I actually beat Cliff

So this may not seem much to many of you but


I am currently working through ‘The takeover continues’ and am at the stage where you have to beat each of the leaders. I have never managed to beat one before.
I am not a player who is really into the game (Pokemon generally) in terms of battling and have never been good with understanding IVs. I have generally always gone for the strongest (highest CP) pokemon I have.

Grimer-Machamp-Tyranitar vs Rhyperior-Gardevoir-Machamp



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Congrats! And hey, it’s refreshing to see someone posting something good rather than a rant. And yes, I’m guilty of ranting occasionally as well. Most have had their troubles defeating the leaders so be happy and proud. That’s actually very good for someone who only casually plays. Also, respect for being a casual player and sticking with it. That to me is something in itself.

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IV’s are for PvP only. You can just use your best against rockets. Don’t worry about that

And keep it up

Congratulations on beating Cliff :+1: :+1: :+1:

And for the moment do not worry to much about IV’s they are important but knowing what Pokemon to use is way better, and having a High CP Pokémon without having to spend to much dust and candies is more important now then hunting for that 100% one.

Later on you can become more demanding in wich Pokémon you evolve and power but for now try to get some Pokémon that are usable for you without demanding to much resources.

IV’sv are for PvE also (and I suspect you know that all to well :innocent: )… You could say that for PvE and for PvP 100% Pokemon are the best (except in the Great and Ultra League if the max CP is higher then the max allowed :wink:).
Example in the great league you want a
100% Sableye level 40 (15/15/15)
84% Azumaril level 40 (8/15/15)
67% Umbreon level 27.5 (0(15/15)

Woohoo, congrats!!! :grin:

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Yeah you’ll get to learn to play leaders, even when you’re experienced you may need to retry them when you don’t know the exact mons/moves they use, scouting kind of way.
Mostly you can abuse switch-ins as they give free turns :smiley:, and over time you’ll devise strategies, like dropping shields and stuff.

Heads up, Sierra (Yellow lady leader) currently leads with Lapras and is the toughest. Look up/seek advice if needed and if her second pokemon is also Lapras look for another Sierra that has a different second pokemon hehehe, double Lapras is savage.

I mean yeah, but like I have a lvl 33 account having a 98 iv gible at 200 cp and I had a 60 iv gible at 1k cp. At that level the IV’s didnt really matter. It was important to defeat rockets and contribute in raids, and not to have as perfect dps and stats as my main account does yet

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Bad example Martijn, bad example :wink: (60% IV - 1000CP Gible lowest possible level would be level 37 15A/9D/0HP and a level 33 trainer can not have a level 37 Pokémon)… but you are right ofcourse at lower levels you are always short on stardust or candies or both and powering your highest (CP) Pokémon is mostly the wiser way to go.

But that is not only true for level 33 trainers. I still favor Lucky Pokémon even if there IV’s are somewhat lower (they can never really be bad) to save on stardust. I still favor level 35 Pokémon over level 5 Pokémon (if the IV’s are somewhat acceptable for me), and I still use those Pokémon I evolved when I was level 33ish and IV’s really didn’t matter. And yes with playing somewhat longer and more I have become more vain and try only to save newly caught Pokémon if they are 90+ IV’s except ofcourse shinies and rare Pokémon, level is becoming less and less important to me but like I stated before that is only because I have become more vain…

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Should known better than to fight Cliff, just because he is in a balloon doesn’t mean it is worth the effort. Instead of a Grimer encounter after winning…a Cliff Elbow encounter