to be (I am talking about the Legends community) and so many people are inactive now.

I remember having alot of fun here but sadly, all my mates have been inactive for very long. The saddest part is that we didn’t even get to say goodbye.

No problem, I honestly enjoy experimenting like this from time to time and the new difficulty for Co-Op was a really interesting test zone for characters.

Unfortunately doing it with random people makes it much harder to test, espcially after a few days past, no one is willing to use anything but Zenkai SSB Goku, Namek Goku, the new Hit or the new SSB Goku. Sometimes it’ll take an hour before someone accepts and stays in the match after the first few timer counts.

Also, yes I know that the community for DBL on Gamepress is… somewhat dead in terms of… community interactions.
I only caught the tail end of this community before things started to dwindle, but I can tell that it used to be very active.

My guess would be that people have begun losing interest in the game which leads to the community becoming less active. Personally I was beginning to lose interest until Ultra Goku came out and the new difficulty for Co-op.
But that’s just my thoughts on the matter, can’t exactly read peoples minds and see what’s going.