Hyperdimensional Co-Op (Frieza: Full Power - Extreme)

Well, looks like we got another extreme battle with the evil emperor himself. This time however he is not holding back… well… it’s a bit easier so… maybe he is?

So yeah the tweaks made to this has made this mode a bit more doable and the character bonuses this time are for GT.
But that doesn’t mean it’s super easy and still has some challenge, you just don’t get two shot by attacks now.

Now before I talk about characters to use, here are some things you must do to make this much easier.

Use cover change and Agro up:
So many people are completely neglecting this, I can only think it is out of fear of getting badly damaged, but you need to do this in order to win. No cover change or increasing agro when you teammate is not looking so good allows you both to stay in longer.

Tap attack delaying (not sure if this is a term):
If your unable to cover change with your teammate then perform the tap combo. This will stop the enemy from doing any more attacks on your teammate much more safely compared to using arts. When you use an art to try and interrupt, the enemies attack will still likely hit if they use a blast or Special Move, it’s even possible for them to hit two special moves in a row and not allowing your teammate to vanish. The tap combo however delays them and takes priority over everything else they do.

Proper character setup:
I’ve seen this countless times, but when you are setting up your character, the ability bonus is the most important part. I’ve seen people mainly try to boost the Power Level Bonus and have an ability score of around 200% or less.
The ability score is more important to get higher as it affects your overall stat bonus which is much better then trying to get to a certain power level. The ability score increases based on Z-Abilities and Zenkai-Abilities.

"JK, Not dead, Lol":
Remember, this is Full Power Frieza, so unless you have nullify endurance, he will come back with some health. So keep that in mind when you are going for the “final hit”.
Also since people seem to forget, some character’s have abilities or attacks that “Nullify Endurance”. So please use that when appropriate (SSJ4 Goku Yel ultimate does this, had a few people use it after endurance kicks in which just wastes it).

Alright now onto characters.

Of course the new SSJ4 Goku is the best unit for this overall due to the many buffs. Same goes for SSJ4 Vegeta, even if you don’t have him at Zenkai yet, he is still okay for damage, just make sure he is at 5 star minimum and be careful, as he certainly cant take any hits.

Zenkai’s a lot more viable due to all of them gaining a buff, however not all of them are great. Some maxed out Zankai do less damage then a none Zenkai unit. Any old Zenkai’s are mostly pointless due to this (E.G. SSJ Goku Red, Demon king piccolo Yel, Goku Youth Yel).

Now for some specific characters.

LF Piccolo Yel:
Despite not having him at Zenkai yet, my test with him went pretty well, dealing okay damage and survivng all the way to the end. We may not have won, but we were very close, if my character had some more stars or was Zenkai, then it would of been a win.

Just like last time, Shallot is a great unit to serve as the tank, especially with the damage nerf compared to last time. The main special move you will want is SSJSS Vegeta Purple (Future), Galick Gun. Since it boosts both yours and your buddy’s Special move damage by 20% permanently. An ideal move to buff that damage output.

If you do play as Shallot make sure you constantly draw agro and cover change, since you are mainly supporting your ally with tanking and buffs, your only good damage output comes from your special move.

Edit: While it is possible to win with two shallots having Galick Gun, I don’t recommend it, most of your damage will come from your special move and Rising Rush, even taking out the shield is a challenge. You will need to land three perfect dual rising rushes (same card chosen) and one perfect solo rising rush after trigger Frieza’s Endurance. This would barely get you through with less then 10 timer counts remaining.

Full Power SSJ4 Goku
(Why haven’t they fixed his name yet? I mean Super Full Power Saiyan 4 Goku?! Really?!)
This is more of a gamble unit to play. He has some good damage and his green card works great to get the enemy away while they have a shield. But don’t expect him to take the hits that well, even at 7 stars 2-3 hits will get you to half.

These are the only character I have had time to fully test out in this mode, if I’m able to try some more characters, I will post an update for what characters work.

Side note on mode

I just want to say I have seen so many people complaining about this difficulty… everywhere people complaining that it is too hard or takes too long and all that stuff.
So let me give my thoughts on it…

I… like it … sort of.

I mean I understand why people complaining, since very few characters can be used against this boss effectively and it is not something new players can beat easily…
But thats the point. It’s made to be a major challenge, something that isn’t just grinding for coins and all that. In other words what CO-OP used to be.

Ever since the battle tags and dual rising rush was introduced, it made matches way too easy, you could sometimes beat the boss after their shield goes down once… which is ridicules in my opinion.
So this enhanced difficulty makes it so that you can’t just steam role the boss.

I do think they could of adjusted it better though, perhaps higher health then advanced but not as much defence as he has now and lower the damage to be only slightly higher then advanced.

But the main thing I want to say to people who just complain and complain about this mode… you don’t have to play it.
In the last CO-OP Extreme, I reieved a comment on youtube stating that “I enjoy the mode because I’m an old player, new players don’t stand a chance.”

That’s the whole point of the mode, a challenge! I don’t see people complaining about “Just try to surpass me!” difficulty or the “Zenkai battle” difficulty (just the removal of gems). So why is this different?!
And you don’t miss out on anything major either, just 21 gems +100 coins for completing challenges and 20 UR Goku Z Power on first 3 wins (advanced gives you 10).

So basically the reason most people will play it is simply for the challenge, if they were trying to grind, it would be more efficient in advanced as there is only a 10 Z Power difference.

As I said it’s not perfect though, as needing specific characters does making it more frustrating when you constantly get shafted or prefer a different banner then the one that supports the CO-OP. If they made it so that their was more overall choices by having tons of different battle tag boosts, then that would make things more interesting.