I actually hate IS so much for this

Lucina banner drops on December 1st, Heroes with DC banner ends on November 29th.

Saving orbs is hard man. I need Null-C for both Nowi and Echidna as well as DC for Echidna. Should i just forget about Lucina and summon for Nailah?


Yeah tbh

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If it’s a red sword Lucina were talking about, then you better off without her, you know, certain someone exist in grail pool cough cough Masked Marth cough

Sure sounds awkward :feh_tooobin:

is it to +10 Lucina? how much love is in your heart

I do want to eventually +10 her since she’s my favorite Fire Emblem character, but considering the amount of orbs i have (and how it took almost triple of what i will end up having just to get 2 mergers last time), i don’t have a lot of faith in rng giving me even one copy.

I’ll probably spend some orbs for Nailah and back out depending on what my luck is

how many you at now? If you dont want it that bad you dont have to

Right now i have 156 orbs, 40 of which are in the mail. I’ll probably be at around 230 when the banner drops if i keep saving.

oops I meant merges lol

Oh, sorry. She +4 merged currently.


oh thats not too bad

Personally I dont struggle with gameplay at all so I would go for Lucina. But if you need Nailah for AR its not a bad idea

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Wait for best girl Lucy.

Be strong.

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I am filled with pain and regret for caving.

I redeemed it yall! after spending all of my orbs…

Got my first Python as well as a Nowi merge too. I got the Olwen at a point where i wouldn’t have enough orbs to reliably get a Lucina so i just kept going.


I’m cool with it since that’s my birthday!

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