Hyperdimensional Co--Op (Extreme Super #17)

(A bit late with this one, but better then never).

Alright, we have another extreme Co-Op event. And I have to say, they have really improved the experience with this… kind of… The shields are still pretty beefy, even for the battle tag characters… which means a lot of characters struggle here.
Also while more tag variety is being introduced… it’s not enough to make too many viable characters.

Okay anyway like before, some things to always remember to do.

Use cover change and Agro up
Please… just use it. I have gone into so many matches with people not even bothering to do it once, even when I do it every single time. All it does is screw you both over massively, epically with the cover change since it’s the only reliable way to stop a combo.
So please don’t just ignore the mechanic completely.

Tap attack delaying
Use tap combos to delay the enemies attacks (really useful if you don’t have cover change available) as these have priority over cards.

Rising Rush
Another mechanic I see ignored, or at least not knowing when to use the RR.
The main thing to know is that you shouldn’t use it on the shield, the only time you should is if your on the last little bit and the timer is running out.
Also make sure you time it with your allies RR, the best way to do this is for both players to wait at least for one timer count, I’ve done this a few times and we both are then ready to RR.

Go in fully prepared
Your character should ready to deal with anything. Either max their Soul boost or have it close so you can engage better.
Focus on increasing ability score rather then power level bonus, that is where your damage and defence will come from.

DO NOT LET THIS HIT ANYONE! The damage is of course a major problem, but the paralysis is what causes even more problems since you or your teammate will have a short period of time of having a chance to not attack, dodge, charge up cover change.

Okay, now the characters to use.

Of course the three battle tag characters are recommended in order to have the best chance to succeed. Moving on.

So recently everyone is ignoring shallot now? I 'm not sure why because he is still pretty damn good and his defence against this boss makes him extra useful.
Anyway, highly recommend Pur SSGSSS Vegeta (Future saga) special move as it’s a permanent 20% special move damage increase for both your and your buddy. Why wouldn’t you use it?

SP Red SS Trunks (teen) (Melee)
Receives 3 tag bonuses which really helps, decent damage output with timer based buff. He isn’t amazing, but he isn’t bad either. A middle of the road type character. With his green card, remember it also partly restores the vanish gauge twice, allowing for a better early game survival. However it does not cause knockback if they still have a shield.

SP Grn Transforming Goku Black
This unit is only good if your teammate actually helps defend you. His damage is average, combos are good, good health recovery, however he is not a tank, meaning you can’t let them get hit too many times. One thing I always do is avoid charging KI with draw speed up. Since you restore ki from drawing a card, it’s better to remain still in order to restore your vanish gauge faster.

Unfortunately, this is all the characters I was able to try that worked effectively, other characters are either not strong enough to do noticeable damage, can’t take any hits or I just don’t have them high enough to effectively test them (e.g. Zenkai Android 18 might be good, however I only have her at Zenkai 1, so I won’t be able to properly tell).
Also since I primarily play with random people, not everyone is willing to try out playing with certain characters (people want a fast and easy game, not a chance.

Anyway, I hope this helps.