Hypergryph Dev Notes for July


Gavial Great Chief rerun on Late July

Interlocking Competition is a new game mode where players has to synergize operators there will be event rewards and tasks there will also be explanations about what is Interlocking Competition later

Interlocking Competition will also have new operators and skins lore-wise it will be related to Minos the homeland of the Forte race (Matterhorn, Vulcan, Bison and his family)

Last one is Episodic Event ala Preluding Lights and Rewinding Breeze called Vigilo it will start on mid July the event will also gave out a free skin for an operator

i think it’s fair that we got 2 episodic events in a row considering since Archetto’s event we’re going to have 4 consecutive story events (Dusk’s , Rainbow 6, Passenger and 2nd Anni are all story events)

also with this we can safely say that the summer event will be on August instead