I actually love this so much

I wish i started playing MS from the beginning so i had more codes after seeing this :catcry:

A shame i don’t get S!Cordi as a unit but her lance is something i’ve wanted as well. Beyond that, a merge for M!Grima and fodder for Blue Flame, Wrath, CC and NFU?! Blessed.


Yes! Owain merge!

And CC. And I think that’s Null Follow-up fodder too on Corrin.

And I’ll take an extra Grima merge.:sob:


Judging from how they presented it for the update. It looks like there’s only 5 Tellius units… And one of them is Greil who I don’t have… :feh_elisad:

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Well, there’s CC fodder so I’m going to take that. Also S!Kagero merge :feh_deltheayes:

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Blue flame fodder that’s amazing!!!

NFU fodder that’s amazing!!!

And CC??? I’m so happy I played Mjolnirs every single time

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I’ve been playing since the beginning and only have 524 Codes… :feh_notlikethis:

Some good stuff here though. Good, good stuff.


they will be added in Colosseum and AR rewards
So it will be slightly easier to farm them than Grails.


Oh, that’s good then :eyes:

I’m looking forward to it, lots of units of mine that I can get a merge for here. :fgo_umu:

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Btw i think i’ll spend mine merging Adrift Corn.
Ofc if i reach 2000 codes.

Merging a favourite unit>>>>>> a random fodder i can get lucky to summon.


I already fully merged Male grima, so his fodder shall be useful for me!

It’s also nice since divine codes will be obtainable via arena and AR too (or so I’ve heard)

I wanna merge my AM! Corrin, and Amelia and SF! Nino as well… :feh_corrinsweat:

How much do those two cost? And can we buy the same manual more than once?


Nah you can’t buy the same manual more than once. It would make merging them way too easy

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I think we cannot buy the same manual twice or more.
Only the “Fragment” codes manuals can be summoned more times.

And if i remember well they are 800 and 1000(?)

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I guess a free merge is better than nothing :feh_legion:

I can work with that. :feh_royyes:

Looks like each unit costs from 400-2000 manuals. I think Nino and Amelia are somewhere in the middlish with AM!Corrin at the end

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Nice! So glad we’ll have other sources for the No.1 [Divine Codes], there’s a ton of amazing fodder.
I’ve never missed any Shield phase in [Mjölnir’s Strike] so I could gather a good amount of 'em:
That said, it’ll take a while if I want to get to the end of a path but I know I can switch to another one


Wait really? That’s super helpful.


I hope that if you finish a branch it resets. Probably won’t but I can dream


Is it out already!? Where!?

Do keep in mind we also get 1500 when it releases.

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