I accidentally walked my 96% salamence

I’m a perfectionist, for those pokemons that I like, I don’t want any “dirt” on them. But I accidentally set my only 96% Salamence with outrage as my buddy and now it has an annoying 0.1km walked in the description.

  1. Do u guys feel this way about the …km walked mechanic on each pokemon? Or is it just me?
  2. Should I be annoyed about this?

P.S. This is probably the only Salamence I am ever getting…

1: I don’t, I’d personally prefer as much info as possible. But you’re probably not the only one annoyed by it
2: Don’t think so! It’s not going away, so you can just walk it to a good round number. Plus it shows you like the Salamence enough to take it for a walk :p

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It doesn’t matter one bit to me. It affects nothing and you can just not scroll down to not see this blemish. There’s nothing you can do about it now but enjoy your perfectly fine Pokemon.

You know bagon spawns are boosted RIGHT NOW for the community day weekend right? Just sayin.

When buddy’s were first implemented ya it would bother me a little when I would be on the last candy I needed and it would spill over to .1 or .2 before I got a chance to switch it out. After a while and a few buddies I got over it.

Take your Salamance for a 1000km walk and you will be proud of that number :wink:

I personally do not care about that number, but if it botters you make a lucky trade with someone for another great Salamence.

I have some decimals in the distance of every single pokemon I have walked. Not only that: I have probably lost 10 candy adding all the remaining distance of all of them. And my life hasn’t got any worse at all since I did it.

You shouldn’t worry by that. I used to be like you, but I learned in the bad way being so perfectionist won’t bring anything good. You should learn to not care so much about it and simply, let it go.

However, if there is something deeper and you really, really, but REALLY can’t do nothing about it and the stress level this causes you is so big you can’t deal with it, fortunately, a solution exists. In fact, it is very simple: walk 4’9 km more. Or more, because you will need Bagon candy in the long term.

Please, make me a favour. DON’T DELETE THAT SALAMENCE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!!! Seriously, Salamence is really good, don’t quit him because he has 0’1 distance walked.

  1. Want to know the truth? I never really noticed it and probably won’t again in 5 minutes.
  2. That depends. To most it won’t bother them, but some who have ASC(ASD) and/or OCD it can be like nails on a chalk board.

If you want to make it fun you could always walk it 66.6 km